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Best Wedding Photographers in Bangalore

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Wedding Photographers in Bangalore


The ‘IT capital’ of the country is home to the country’s most stylish people. Weddings in Bangalore, therefore, are not only beautiful and grand but also the most stylish weddings in the country. For the people of Bangalore pour in all their effor...Read more

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Latest Reviews of Photographers on WeddingBazaar

Prashanth11 hours and 25 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Richie Films

The more I say about the Richie Films team I say, the less it is. They were no less than family during the pandemic time as there was a long hold-up on my marriage date. They were so understanding, so dedicated, so nice, so professional and just simply amazing. Hiring Richie Films was the best wedding decision I had made. There were so many ups and downs, but they stuck by with grace. I would especially like to thank Eshu. Over time, she became a support, a friend. She dealt with every situation with such patience. The way she stayed in touch, understood my vision and was so sweet throughout it all. Thank you Vinod so much! Also, a day before my events, there was a government ban, but the team stood by. They stayed in touch. Richard was so proactive and so nice, he and his team poured their heart out. Everyone was mind blown when they saw the output. The videos and photographs were the best I have ever seen! From the bottom of my heart- I really thank the team. I will forever appreciate and be grateful for the effort you put in. You have created a dream full of magic! Thank you so so so very much!

...See More

Nanditaa11 hours and 30 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Richie Films

My experience with Richie Films has been incredible. Not being camera friendly, I was very sceptical about the output and the whole process. But I have to say that the team was so convivial and made me very comfortable around the camera. The best part is that we didn't really try hard to pose for the shots. We were busy enjoying each function and they captured it so nicely and naturally. After seeing the output, there was a vibe revival, and we could actually see all the happy faces enjoying their hearts out. It's absolutely safe to say that choosing Richie Films had been the best decision :)

...See More

Roja14 hours and 42 minutes ago

★ 5.0

One of the finest photographers that i know.. He(Mr. Palani) had clicked my haldi cermony's pictures and they were just wow. He did an amazing job and captured the most magical moments on the day without us even knowing it. A true professional.

...See More

Bhavani Kiran1 week, 1 day, 20 hours, and 41 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  The Picture

Excellent service great pics taken by team The Picture

...See More

Latest Wedding Photography Ideas

Book Top Wedding Photographers in Bangalore @WeddingBazaar

Wedding photography is an art. If you don’t hire the right photographer, your wedding pictures will be bland and regular. Wedding photographs are a reminder of your special day and hence these pictures should be spectacular. Looking at these pictures should remind you of the emotions you felt on the day of the function. Therefore, a good wedding photographer should be able to capture emotions as well as moments. On WeddingBazaar, you will find a comprehensive listing of the best wedding photographers in Bangalore. Each may specialize in a different field, but all have been verified by WeddingBazaar and are extremely proficient at what they do. There are many different types of wedding photography and most photographers provide all these services. Some of the various types of wedding photography are:

Candid Photography in Bangalore

Candid photography has become very popular and all wedding albums seem incomplete without these casual looking pictures. It’s exciting to watch people captured naturally, unaware of the photographer taking pictures. Raw emotions are reflected in these pictures without people posing with smiles on their faces, knowing that the camera is around. Capturing the guests and the bride and groom naturally without their knowledge is an art, and you need a skilled photographer for this; someone who can make you look good when you aren’t posing for a picture. Candid photography captures various emotions, such as happiness, sadness, and anxiety, etc. in a raw state and thus is more expensive.

Traditional Photography in Bangalore

Traditional photography is the old-school concept of wedding photography, where people would stand in a group to pose for pictures, very much aware of the presence of the photographer and the camera. This type of photography does not require much art or creativity since all you need to do is capture people as they pose formally for pictures.

Cinematic Videography in Bangalore

Cinematic videography is much like candid photography where the photographer captures people naturally. In this, the complete wedding is recorded like a documentary. This style requires specific skills and creativity. Also, advanced equipment like drones and hi-tech cameras are used. The cinematic wedding videos will allow you to refresh the memories.

Traditional Videography in Bangalore

This is the regular style of wedding videography where a professional will follow people around simply recording what you do using regular style without much creativity. Because there isn’t much special equipment required, this kind of videography is not very expensive.

Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Bangalore

These days many couples are opting for pre-wedding shoots. These are also known as engagement shoots and are generally done 3-6 months before the main wedding. Couples like to preserve memories of their courtship days, which is when pre-wedding shoots take place. Pre-wedding shoots generally take place outdoors or at other spectacular locations. These can also follow a theme. Pre-wedding photography involves making the couples ‘pose’ for candid shots. These kinds of shoots require a very talented photographer who can bring out the emotion of love through these pictures.

Black and White Wedding Photography

This type of wedding photography is also popular these days. These look striking and impressive and have a unique charm and eternal appeal. If there are too many bright colors in a picture, they take the focus away from the subject. Black and white photography focuses on the subject. wedding pictures in black and white. They carry a timeless classic appeal.

Drone Wedding Photography in Bangalore

Drone photography is the new advanced photography technique where. It involves the use of sophisticated drones to get beautiful pictures from an aerial view. It can give a very spectacular look at all your pictures. They can capture the wedding location with the décor, in its entirety. These pictures truly stand out because of their magnificent scope. Drones are hi-tech machines and hence this type of photography comes expensive.

Vintage Wedding Photography

Vintage wedding photography gives a classic touch to the pictures and make them look eternal. This photography style is very popular these days and looks wonderful and unique. Vintage photographs need to be clicked wisely for a great outcome. The colors, background, wedding dresses of the bride and the groom, accessories, decorations and many other things need to be considered carefully. The photographers use colours like peach, beige, light blue, lilac, gold and burgundy, etc. for a rich look. The attire and décor also needs to be in tune with the theme so that the pictures look graceful.

Artistic Wedding Photography

Artistic wedding photography is like a work of art and look breathtakingly beautiful. It is the experience, passion and skill of the photographer that work like magic in this type of photography style.

How to choose the right Wedding Photographer and Videographer in Bangalore

Gone are the days when hiring a wedding photographer meant going to your neighbourhood shop and booking them for your wedding functions. Wedding photography is an entire field with different specialisations. It involves a lot of technique and talent. Therefore, choosing the right wedding photographer is as essential as the other aspects of your wedding functions, such as clothes, food, venue, etc. A skilled photographer can cover all your flaws, even those which your makeup artist may have missed. Your makeup artist and wedding photographer are responsible for making you look fantastic in your wedding photos. This is not a decision you can make lightly. Here are some tips and guidelines to give you an idea of the things you should discuss with any prospective wedding photographer before making a final decision.

Things to keep in mind while looking for a top wedding photographer

Things you should discuss with your prospective wedding photographer in Bangalore

Get the professional wedding photographers in Bangalore only at

WeddingBazaar provides you with solutions for all your wedding needs. From your makeup artist to the venue, you can find it all on We have a wide and comprehensive list of the best wedding photographers in Bangalore on our website. They cater to all budgets and any other requirements you may have. These photographers specialize in various areas of wedding photography, such as candid photography, pre-wedding photoshoots, traditional photography and videography, etc. These photographers are extremely skilled at what they do and are sure to meet your requirements. All the wedding photographers listed on WeddingBazaar have been verified with the strictest background checks so that they can provide only the best work to our clients.

How can help you to hire a wedding photographer for your special day?

No need to ask anyone, which wedding photographer in Bangalore to hire. lists the top wedding photographers in all the major Indian cities. Register with us, compare various wedding photographers, shortlist a few, and contact them online through our website. You will get a response from them within 24 hours. This is not all, our relationship managers will help you in finalizing the price so that you get the best deal.

Common Mistakes you can make while hiring a wedding photographer