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Be it saris or bridal lehengas with dupattas draped like a sari pallu, we have always been major fans of an outfit’s pallu. Well for one, it has the best design done on it, making pallu pictures amongst our favourite ones. Ladies, you cannot go wrong with pallu shots which is why today we have managed to pull out our favourite pallu shots of all times. Scroll below to take a peek and bookmark the ones you adore for your upcoming 2022 wedding!

Real Brides’ in Pallu Shots

The One Where the Arm is on the Waist

Well well if you’re struggling with how to get an epic pallu shot, we recommend taking inspiration from these real brides who have cracked the code. These brides out there have simply placed their arms on their waists and have gotten fantastic pallu shots.

Source Niki Mehra

Face Back & Look At Your Pallu

If you want a more natural vibe with your portrait shots, we recommend trying the ‘facing back’ pose. Not only will your face have a subtle feature but you’ll get the most amazing pallu shots with it. Scroll below and get ready to bookmark these great pallu shots that we have found recently.

Source Dolly Jain

Source Oshoot

Source Pinterest

Hold Your Pallu and Just Pose 

Another natural and elegant portrait shot is one where you hold your pallu. Now, this may be unheard of but trust us that this pose will help you achieve stupendous portraits. Whether you want to hold the pallu or place it on your arms that’s completely your call but either way your photos will be spectacular!

Source Niki Mehra

Source Sara Idrees

Placed Pallu Shots

We’ve covered the candids but now we come to the planned portrait shots. To highlight your pallu in your photos, we recommend placing your pallu in such a manner that your wedding photographer captures both you and your pallu in that one frame. These shots are so chic and elegant that you’ll end up framing them in your room!

Source Oshoot

Source Sabyasachi


Which pallu shot is your favourite? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

Bookmark Our All Time Favourite Pallu Shots of Real Brides

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Bookmark Our All Time Favourite Pallu Shots of Real Brides