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Source: Suhani Malik

The nerves you're feeling are normal.

Your wedding may be the happiest day of your life, but it's also a day of immense stress. There are many things to worry about, from the logistics of the wedding to the comfort of your guests. You have to ensure that your friends and family members are having a good time and feel appreciated and included. Furthermore, the social pressure related to hosting so many people can feel mentally draining. And to top that off, there is the simple yet gigantic fact that you're getting married. You're about to be tied to your new spouse and your life will never be the same again.

So yes, the stress level you're experiencing on this day is high and completely understandable. 

However, the good news is that wedding-day anxiety is entirely normal and there are some simple things you can do to mitigate it. 

Effective Ways Of Handling Wedding Day Stress

1. Get a Good Night's Sleep

With all your family and friends in one place, it's easy to get all riled up. The number of people around you and the unending fun factor might tempt you into partying the night before the wedding. But if you do that, you'll be left super exhausted on your big day and you know what exhaustion leads to? Anxiety. So, the best way to avoid this kind of stress is by getting in the sleep hours you need. This way you can really enjoy every second of your wedding day.


2. Fuel Up!

It may sound very simple. But the truth is that many couples forget to eat thanks to all the work on their wedding day. The end result? Well, two very irritable people who are the centre of attention and obviously feeling tired. You need to keep your energy up during your wedding day, so make sure you get in some good breakfast. Don't skip this important meal. You are going to need the nutrients to get you through this emotionally and physically draining day.


3. Get In Some Form Of Workout

Exercise is a proven way to reduce stress and anxiety. Now, we're not telling you to hit the gym and work out for an hour, but a simple stroll or some gentle yoga can do wonders. If you're someone who feels better after going for a run or hitting the gym, then go ahead.  Exercise will help you feel centred and calm in the morning, which means you can better handle anything that comes up later in the day. A 10-minute run or dance cardio session may be the perfect way to release some of that built up stress or anxiety. But make sure you don't exhaust yourself by working out too much. 


4. Delegate The Questions & Responsibilities

Every wedding has numerous vendors, and every vendor has their own set of questions and doubts on the wedding day. They'll be requiring direction on everything from where should they set up to what time they should roll out the food. Now one of the easiest ways of dealing with this would be to hire a professional- whether it's a full-service wedding planner or a wedding day coordinator- to deal with these tasks. A planner or coordinator will try their best to take the brunt of stress and problems. And even if you don't have a co-ordinator for this day (which we highly suggest), then it's best to delegate duties amongst family members and friends. Make sure they're people you can trust with these tasks and this way you won't have to worry about running around everywhere on your own. 


5. Take Deep Breaths

Taking deep breaths is not a silly exercise; it's a practice that's rooted in science. When you take a deep breath it increases the supply of oxygen to your brain, which triggers the parasympathetic nervous system to produce a feeling of calmness. That means your brain starts feeling relaxed instead of stressed, anxious, and nervous. Technical jargon aside, your wedding day's stress can be overwhelming. Another thing that can help you is having a meditation app on hand. In the world we live in, meditation apps and breathing apps are a dime a dozen. Pick one you enjoy months before your wedding and begin a practice of listening to them and creating a practice for your wedding day. Practice deep breathing, sitting in stillness, listening to your intuition, and centring your energy. So, take a few seconds to breathe deeply and you will find yourself immediately feeling better!


6. Focus on Your Partner

There are definitely things that will not go as planned on your wedding day. The flowers may not be the exact quantity you were expecting, or maybe a family member might cause a little unwanted trouble. And all of that can be stressful. The best way to minimize your stress on your wedding day is to focus on the love you have for your partner. Now, we know it sounds very superficial or kinda 'booksy' but the truth is that it is your wedding day. You are having a wedding because you are getting married, not because you simply want to have a big party. Look at him or her in the eye and know your connection is the most important thing.


7. Make Time for Self Care

In a survey, 86% of couples said wedding planning stress caused them to experience physical symptoms like breakouts, reduced sex drive, headaches, and changes in appetite—even hair loss! Maintaining your sanity by taking some time out for some indulgent self-care is imperative. We suggest that you take out an hour or two before your hair and makeup begin and do some self care. It could be a nice hydrating sheet mask from your favourite K-beauty brand, or just two slices of cucumber over your eyes while you take a power nap. Self-care has so many faces and everyone's choice of self-care if different. It's something you do when you're stressed. It could even be listening to music or maybe catching up with your favourite Youtuber or podcast. 


8. Jot Down Your Feelings

Journaling is a proven method of articulating your bottled-up emotions. It helps you identify what’s bothering you, and maybe even tackle that situation in a more calm and collected manner. By pouring your feelings on a piece of paper, you’ll be able to think more clearly, and visibly minimise your stress from festering into actual anxiety about the entire wedding circus. And if you're not a major pen and journal person, then use your phone's notepad app and write down whatever you are feeling or whatever is bothering you. This really helps tackle wedding day stress. 


9. Pop Some Bubbly!

There’s no better way to kick off the celebration than with a glass (or two) of Champagne! Popping open a bottle of bubbly is a fun way to bond with your bridesmaids and ease some of your nerves. Have some fun and set up a mimosa bar. Don’t forget to make a toast to love, friendship, and this next chapter in your life. Honestly, a little pre-gaming never hurt anyone as long as you know when to stop and how to hold your liquor.  


10. Unplug For At Least 30 Minutes

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If you find yourself scrolling through your social media feeds for far longer than you’d care to admit, you’re certainly in good company. However, on your wedding day, doing so can create an environment clouded by unnecessary pressure and unrealistic expectations. Plus, you're just adding to the already present stress in your life. So, taking time to unplug and disconnect from the constant stream of Instagram posts and Pinterest boards will allow you to interact with the people in front of you. Or if you're someone who enjoys some alone time, then just hide away fro 30 minutes to clear your headspace.



In the end, there are a thousand things running through your mind as your wedding day. But we’re here to tell you that all this stress will render you tired and unable to have fun on the day of your wedding. Adopt these de-stressing habits that can be used even on your D-Day, so that you are relaxed, calm and ready for your big day!

10 Most Effective Tips For Handling Wedding Day Stress!

by Shivani Singh

10 Most Effective Tips For Handling Wedding Day Stress!