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Heading out for your pre-wedding shoot without much preparation is pretty much equal to heading out for an absolutely stress-inducing day! Sure the Pre-wedding photoshoot day is supposed to be a breather where you and your partner chill around, pose for pretty photos, dress up, get to know each other, steal some hearty moments and of course, etch some endearing memories. But you ought to spend a little time planning out the entire soiree with your wedding photographer beforehand. While many couples do pay enough attention to the aspects like clothing, location, and the theme, but one significant thing that is often overlooked is the 'poses'. Not everyone is a born poser and you ought to admit that! It can be you, your partner, or maybe both of you!

And mind you, it doesn't take long for things to heat up when you are out for the shoot, trying to get some picturesque photos, but the posing is not just happening! You sure don't want that to happen. Instead, be a bit prepared and have a word or maybe a posing rehearsal session with your partner. And then, of course, we are here to help too! Being your ultimate saviours for all-things-weddings, we have chalked out some fool-proof latest pre-wedding shoot poses. You can consider this as your pre-wedding pose guide. You will see a versatile mix of romantic, funny, quirky, plandid, and aesthetical poses - just how your pre-wedding photoshoot should be!

Scroll down, save the best ones you like, and don't forget to hire your wedding photographer from ShaadiSaga!

Trending Pre-Wedding Shoot Poses

Oh-So-Romantic Poses For Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Drenched In Love! We're In Awe Of This Stunning Photo By!

The Love-filled Gaze!

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Quintessential Pre-wedding Shoot Pose Beautifully Captured by Studio Wedding Milestone!

A Bit Of Mush Against A Lit Backdrop! *Cutesy Photo By Weddings By Arkscope*

Forehead Kisses Are The Best!

Just Look At Each Other While Smiling! *Natural Blush Will Join In Automatically*

Piggyback Rides For The Win! *Adorable Click By Fotomagica Photography*

One Of The Most Popular Pre-Wedding Shoot Pose!

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A Peck On His Nose As He Lifts You Up In His Arms!

Utterly Romantic Pre-Wedding Pose Inspired By Sooraj Hua Maddham!

Here Are Some Easy-Peezy and Simple Poses For Pre-wedding Shoot.

The Pose Exuding Royal Feels! Lovely Capture By Classy Clicks Photography.

And Here Are Some Adorable Poses For Pre-Wedding Shoot At Home!

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Source theombre

A Perfect Plandid Moment Shot Beautifully By G M Photographers!

Having A Beachside Pre-Wedding Shoot? Don't Miss These Pose Ideas

Straight Outta A Film Pose For Pre-Wedding Shoot. HandinHand By Ashu Kalra Shot This One!

Chasing The Love Amid Natural Splendors!

Flamboyant Outfits + Scenic Location + This Pose = WOW!

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The Ones That Look Nothing Less Than Editorial Shoots!

Cutesy Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Poses! *Awwdorable*

Walk Hand-in-hand!

Twirl Around As Your Partner Looks At You In Sheer Awe!

Seal It With A Kiss!

The Sabyasachi Pose!

Of hearty laughs and snuggles!


Discuss the poses with your partner and the photographer beforehand. Doing so will definitely help you have a smooth shoot. And of course, you will etch beautiful and romantic memories. Also, remember that you do not need fancy locations and coordinating outfits to have a memorable pre-wedding shoot. Add a bit of personalization, have a theme related to your love story or your personalities/hobbies. Moreover, at-home pre-wedding shoots are a big rage at the moment. A pre-wedding photoshoot is also a great ice-breaking and romance-inducing activity for an arranged couples. Make the most of it. Don't be stressed, just enjoy the day! Be silly, be funny, be romantic...just be you! And oh, keep consulting this pre-wedding pose bible aka this blog! :D


Hope you found this blog helpful! For more wedding photography ideas, click here!

40+ Poses For Pre-Wedding Photoshoot For Camera-Shy Couples

by Medha Chawla

40+ Poses For Pre-Wedding Photoshoot For Camera-Shy Couples