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Are you taking your couple's portraits soon? Or maybe you're just pinning a few ideas for your wedding photos? Regardless, when you have the perfect outdoor setting to take your pictures, shortlisting a few ideas of poses with your partner is a must! 

When it comes to outdoor photography, getting your couple's portraits shot can be a little bit challenging. You have to ensure that you get the pictures in the best natural light, and find places with minimal interference and privacy. After all, many couples can be camera shy

So, to help you with your wedding album, here are the 71+ latest outdoor photography poses for couples. Scroll down and check out everything and anything that will help you find exactly what you're looking for. 

Latest Outdoor Photography Poses For Couples

1. A Game Of Roses

One of the best pictures for couples to get clicked is with flower petals. Honestly, rose petals are gorgeous and as part of your couple's portraits, you can always get a shot done with you either hugging or laughing amidst a shower of rose petals. Plus, if the petals match the colour of the bride's lehenga, all the better!

Source Sutej Pannu

2. One That Reminds You Of Every Romantic Film Ever

Some photos take you back to your favourite romance movie. Its photography poses perfectly for the outdoors. You have enough space to play around and even try renditions of this course. 

3. The Elopement Shoot

Work with your photographer to click a silhouette shot amidst the mountains as the sun sets. Plus, if you're situated in the mountains, you can get a photo like this clicked right after your wedding vows!

4. The Quirky 'Grabbing The Bride's Pallu' Shot

We love fun couples who enjoy a bit of quirk in their pre-wedding shoots. Karan Grover and Poppy Jabbal gave us major inspo with their pre-wedding shoot, especially this funny 'grabbing the bride's pallu' shot that takes you back a few decades!

5. Nothing Beats A Good Sunset Backdrop

A gorgeous photo poses to play with is this one. If you have access to a rooftop with clear skies, this one could work for you. The rays of sun shining from behind the couple look ethereal and create a divine photo that requires little to no editing. 

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6. Walk Down The Aisle Amidst The Snowy Mountains

We were all amazed to see luxury influencer Sonam Babani's wedding in Switzerland. The snow-capped mountains and snow-covered venue, teeming with stunning pastel decor made for a gorgeous set-up. If you're getting married amidst snowy mountains, thitely a shot you get!

7. Lean In For A Kiss

We love plandid shots where a couple leans in for a chaste kiss. These kinds of photos may just be for your eyes, but look beautiful. 

8. Cheer For Your Everlasting Love

Get yourself clicked while stepping off the mandap and cheering for your love. After all, you managed to pull off the entire ceremony without a hitch. Couples that look happy during their nuptials are honestly the best couples for wedding photographers to work with. 

9. Go For The Silhouette Shot

If you enjoy unique photos, then get a shot like this. Walk down the beach during sunset with your beau and let the wind and the sunlight do all the talking. 

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10. Gone With The Wind

We love it when photographers create such stunning visuals of couples. This capture by the amazing photographer Sean Bell not only captures the couple's whirlwind romance but also the icy winds that were caressing the hills of Scotland at the time it was shot. 

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11. Stroll Around Your Favourite City

The centre of a bustling city can de a great place to capture some wholesome and intimate moments. It might take a little longer than usual to get a few clicks, but trust us, they'll be worth every penny. 

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12. Go Regal Atop The Sand Dunes

Getting hitched in the desertland? Well, that's your call to get a stunning pictorial done on the local sand dunes. Whether you're in Abu Dhabi or Jaisalmer, sand dunes are an aesthetic that will always look regal. 

13. When Your Rooftop Has A Stunning View

If you or your photographer has a rooftop that boasts a view to kill for, then use that to get a fabulous shot of you and your beau overlooking the view!

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14. Choose A Natural Green Backdrop

Natural foliage is a shot that will never go out of fashion or disappoint. A couple photo like this works even better when you're dressed in vibrant colours as well, like the couple pictured here!

15. For Those That Love The Zen Vibes

Of course, many couples love their zen time. And if you're that kind of couple, then get yourself captured in your essence!

16. A Black & White Beachside Shot

Black and white portraits are always beautiful editions to anyone's wedding album. Plus, when you're dressed to impress and near the ocean, why not embrace the beach waves and beach vibes?

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17. A Shot With A Vintage Car Is Always Gorgeous

Using a vintage car as a prop is d great idea. They add an old-school, royal charm to your pictures and are the perfect props for a romantic couple photo.

Source Irvin Sidhu

18. A Beachside Proposal Pre-Wedding Shoot

If you're planning a pre-wedding shoot, get one done at the beach. Let nature be your backdrop as your partner gets down on one knee and recreates the magical moment you said yes!

19. Romantic Settings Always Help

Honestly, have candles ever gone wrong? Candle-lit settings are ideal for a romantic photo op with your partner. Add a pair of the staircase and a starry sky above you and you have the ultimate trifecta of romantic photos. 

20. Share Some Love Between The Snow

We've seen many couples embrace snowy destinations for their pre-wedding and wedding photoshoots. And honestly, we're not complaining. After all, snow-covered destinations are ideal for outdoor photography. 

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21. Take A Stroll Before Your Nuptials

Most couples get their portraits clicked before the wedding. If you're a camera-shy couple and find it hard to get posed pictures clicked, then ask your photographer to go in the candid direction. The most natural way to go about it is by taking a walk together and letting your photographer capture far-off shots of you two. 

22. Plan A Pre-Wedding Shoot On Water

A bit scary? Sure. But an absolute blast? Yes. Getting clicked on boats can be a bit terrifying for sure. But the result is fantastic.

Source Irvin Sidhu

23. Back Hugs Are Ideal For Couple Photos

Hugs & kisses images are essential to any pre-wedding shoot or wedding album. Furthermore, a couple of photos with back hugs and kisses are downright stunning. 

24. Get Clicked With Your Trendy Jaimalas

It's always a good thing to capture any element of your wedding that you believe was trendsetting. And that element is a trendy varmala, then you better make sure you have a shot with those gorgeous elements on!

25. Let The Wilderness Be Your Witness

We've said it before, and we're saying it again- natural backdrops are prizewinning! We're so in love with this couple's outdoor photo done in a sombre jungle, with them embracing one another. 

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26. Sunsets & Beaches

Sunsets, sand and ocean waves are the triple element of gorgeousness couples should embrace if they have them at their disposal. Honestly, if you're getting married at a beachside location, you better get a shot like this!

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27. Tropical Silhouettes

Embrace local and tropical flora and fauna while taking a stroll amongst them. This trending outdoor photography is best done when you can utilise local elements like these and produce stunning visuals. 

28. Piggybacks And Wild Flora

You can always utilise wild flora like these long dried grass to capture fun pictures like these. Plus, a photo that captures you and your partner doing a piggyback scene like it's straight from a rom-com is always going to hold a special place in your album & heart. 

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29. Embrace Your Partner In Tranquility

Embracing photo poses are tranquil shots to look at. Whether you're midway through a hug or embracing one another all the way, photos like these are stunning, not on the face and romantic all the way. 

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30. Lead The Way

Call it quirky or call it romantic, this photo pose of the bride leading her groom to a new life is something we love seeing now and again. And we bet it's the easiest to recreate. 

31. Twirl Girl, Twirl

Have a gorgeous lehenga to show off but also a handsome partner to showcase? Well, brides, this one could work in your favour. You could twirl and show off your lehenga while your partner watches you in awe. 

32. Get A Super Close Shot

Many people assume that close-ups are best when you're indoors. However, you can get a super close, intimate photo taken by your photographer while being outdoors as well. All you have to make sure that the angle is good and the lighting is right. 

33. Backhugs Are The Essence Of Romantic Shots

Like we said earlier, no wedding feels complete without a photo of the couple locked in a loving back hug. However, if you're camera-shy, then a slight back hug also works. Either way, it looks visually stunning. 

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34. An Almost Kiss In A Cloudy Desert 

When it comes to plandids, an almost kiss should be on your list. We love how this couple donned their designer wear and walked the sand on a cloudy day to capture their perfect couple portrait. 

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35. Kiss 'Em Like You Miss 'Em

Get a shot of yourself and your partner while sealing your vows with an adorable kiss. And if you think you wanna add a little more 'pizzaz' then throw in some confetti or petals!

36. Bend The Knee With Some Flowers

A heartfelt gesture we've often seen is couples getting on one knee with some flowers for their partner. Honestly, it's the easiest and cutest couple outdoor photography pose to accomplish. 

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37. Night-time Photos That Look Lovely

Honestly, if you're planning an outdoor photo shoot, stay a few hours extra and get yourself clicked just as the sun has set. You'll not only get a gorgeous ombre sky in your backdrop, but also the perfect silhouettes of yourselves!

38. Choose A Colourful Backdrop

Colourful backdrops and sets always work in your favour. Bright photos make for amazing pictures that add the much-required vibrance to your photo album.

39. Create Something Magical

Ladies and gentlemen, we've said it before- ombre skies make for stunning backdrops! And when you add a backlight to your visages, let's just say the result will always be breathtaking. 

Source Irvin Sidhu

40. Utilise The Elements Of Your Venue

It's always best to utilise elements of your venue or resort for props like long palm trees. Not only does this save money on props for your photoshoot but can also be a great way to get the best out of your venue or location. 

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41. Do Something Off-Beat & Exceptional

Glamourous horse riding for a pre-wedding photoshoot? Absolutely! Like, talk about giving off the most royal vibe ever.

42. Get A Warm Tinted Photo Captured

Photos captured and edited into warm tints and sepia tones give this vintage charm that is phenomenal to look at and has an old-world charm aesthetic

43. When You Hold Your Nuptials Outdoors

If you're having an outdoor wedding, then we suggest you better get amazing photos like this sindoor ceremony moment. It's honestly a soul-stirring moment that should be captured irrespective of it being an indoor or outdoor wedding. 

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44. An Unmatched Silhouette Shot 

Ask anyone, whether married or unmarried, and they’ll tell you, ‘Indian weddings are a grand spectacle of so many different emotions.’ So, simple yet elegant moments like these are essential in your album. 

Source Irvin Sidhu

45. Use A Venue As Your Backdrop

While we completely understand that you can't do your wedding album without a few cliche shots, using your venue as the backdrop should stay. Especially if you're in a grand venue with either aesthetic or heritage value. 

46. Share Sweet Conversation While Getting Clicked

Because there are umpteen must-have shots & so many memories to be stored. However, in between those pre-wedding shoots, you can share some conversation and probably dish about wedding planning deets to ease your nerves!

47. Look Dapper As You Get Captured

If you and your partner are full of swagger, then make sure you have a capture to prove it! After all, impressive full portraits of brides and grooms looking all fine and dapper should always be a part of the wedding album. And when you have the perfect outdoor setting, why not utilise it well?

Source Vinu

48. Capture A Unique Beach Vision

Nature truly is majestic and when we allow ourselves to truly sink into its beauty, we are rewarded with spectacular results. One such result is that often couples take to the beach for their pre-wedding photoshoot and trust us when we say, the water, the sand, and the breeze - do not disappoint.

Source Meet Sudani

49. Who Says Your Elements Have To Be Fancy?

Well, if you're a couple who wishes to utilise everyday elements in your photoshoot, then this is a great idea to pin! We love how the photographer plays with perspective and uses something as mundane as these yellow traffic barriers. 

50. Set Up A Mini Studio In Your Backyard

When you're on a budget, setting up your mini-studio for a pre-wedding shoot helps a tonne. Honestly, a lot of times it doesn't matter what your backdrop, elements or props are when you have a great photographer to capture your precious moments. 

51. Give Your Partner An Adoring Kiss

It is no hidden truth that we’re obsessed with couples who aren't afraid of expressing their love for each other in front of the camera, let alone the people watching. So whether you’re bound to get married, or looking for a cheesy couple shot, we suggest adding a beautiful kissing shot to your list!

52. Get Clicked On A Cliff

If you're planning a photoshoot on a cliff or a mountain top, then definitely get a photo like this. Well, be careful of the hazards  But irrespective it's a perfectly splendid shot to have, especially if you have a long flowy dress for the occasion.  

53. Choose An Aesthetic & Aristocratic Pose

Aristocratic poses are very in trend right now. Don’t you just love those couple shots where both share an intense look and the setting is also dramatic? We surely do cuz the images give us real regal feelings 

Source Anuja Joshi

54. Visit A Historical Place For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

Guys, if you live in a town of historical significance or have a nearby location of historical value, you should utilise that to your advantage. Hold your pre-wedding shoot in these locations, preferably when it is less crowded. 

55. Get A Twirling Shot With Your Partner

These best twirling shots will turn out to be stunning if you’re planning on donning a lehenga on your wedding day or rather any other wedding function which is why we say that you gotta have it! Furthermore, when you have your partner with you in the shot, it's just perfect. 

56. Revisit Your Roots

Probably the most wholesome photo shoot we've seen to date is of this couple. If you have the opportunity, revisit your hometown or village and get a photoshoot done there. However, such pictures are only best when the moments caught are candids.

57. Bring Santorini To Your Local Residence

It's always a nice sight to see locations that recreate worldwide destinations that are loved by many people. If you have access to a location like this, then it can work a lot in your favour for sure. 

58. A Snow-Drenched Pre-Wedding Shoot

Capture the seasonal spirit with an outdoor photo sesh. While a chilly, snowy wedding photo session isn't everyone's idea of a fun pre-wedding activity, we're willing to bet that most winter brides love a good snowfall!

59. An Alternate Shot With Lens Flare

There was a time when lens flare was such a hassle for photographers to work around. However now, it's become a tool to enhance photos in the best way possible. 

60. Forehead Kisses Are The Best

Weddings have moved beyond the traditional and are expected to be something that uniquely defines the personalities of the bride and groom. And when the groom gives his bride a gentle bop on the forehead because love needs no reason, we legit swoon. 

61. A Little Rural Setting Can Be Fun Too!

Is nostalgia hitting you hard? Well, have a pre-wedding shoot in a rural setting and recreate some picturesque moments that bring us back to the olden days. 

62. Significant Romantic Gestures

Nothing is sweeter than catching some very meaningful moments of couples. It’s lovely to look back at that moment and be reminded of all the sweet memories. 

63. Backviews Are Always Tantalising

This will let you get into the natural rhythm of love, which will help with creating better pictures. Showing that spark in your eyes and expressing that real smile when you have butterflies in your tummy can reflect in a romantic couple’s picture in the most glorious way.

Source Irvin Sidhu

64. Get A Digitally Enhanced Portrait

Amidst all those scintillating couple photos, bridal portraits and getting ready shots, what caught our eye the most are the digitally enhanced photos that are beyond imagination and perfect for millennial couples!

65. Soulful Shaadi Moments

These adorable couple portraits with genuine smiles and laughter are great inspirational pictures. It is surely one of those precious moments that you’ll cherish forever. Couple portraits are always a treat to behold and especially when they capture a varmala moment.

66. A Riverside Portrait Shot

There are a handful of things you can do to make sure your photos turn out perfectly one-of-a-kind and feel right for you and your partner. One of those things is getting a couple of portraits shot on a riverbank!

67. Click A 'Selfie' Like Shot

Selfies have been such a trend for a while now. And if you can recreate professional outdoor photography in the form of a selfie, then why not do it outdoors with a view to kill for!

68. A Shot Worth Framing

From simple back hugs to full french kisses, showing off some public displays of affection always makes for a sweet photo. Pretend like the photographer isn't watching and embrace your partner the way you would when you're alone—as long as it's G-rated!

69. Chivalrous Romantic Shots For The Win!

Chivalry is always appreciated. Especially when it's initiated by your partner. Honestly, who doesn't love a chaste kiss on the hand of a gentleman? 

70. Show Us Why You're Smitten

When he helps you doll up like the princess you are! Like, who wouldn't be smitten by a guy like that!

Source Neel Chavan

71. Show Off The Colour Of Your Celebration

Another amazing outdoor photograph to capture is of you in the centre of your impressive decor. If you're a couple who's gone out of their way to come up with elaborate and vivid decor then you should bask in its glory. 

Source Shivam Dua

72. A Romantic Top Shot

There's no denying that we desis take pride in being filmy. Might as well embrace your inner Bollywood romance lover through your pre-wedding photos. Recreate a romantic movie pose in the most cheesy, heart-filled moment!

73. Lock Those Eyes

The eyes speak a thousand words and locked eyes speak a million. Tell your love story by locking eyes and getting the perfect plandid shots.

Things To Consider Before Outdoor Photography

Shooting outdoors presents not only photographers but also couples with several challenges. You’ll have less control than when shooting in other environments, which may require you to adapt to the current situation. On the other hand, shooting outdoors gives you access to a vast range of possibilities. To take advantage of those possibilities, you’ll need to be well prepared. So, here are some things you need to consider before opting for outdoor photography:

  1. Try and choose a secluded location. Most public spaces cannot be vacated or rented out for a shoot. So, you can either go early in the morning when these places are vacant or choose a location that is beautiful yet remains secluded. 
  2. Find yourself a photographer with some outdoor shooting experience. Be specific with them and ask them to showcase their outdoor photography work so you can evaluate them better. 
  3. Make sure to check the weather of your location on the day of the shoot in advance. After all, it would be best to eliminate any weather-related problems beforehand. Bad weather can cause you to shift the data of your shoot, so be informed and prepared. 
  4. Selecting the right shooting hours for your shoot is very important. If you need the full corporation of sunlight to make it romantic, then you have to visit either during the early morning hours or during the evening hours. Similarly, sunrises and sunsets are the best time to capture romantic shots.
  5. Choose your costumes based on the shoot's location. Often people forget this point just to fulfil their fantasies. For example, if you're hoping to accomplish a fairytale-themed shoot, then choose locations like palaces, forts or open fields. But if you're planning a shoot in a park or a roadside location, go for something western and more casual. 
  6. Always keep a touch-up makeup kit with you. If you've done makeup for your shoot, you need this to ensure your face looks flawless throughout the shoot. 


Watching these beautiful and best outdoor photography poses for couples just melted our hearts. These adorable moments and vividly captured will forever make you and your significant other reminisce about your wedding celebration. So, save these gorgeous latest outdoor photography wedding pictures and we're sure you'll get some amazing photos for your wedding album. We hope these were of great inspiration to you. Just point your wedding photographer in the right direction and have some beautiful memories forever!


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71+ Latest Outdoor Photography Poses for Couples

by Shivani Singh

71+ Latest Outdoor Photography Poses for Couples