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While it varies from culture to culture, the lotus flower is sacred for purity, rebirth, and strength because it rises from the mud without stains. The lotus flower is such an auspicious flower that it should be incorporated at your wedding. And, one of the best ways to incorporate this exquisite flower is by having lotus jaimalas for your nuptials. Sacred, beautiful and vibrant, lotus jaimalas are a classic pick.

So, if you too want to use this jaimala design, scroll below and take inspiration from these couples who opted for lotus jaimalas on their wedding.

Best Lotus Jaimala Designs

Mogra With Lotus Jaimalas

If you want to highlight the lotus flower in your varmalas, we recommend getting mogra with lotus jaimalas made. Not only will the pink colour pop because of the subtle white mogra colour making your varmala stand out.

Scroll below to see our favourite mogra with lotus jaimalas!

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Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

Lotus Jaimalas

The lotus flower in itself is such a beautiful flower that if you decide to get a jaimala made of only this flower, it will be more than enough. In fact, in the South region, a lot of couples opt for lotus jaimalas alone. Oh, and if you’re planning on donning pastels or having a day wedding then lotus jaimalas are a perfect choice!

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Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

Unique Lotus Jaimalas

And lastly, if you’re looking for some unique jaimala options, we recommend going with a combination of lotus flowers with other flowers. Not only will you get a colourful option for your jaimala but your unique lotus one will be unlike anything you’ve seen!

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Which lotus jaimala are you going to opt for at your wedding? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

50+ Lotus Jaimala Designs We Found For Your Dream Wedding Day!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

50+ Lotus Jaimala Designs We Found For Your Dream Wedding Day!