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They say that we take photos and videos to understand what our lives mean to us. They're a collection of all that matters to us, and a way to remember those precious moments. And wedding photos and videos are such an integral part of that memory-making process that you just don't want to go wrong with them! 

As we enter the new year, it's time for us to address not just the importance of wedding photography but also the trends that help couples stand apart from others. Documenting important moments with your loved ones is something everyone appreciates a little more after so much time apart, which makes it so important to work with a photographer and videographer that can deliver what you’re looking for. Honestly, it’s never been more important to find a vendor you trust, especially when it comes to capturing the photos and videos from your special day. 

After not being able to spend time with family and friends for so long, capturing the moments that can finally happen again are of the utmost importance. From nighttime portraits to magnificent highlight reels, these are the wedding photography and videography trends you can expect to see this year.

Top Photo & Video Trends For 2022

Ditching Traditional Shots

Most couples are opting to ditch the traditional shots and get pictures that capture a more different side of them. While they're clicked, couples nowadays have started skipping over the traditional, posed photos and started going for the ones that depict them all as a sweaty pile of bodies caught raging to the music or all piled together in an unstructured impromptu photograph. In fact, photographers also instruct couples and their loved ones to choose something different that's more true to their personality than a posed picture.  

Editorial-Inspired Photoshoots

One of the best things about couples of today is that they're taking advantage of having a professional photographer on their hand. Instead of fussing around, they willingly have ideas straight out of editorial magazines that are gorgeous! Couples are more involved and are realizing that they have a unique opportunity to create elevated editorial imagery ahead of their wedding day to document this incredible time in their lives.

Nighttime Portraits

Thanks to the talent of all the professional photographers and videographers around the globe, the idea that photos only look good in natural lighting has become a pre-dated. While we all love sunlit pictures from weddings, nighttime photos are just so unique! A lot of couples are loving the idea of nighttime portraits, which look absolutely phenomenal when done right! Plus, a wedding album made with a mix of breathless daytime pictures and some funky nighttime stills are just fantastic.

Heartwarming Candid Moments 

Candid shots have been the topmost wedding photography trend for years now. Couples are opting for more candid, natural shots versus overly posed pictures. While many couples love getting clicked in front of the camera, there are many who are camera-shy and can feel intimidated by the shutterbugs at the venue as well. That's where candid photography plays such an integral role!

Live-Streamed Weddings

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With the pandemic still going on, weddings still have been limited due to safety regulations. Plus, many friends and family have found it impossible to travel much due to this. That's why live-streamed weddings are such a grand trend for all couples. Wedding live streams have opened a whole new avenue for vendors and couples alike. Pandemic or not, we think this is a trend that should stay!

Wedding Highlight Videos

In the era of ever-shrinking attention spans, compiling five-minute-long wedding highlights to share with friends and family is an absolute must! No one has the time to sit and watch hours of footage from wedding functions, again and again, just to get a gist of the functions. Thus, videographers have begun offering 'highlight reels' of wedding ceremonies that can be shared on social media. They're also a great way to share the wedding moments with those who couldn't attend the wedding.

The Unending Obsession With Reels & Shorts

Okay, while highlight videos can canvas an entire wedding, or a certain wedding function, shorts and reels for platforms like Youtube and Instagram are a great way to share just a single moment of your wedding that was gold. From a bride's bridal entry to a funny incident during the pheras or maybe just an edit showing a bride's outfit off, the inspiration for reels and shorts are endless. Plus, your photographers and videographers will be ecstatic to help you with them.

The Casual Photo Dump

While you can post those professional shots from the day, it's also a fun way to curate photos taken throughout the day from guests. The photo dump trend is when a person takes multiple pictures from a certain time or an event and they ‘dump’ them onto social media via Instagram in a carousel. For weddings, this is a great way for couples to see authentic moments from their wedding. Plus, this gives guests a chance to contribute to the documentation of the day.


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The Biggest Wedding Photo and Video Trends for 2022

by Shivani Singh

The Biggest Wedding Photo and Video Trends for 2022