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Hello Ladies! So is it your wedding that’s approaching? Or is it your best friend who decided to tie a knot this year? Well, we know the planning stress is pretty similar! Before stepping into the next phases of your lives, you must celebrate some time with the best people in your life, the ones who have been there no matter what, your girls! Your BFFs! So, thought of any bachelorette party ideas yet or are you confused? Don’t worry! We are here to help.

No questioning that bachelorette is an important part of your entire wedding festive and ShaadiSaga work to make your wedding the most beautiful and memorable one. So, here are some trending bachelorette party ideas that you can choose from to throw a bachelorette party the coming wedding season!

Best Bachelorette Party Ideas

The bachelorette party must be planned for keeping the bride’s choice in mind. After all, it’s her last few days of singlehood which surely must be celebrated her way! So, dance your heart out at the coolest club or go on a trip with her, make sure to make her feel special on this special day.

Here are some gorgeous, fun, unique and thoughtful bachelorette party ideas that are gonna bring the brightest of smiles on her face! 

1. The Old School ‘No Boys Allowed’ Pyjama Party Never Goes Out Of Style!

Isn’t bachelorette all about spending the best time of your lives with your girls who have stuck by you through thick & thin and all gossip and wine sessions? Spend this day in your comfy pyjamas and have a blast gossiping and drinking through the night for the last time as an all single ladies!

2. For The Beach Babies In The House!

We are in love with beaches! Nothing soothes us more than that beautiful sand and melodious sound of waves! Ladies, if you are yet some time away from your D-day, all you got to do is to pick up your best beach outfits and the best people in your lives to head directly to the prettiest beach around this weekend, for bachelorette that’s no one is ever gonna forget.

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Source Pink Trunk

3. Go Glamping With Your Girlfriends For A Super Exciting Bachelorette

Glamping is made of two of our favourite terms ‘glamorous’ and ‘Camping’. It refers to a camp-like setting but with all the luxuries, resorts are increasingly offering glamping options in India and elsewhere alike. We see a huge number of women opting to go for glamping on their bachelorette and we see why! It’s great to enjoy the stars and the sky without having to give up on comfort, right?

Source Pinterest

4. Drink Till You Drop Bachelorette Party Idea!

Ladies, it’s your last chance to do something crazy together while she’s still single, why not indulge in some boozing, talking, dancing and playing games all night? Sounds fun, isn’t it? You can choose to make the night more interesting with games like never have I ever or maybe the classic truth or dare!

5. An All-Girls Trek For The Adventure Lover

We adore women making stereotypes! As much as we love seeing you have fun in those slumber parties, watching women choosing adventure sports like hiking fill us with pride and happiness. So, if the bride-to-be happens to be an adventure or travel junky, why not gift her an all-girls trek to her favourite destination! We promise you are going to have the best time of your lives!

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6. Spend A Night At The Local Comedy Club

Nothing brings your closer more than sharing a few laughs with the best people in your life, after all, aren’t these parties all about making memories? Well, making happy memories is what we would choose. Gift the women who made your lives special a night of pure happiness and laughter before she steps forward towards the next phase of her life.

Source Pinterest

7. Road Trips Are A Blessing!

There’s a reason why movie makers love making friendship based movies around a road trip. There’s something about them that brings you even more close to the closest of your buddies! So, before she says ‘I do’, pick up a destination and her favourite car and live your ZNMD moment now!

Source sunset

8. Dance Your Heart Out At The City's Best Club With Your Favourite Ladies All Night!

You have drunk-danced with them all their lives, how can you miss this special day. Ladies, if you have only a day to spare or if you are a little tight on your budget, do not worry, we got you covered! All you gotta do is to take out your mini dress and heels and head straight to her favourite club to celebrate her new journey! Gosh! We are craving a party now 🙈

Source youngisthan

9. How About Spending The Entire Day With Them In A Pool?

We already love the idea! You don't have to head to a beach to spend the big day with them near water, a pool would be enough and how😍. Book the nearest resort with a pretty pool party setting, take out your swimsuits and go crazy!

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10. We Are Obsessed With Theme-Based Bachelorette Parties

You know her enough to know what she is obsessed with? Is it the Barbie, unicorns, flamingos or dogs? Whatever it is, it's always a great idea to plan a party for her based on the theme. We fell in love when we read about this bride's flamingo themed bachelorette party! We mean, we need friends like hers, please!

11. Share A Few Glasses Of Wine With Them Near And Bonfire Remembering The Blast You Have Had!

After what all you have shared with your girls, we are sure you have quite a few stories worth remembering and revisiting! Well, can there be a better setting than a bonfire night, unlimited glasses of wine, light music in the background and your favourite girls with you? We don't think so.

Source deavita

12. For Those Of You Who Wanna Spend A Peaceful Bachelorette With Your Friends Rather Than Hopping Bars At Night Can Head Straight To A Lake Nearby To Seek The Calmness That You Are Looking For!

The hustle-bustle of your regular city life has already exhausted you and all you need is a peaceful place to chill with your BFFs before you tie the knot? We feel you! A lakeside bachelorette is what you must opt for the peaceful yet super fun bachelorette party that you want! Also, check out how you can throw a fabulous virtual bachelorette with your bridesmaids.

13. A Concert Of Her Favourite Band Is Worth It!

Another idea for a bachelorette party when you do not have a lot of time in hand is to attend a concert together. If you can, try to get tickets to the concert of her favourite band, else just any music concert where you girls can dance all night! A night out after the concert, sound like a plan, doesn’t it?

Source theaggie

14. Go Vineyard Hopping With Your BFFs

Visiting a vineyard (or two or three) is always a joyous thing if you are all into wine. To see which vineyards offer wine tasting near you and make a day of it, check ahead of time. Sit back and have a few laughs while enjoying some stunning landscapes with some of your favourite people!

15. Lastly, A Sleepover With Your Girls Tops It All!

There are so many different bachelorette party ideas that the modern-day brides are opting for before they say ‘I do’. As much as we love these ideas, we believe that the classic all-girls sleepovers have a charm of their own which simply can’t be matched. Pretty & comfy clothes, some booze and a lot of games, what else can one ask for!

Final Thoughts!

So there are the best bachelorette party ideas that you can choose to make your BFF feel a little more special on her special day. Do let us know which one did you like the most via our Facebook Page. Follow us for more such ideas and inspirations!


Did we miss any? Do let us know in the comment section of our Facebook Page!

15 Best Bachelorette Party Ideas

by Apoorva Saxena

15 Best Bachelorette Party Ideas