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Your wedding invitation is the first official opportunity you have to share not only the good news of your marriage but also give your friends and family a glimpse into your love story. Similarly, wedding invitations or save-the-date messages can help set the tone of your wedding and give your guests an insight into the theme of your celebration. Sounds pretty important, right? Well, it is! 

From big pop culture elements like Harry Potter and Bridgerton influencing design suites to sweeping trends in the wedding industry (yes, we're looking at you, watercolour invitation cards), there are tons of things that are influencing wedding invite designs in 2022. So much so, that finding a design that fits your vibe can be a bit tricky.

Therefore, considering all of these and many other factors, it is important to choose a good wedding invitation card design that fits your aesthetic. But hey, no pressure! To help lighten your load, we've compiled a list of the latest wedding invitation card designs that will inspire you tons.

So, whether you're looking for inspiration or just want to keep up with the latest trends, these are the top wedding invitation card designs that you will love!

Latest and Trending Wedding Invitation Card Design

1. Watercolour Galore!

How can we begin any wedding invitation blog without mentioning our favourite handcrafted watercolour invitations? This particular one, with elephant motifs, peacocks and other flora and fauna has won us over. Plus, the off-white, red and green colours sit so well together!

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2. All That Glitters Is Gold Foil!

While the painted floral elements of this wedding card are enough to make us swoon, the gold foil adds depth and character to this design. Seriously, here's a way to say that you're a minimalist couple who likes to add some jazz to things with a touch of gold!

3. Embossed Wedding Invites Are Love!

 If you're open to surprising your guests with an invitation suite that feels more personal than traditional, then an embossed wedding invite should be on your shortlist. Set in cool and dark tones against white, this embossed wedding invite showcases understated elegance.

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4. An Elegant Yet Simple Splash

For those that like to keep it classy, this elegant white invitation with a beautiful green leafy wreath surrounding the couple's initials on top is such a gorgeous choice. Plus, an invite like this is less wasteful if your wedding is an intimate affair. 

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5. Illustrated Invite With A Singaporean Background

Designed by the famous Wedding invites by Sanskriti (Doodlefactory), this illustrated invite with the couple's caricature is absolutely adorable! Incorporating Singaporean sights into the background, the designer paid an ode to the couple's love story and their love for travel. With each function's invite being placed in a different location, the couple chose Singapore as the backdrop for their wedding. 

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6. Raja Ravi Varma Inspired Invitation

Honestly, this is creativity at its finest! Inspired by the beautiful paintings of Raja Ravi Varma, these invitations are a sight for any art enthusiast. From the intricate details of the art to the colour palette and the gilded detailing on the invite, there is nothing about this card that can be ignored!

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7. Wedding Invite Inspired By Retro Tin Posters

This illustrative wedding invite, designed by Pink Whistle Man, Mumbai, for a beach wedding was inspired by retro tin posters! The mix of vintage with modern in these wedding invites and stationery is truly an element to reckon with. 

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8. Floral Pink Boxed Wedding Invitation 

Whoever said boxed invites are the news of the old has clearly not stepped into the wedding invitation industry for a while. These days, everything's in fashion, including wedding invitation boxes! These boxes not only house a wedding invitation card but also certain goodies and gifts that a couple might want to share with their guests. Furthermore, the pretty pastel pink gets extra brownie points from us!

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9. Bringing Vrindavan Stories To Invites

Inspired by the gardens of Vrindavan and the stories woven around Radha-Krishna, this invitation card brings forth the elegance of its inspirational figures without making them too bright or over the top. Plus, the green envelope and the gold wax seals with the couple's initials are just gorgeous. 

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10. Chic, Classy & Ultra Modern

Don't you just love it when you open a seemingly floral and minimal envelope to find a stunning iconographic wedding card? With the couple's caricatures channelling their favourite Bollywood movie scene, this invitation is an iconic entry into our favourite wedding cards this year.  

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11. Illustrated Wedding Passports!

One of the most unique wedding invites we've seen of late, these wedding passports illustrated by Pink Whistle Man are absolutely breathtaking! Each passport was intricately hand-designed with elements inspired by the couple's life along with the future wedding celebration and very joyfully named 'The United States of Matrimony'.

12. A Gorgeous Wedding Invite With Peacocks

Peacock motifs are probably a favourite when it comes to Indian wedding invitations. They invoke a gentle and graceful feeling and make us hopeful about new beginnings. To add to that, these peacock motifs on a white background are sophisticated and adequate for those that enjoy a minimal vibe. 

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13. Elegantly Pastel To Perfection

Do you know what's 2022's aesthetic of late? Pastels that rocked the early 2000s. Seriously, it's like we're back to the early 2000s fashion trends thanks to shows like Bridgerton and Euphoria that love invoking the use of these shades. And now, they're also making strides in the invitation card tangent. But hey, who doesn't love a good, elegant pastel wedding invitation card?

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14. Customised Wedding Invite With Divine Imagery

For a couple that wants to keep it traditional, yet add a touch of something new, a custom-made South Indian wedding invitation with beautiful imagery & a rich red envelope could do just the trick!

15. Handmade Invites With Gold Dipped Corners

This wedding invite is divine! The floral vine design in watercolours adds sophistication to this piece. And the gold-dipped edges? Phenomenal! Adding more grace to the paper is the calligraphy font that invites guests to attend a wedding that is bound to be exquisite.

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16. Nothing Beats A Customised & Quirky Invite

We've said it before, and we're saying it again, quirky invites are the new tradition! Seriously, everywhere we turn, every 2 out of 3 couples have chosen to play with wedding invitations and add quirky elements of their love story and things that define them as human beings. And we're all for this kind of customisation!

17. Invites That Are Vibrant, Full of Colour & Life

Another trend we love is the use of colour in multi-page invites like this one. With a watercolour effect adorning the background, these vibrant invitation cards are a trendy and easy choice for those who're unsure of how to express their aesthetic without being to cliche. Trust us, these kinds of designs always win.

18. Persian Art Inspired Illustrated Invite

Designed by Ameer Ali, this gorgeous invite is a mix of the couple's caricature paired with traditional Persian art against a plain backdrop. We're especially fans of the use of red and the hand-illustrated jewellery in the bride's picture!

Source Ameer Ali

19. A Gorgeous Mix Of Blue & Vibrant Colours 

We're huge fans of designers who mix bold colours together to create something stunning. This mix of midnight blue background with bright colours like coral, bright blue and yellow are truly a gorgeous theme to go with. 

20. Bring Your Likeness To Your Invites

Incorporating your likeness into an illustrated invite is much in vogue nowadays. Personalised invites and illustrations like these aren't just a great way to ask your loved ones to 'save the date' but are also keepsakes from your wedding to cherish forever.

Source Ameer Ali

Source Ameer Ali

Source Ameer Ali

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21. A Wedding Invite With Minimal Line Drawings

This heartwarming card is fused with an unorthodox treatment of minimal line drawings. Very different from the traditional wedding space in India, this card is the designer's attempt to add glitter to a couple's cutesy love story.

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22. A Delicate Vintage Invite

This invitation card incorporates delicate designs with a vintage accent. This pastel beauty is adorned with floral accents and gold borders that were similar to the couple's wedding theme as well. If you want to keep it simple yet elegant, go for something as pretty as this. 

23. Beautiful & Elegant White Wedding Invites

Here's another insanely gorgeous handmade wedding invitation comprising multiple leaflets, all adorned with blooming floral details on a white background. An invitation so pretty, that you would instantly want to pin it on your mood board!

24. A Wildlife Inspired Wedding Invite

These fauna-inspired hand designed invitation had us awestruck at the first glance. The various animal and trees adorning this invite along with the gilded calligraphic font is truly a captivating and charming visual. 

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25. A Magical 'Harry Potter' Themed Card

Once a Potterhead, *always* a Potterhead. Harry Potter fans know the significance of the phrase ‘Always’. And we love couples who believe in magic and wizards as much as we do!

26. Ikat Prints are for Life!

A riot of colours, Ikat patterns and foil-pressed typography made this couple's unique wedding invite such a joy to look at. Made for a couple that was having their own '2 States' moment, the invite combines the gorgeous Ikat patterns found in Himachali caps with Marigolds from Gujarat. 

27. A Unique Spin To Traditional Cards

Traditional cards grasp the attention of your guests quite well. And a red invitation card like this is bound to get guests excited about your wedding affair! We are sure that this wedding invitation will garner loads of attention.

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28.  A Stunning Digital Save The Date

Digital 'Save-the-Dates' are such an important addition to your wedding invitation stationery. If you're a couple who prefers a digital e-invite over a physical card or has to send the invite to guests who are a bit far off to receive a card, then something chic and graceful like this is one with watercolour illustrations is superb!

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29. Add Your Wedding Venue To The Invite

This couple had their invitation designer adorn their card with the illustration of their wedding venue. With the handpainted flowers on the edges to the gorgeous mini ships at the bottom, just one look at the invitation takes you to Paros, Greece in a split second.

30. There Is Beauty In Simplicity

When it comes to digital 'save-the-date' cards, it is important to keep things simple. Nothing too over the top, yet radiant and elegant, this e-invite is definitely one to bookmark for future inspiration. 

31. Wedding Invites On Seed Paper

Everyone loves a little eco-friendly inspiration every now and then. How gorgeous is this wedding invitation with peacock feather detailings!? The vivid teal font is popping on the muted white seed paper and the rough edges of the handmade paper are truly a sight to behold. 

32. This Handmade Paper Wedding Invite Is Absolutely Stunning

This pink-themed wedding invite with floral accents is one of the prettiest cards we've ever stumbled upon. And don't miss the floral wreath design on the inviting cover!

33. Floral Bonanza

When it comes to creating digital invites, you don't need to create something that's got cartoons or quirky stuff on it. You can always go for simpler things like flowers, like in the one below. With lilies, peonies and carnations, this flower-heavy invitation is one worth bookmarking if it matches your aesthetics. 

Invites by Hermoza, Vadodara

34. A Monochrome Invite With The Couple's Photograph

We've seen many kinds of wedding invitation cards, but this one is something new. Adorned with the couple's royal portrait on a regal navy blue background and gilded lettering, it's not too much yet enough to leave an impact. 

35. Sustainable Wedding Invites Are In

Invitations made with sustainable packaging are always going to get extra points from us. The invite below is not just made out of sustainable paper but the packaging is also made from sustainable material, in gorgeous pastel pink and light brown colour tones. The baby's breath on top just adds cuteness to it making it so desirable!

Invites by Krimson, Mumbai

Invites by Krimson, Mumbai

36. Adding A Little Quirk To Wedding Invites

If you're looking to mix two spheres of wedding invitations then choose to mix the use of Gods and Goddness motifs with caricature art along with other colourful elements juxtaposed against a dark background. The colours block one another and work amazingly to bring out the invitation card's full charm. 

37. An Animated Digital Invite You Wouldn't Want To Miss

Designed by The Pragmatic Art for Sagarikaa and Rohit for a bombastic Jodi of a South Indian chic and Rajasthani gabru, this animated invite with watercolour illustration has us won over with its ethereal energy! 

38. A Traditional Wedding Invite With Lotus Motifs

When we say there are so many ways to spice up your wedding invitation, then make sure to note this one below. A simpler background with lotus motifs and minimal written content brings out an alluring charm in this card. And the block print-like borders are absolute love!

39. A Caricature Wedding Invite

Now this is a true caricature wedding invite! Designed by the very talented illustrator Rahul.P, this personalised e-invite immediately invokes a sense of enjoyment in us. The smiling couple, the bright colours and certain elements crucial to a South Indian wedding make this personalised invite a keepsake. 

40. An Articulate Box Card

Have you ever seen such articulate craftsmanship? Well, now you have! This conventional 3D traditional invitation box is the ideal choice for those who still love to invoke elements that are a callback to their cultural practices. Furthermore, the handmade jali work references our heritage in a major way, making this such a great choice for those who love them a little fabulous something.

41. Stunning Orange & Green Themed Invite

Talk about some tropical goodness! Whether you’re saying "I do" on the beach of a tropical destination, or you’re planning a beachfront bash stateside, finding a beautiful invitation will help to set the tone for your big day! And what says 'tropical' and 'summer' better than this orange and green colour scheme?

42. A Card In Shades Of Sweet Pink

Let us just say, 'sweet pink' is a shade we don't often talk about. It falls under the pastel category but is slightly more muted and warm to be recognised as a mainstream pastel colour. Nevertheless, we never knew this gorgeous colour could work so well for invitations!

43. A Festive Taste Of South

This wedding invitation has us floored! The design uses natural elements like banana leaves and frangipani blooms to depict the beautiful wedding venue which is accentuated by classic South Indian tunes. Plus, the mixture of straight and cursive fonts on the invitations just adds more character to this already stunning wedding invitation!

44. A Royal Invitation Card

This royal invitation is designed as a remembrance of the legacy and heritage of our historic time. The designers were inspired by the royal monuments, darbars, palaces, tradition, culture, vibrant colours and costumes of the historic era of the Mughals. Plus, the three-fold design of the card showcases all the royal elements in a traditional and lovely way.

45. A Pantone Shade Card Save The Date!

A unique and creative way to tell your guests to save the date. Adorned with pastel hues and floral illustrations, this Pantone Shade Card inspired invite was created for the vibrant and amazing Anisha Verma, the founder of Riwaaz-e-Rishte, and her beau Sumit Vijhani.

46. Comic Strip Invitation

Tell your wedding story with a cute comic strip! This is a fun and innovative way to have your wedding cards be more than just an invitation. You are allowing your friends and family insight, albeit a funny one, into your shared lives. It is a sweet, memorable, and absolutely adorable way to design your wedding invite.


47. A Treasure Box Wedding Invite

A treasure box wedding invite is one that will be treasured forever. It's a keepsake box that contains small wedding favours along with your invite. The box can be reused and will always remind the receivers of your story. Definitely a keeper! 

48. Bookmark This Passport Wedding Invite

Simple yet surreal. The designer has perfectly encapsulated elements like eucalyptus and script font on a sage/dusty blue coloured background. There's just something about passport-style wedding invitations that have left us spellbound.

49. Traditional Laser-cut Invite

A version of the traditional wedding invitation cards: a lazer cut paper design that gives the invitation an air of sophistication. It looks elegant and gorgeous. The intricate patterns do much to convey the depth of joy and love felt by the couple at the prospect of marriage.

50. Bespoke Minimalist Pastel Wedding E-Invite

Minimal? Check! Pastel? Check! Digital? Also, check! This invitation is the holy grail of all things a GenZ bride would want! It's neither too over the top, nor is it too bland and the use of elephant motifs on the bottom is just perfect to add a traditional touch!

51. Tear Drop Shaped Mini Card

We recently came across this beautiful mini card floating in the social media space of all things weddings. Its laser-cut cover is as beautiful and delicate as its entire teardrop design. If not as a wedding invite, then this design can be utilised to print out your wedding itinerary for guests.

52. Minimal Peony Illustration Invite

Not sure why, but peonies and weddings go hand in hand. Many couples who choose flowers for their wedding invites and stationaries go for peonies. And they're rightful to choose this gorgeous flower, after all, it symbolises good fortune and happy marriage. 

53. Digital Illustrated Invite That Is Bright & Colourful

Mixing quirky and funny couple caricatures with the traditional aesthetics of a wedding is all the rage these days. Every design tries to tell a story and is customized as per the couple's tastes and desires. And this funky and off-beat invitation is just an example of that. 

Source Ell's Art

54. Integrate Your Proposal Story In A Save the Date

Another exciting trend we've seen these past couple of months is couples incorporating elements of their proposal into their save the date invites! It's just another way of making your invite more personalised and festive.

55. Hand Painted Wedding Invites

Hand-painted invites are special because one look at them and you know that a lot of effort has gone into the making of these invites. It also happens to be special because again, you have the liberty to get whatever you want to get painted on the invites. These are quite new and quite popular nowadays. We say you should think of getting these for your big day! 

56. Dusty Rose & Sage Fields Wedding Invite

The perfect juxtaposition of classic elegance and simplicity, this boxed invitation is a mix of colours like rose red and sage green. Intricate floral patterns on its borders and cursive fonts to give out information makes this bold and beautiful invitation card worth your bookmark. 

57. Peacock & Falling Flowers Inspired Wedding Invitation

One thing we're loving this wedding season is the embrace of solid colours as backgrounds instead of just white. This golden yellow-toned invite with falling flowers and peacock designs is a true ode to Indian weddings and traditions. 

58. Arabesque Themed Wedding Invite

Arabesque is a form of artistic decoration consisting of 'surface decorations based on rhythmic linear patterns of scrolling and interlacing foliage, tendrils. Now, we often see this in middle eastern art forms, but incorporating this art into a wedding invite is unique and a perfect way to let your guests have a glimpse into what's about to come!

59. Use a Rustic Palette

A violet and copper palette is rustic and elegant when combined with wax seals and silk ribbon. Deckle-edge invitations and calligraphy wedding envelopes really make this suite stand out.

60. Miniature Art Invite

We love it when designers and couples get creative with their wedding invitations. Miniature art has been an integral part of our history for ages. And seeing that translated onto a wedding invitation invokes royal aesthetics and also gives us an idea of what kind of wedding to expect. 

61. A Custom Letter Style Wedding Invite

Script fonts have a formal feeling and are grounded in traditional styling. Many have lots of flourishes—the swooshes and extras around each letterform—which add to the ornate styling. And it's evident from not just the elaborate invitation writing but also the embossing detail that this invite is elegant and formal without being over the top.


When it comes to wedding invitations, you may want to keep with tradition and find something classic—but sometimes those designs can feel stuffy and old-fashioned. At the same time, many consider going outside the box with chic, streamlined invites that reflect your personality as a modern couple. So whether you love the traditional cultural aesthetic, or love something a bit more modern, there is a style that matches your aesthetics. Just make sure you and your wedding invitation designer are on the same page in terms of the ideas and aesthetics and you're good to go!

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61 Wedding Invitation Card Design- Latest and Trending

by Shivani Singh

61 Wedding Invitation Card Design- Latest and Trending