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Coined from the two Hindi words, ‘mangal’ and ‘sutra’, Mangalsutra literally means ‘an auspicious thread’. It is a significant ornament for Hindu brides and is symbolic of their marital status. The groom ties this auspicious thread around the bride’s neck during the rituals on the wedding day. Tying this thread binds the couple into an auspicious bond of matrimony. The wife is supposed to wear this sacred thread as a symbol of marriage. Well, apart from the traditional significance that it holds, the mangalsutra design is also a statement jewel for new-age brides to make a strong statement.

Mostly recognized with the quintessential black and golden beads, a traditional mangalsutra has two strings of black beads held together with a pendant. But with the advancing designer expertise, there is a lot of variety for brides when it comes to mangalsutra designs. Right from the scope of personalization to voguish diamond studded designs or the traditional gold mangalsutra designs - there is a lot to choose from. The length is another aspect that lends versatility to the mangalsutra designs.

While long mangalsutra designs exude a traditional appeal, the trending and fancy short mangalsutras are perfect for modern brides. If you too are on a spree to find some latest mangalsutra designs, keep scrolling till last. Sectioned into four segments namely - Latest Mangalsutra Designs, Gold Mangalsutra Designs, Long Mangalsutra Designs and Short Mangalsutra Designs - this blog will brim you with utmost inspiration.

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

Mangalsutra design, a quintessential symbol of the union of two people who are in love, has transcended its traditional design to embrace contemporary aesthetics and modern sensibilities. This timeless piece of bridal jewellery has evolved in terms of design and now brides have a plethora of options to choose from. Modern brides are offered an array of mangalsutra designs, from delicate chains to ornate pendants, allowing them to choose a design that resonates with their style and symbolizes their union. Each piece embodies the timeless essence of love and commitment, celebrating the evolving tastes of today's brides. 

So, if you too are on the lookout for fresh and trendy mangalsutra designs then scroll below and bookmark the ones you love!

1. The Bvlgari Mangalsutra

Subtle, sleek, and chic, the Bvlgari mangalsutra is perfect for today’s bride who wants something sophisticated. Scroll below and get ready to fall in love with it!

Source Bvlgari

2. The Bengal Tiger Mangalsutra by Sabyasachi

Sabyasachi’s famous Bengal Tiger mangalsutra has been liked by one too many brides and for all the right reasons. Grand and statement-making, this is the perfect contemporary mangalsutra.

Source Bvlgari

3. A voguish mix of gold and diamonds

When we talk about the latest mangalsutra designs, the blend of mangalsutra design gold and diamonds is trending the most right now. Contemporary brides desire to embrace unique mangalsutra designs that are traditional yet chic. This mangalsutra with a wide half-moon-shaped pendant features a double-tiered design that is partly embellished with gold and diamond mangalsutra design.

4. The Pristine Pearls

This cutesy and latest mangalsutra design is totally gush-worthy, It is not common to find pearls in mangalsutra designs. But this particular design is sure to set some major trends.

Source Pinterest

5. Moon & Star Mangalsutra for Dreamy Brides

Interpreted as powerful and positive, the moon and star in this modern mangalsutra are perfect for all dreamy brides who want to don something meaningful.

6. Go With an Initials Mangalsutra

For all you romantic lads out there, we have found the perfect mangalsutra. The initials and the adorable heart on this mangalsutra have us completely smitten!

7. Priyanka Chopra’s Sabyasachi Mangalsutra

When Priyanka Chopra’s famous Sabyasachi mangalsutra’s first look came out, we were swooning all over it. I mean, who can resist this stunning design!?

8. A Girly Floral Mangalsutra

Recent mangalsutra designs draw inspiration from flowers, incorporating intricate floral patterns into the pendant or chain. So, if you’re going for a feminine and girly vibe for your mangalsutra, then this floral one is made for you!

Source Pinterest

9. Concentric Circles Embellished with Diamonds

Etched with a double-stringed black and gold thread, this diamond mangalsutra design features an ogle-worthy festoon that is equal parts traditional and modish. It boasts three concentric circles fully embellished with sparkling diamonds along with a floral design.

10. Alia Bhatt’s Infinity Mangalsutra

For Alia and Ranbir, infinity holds a lot of significance so it only makes sense that Kapoor opted for an infinity mangalsutra for Bhatt. We absolutely love how meaningful this modern mangalsutra design is!

Source Alia Bhatt

11. A Mangalsutra Ring for the Win

If you don’t want to don the mangalsutra as a neckpiece then you can always opt for a mangalsutra ring. Easy to manage and can be worn daily, this is the perfect everyday traditional piece of jewellery!

12. Bespoke Elegance

Much like everything in weddings, minimalism has paved the way for mangalsutra designs as well. Here's a gorgeous simplistic yet elegant mangalsutra design featuring five solitaires surrounded by small clusters of diamonds.

13. Sonam Kapoor's Mangalsutra with Zodiac Essence

Sonam Kapoor brimmed us with oodles of wedding inspiration with her looks and outfits, but her mangalsutra new design was also one key element that we couldn't stop gushing over. Her mangalsutra had the symbols of both of her and Anand Ahuja's zodiac signs complemented with a solitaire in the centre.

14. Hearts That Are Tied Together

One of the most beautiful and adorable options out there, this mangalsutra new design that has two hearts tied together is perfect to represent you and your other half’s hearts tied together!

15. A Subtle Pearl Mangalsutra Bracelet

Another great way to don your mangalsutra daily is by opting for a mangalsutra bracelet like this one. And, the pearl detailing is what makes this piece even more special!

16. A Chic Mangalsutra Bracelet

Half bracelet and half mangalsutra!? Yes, please!

This chic and modern mangalsutra design is made for millennial brides who want to flaunt their mangalsutra in a quirky and new manner.

17. A straight-line pendant for Modish Feels

This mangalsutra design is perfect for making a strong statement. It features an unusual straight-line pendant that further consists of dainty diamond stones bordered with mangalsutra design gold. It is a super uncommon mangalsutra design that will win you oodles of compliments.

18. We Are Swooning Over This Gold Mangalsutra Ring

If you are a fan of traditional jewellery but want it to be subtle, this mangalsutra design gold ring is the right option for you. It’s the perfect balance between traditional and modern!

19. A Gorgeous Om Mangalsutra Bracelet

Om incorporated in diamond mangalsutra design on a mangalsutra bracelet is what dreams are made of. Scroll below and get ready to fall in love with this piece of jewellery!

20. A Sleel & Long Mangalsutra Design

Many brides like to go all out when it comes to their mangalsutra and this long mangalsutra design is made for such brides. Scroll below and see for yourselves.

Source Caratlane

21. Personalized Mangalsutra Design

Personalization has taken over Indian weddings like never before. Well, if you also want a personalized mangalsutra new design which features your and your spouse's name, you MUST check out this one. The couple's name is artistically carved in the infinity-shaped gold pendant.

Source Pipa Bella

22. A Modern Mangalsutra Design

We weren't kidding when we said that there is a lot of experimentation happening with the mangalsutra designs. Have a look at this super unique mangalsutra design which features the traditional triple thread of black & golden beads on one side and leaf-shaped diamond mangalsutra design clasps on the other side.

23. A Heavy Gold Traditional Mangalsutra

If you want to opt for a quintessential mangalsutra that has an old-world charm then don’t look beyond this mangalsutra new design gold. It’s gonna stand out and how!

24. A Matarmala Mangalsutra

Who says a traditional mangalsutra has to be boring? Check out this stunning matarmala mangalsutra that is both traditional and grand!

25. A Mangalsutra Chain Pendant Please!

Another great and fresh mangalsutra design that we recently came across was this chain pendant one. It has all your quintessential and modern mangalsutra design elements like the black and gold chain, the gold pendant as well, and a diamond mangalsutra design solitaire!

26. Plethora of Florals

This one is one of the best mangalsutra designs if you are looking for something with evergreen floral detailing.

Source Pinterest

27. Say Yes to This Matarmala Long Mangalsutra Design

Looks like matarmala mangalsutras are in this season because this is another design that we have recently come across. Super light, easy to carry, and fashion-forward, this is the go-to option for all brides out there!

28. Heart Pendant Mangalsutra

If you want your mangalsutra to have a nice romantic element to it then pick a heart pendant mangalsutra like this one. It’s everything a millennial bride would want in her mangalsutra.

29. Have Your Hubby’s Initial in Your Mangalsutra

If you’ve always been a fan of initial bracelets then it’s time to say yes to something like this mangalsutra bracelet with your other half’s initials. How happy would he be to see you don it every day!?

30. A Pop of Colour

How about ditching the quintessential mangalsutra designs, and opting for something unique like this? This mangalsutra design has a small U-shaped gold and diamond pendant festooned with edgy red and green stones.

Source PC Jeweller

31. A Star Mangalsutra Bracelet

Seen as symbols of the gods, or of divine power, stars have always held a lot of significance for people all around the world. So, if you also believe in the power of stars then you’ve got to have it in your mangalsutra bracelet.

32. A Modern Mangalsutra with Solitaires

Looking for a solid mangalsutra bracelet? Then blindly opt for this modern mangalsutra design bracelet that is heavily embedded with diamond solitaires!

33. Double Decker- Initials and A Locket Mangalsutra

Stack it up, ladies!

This double-decker mangalsutra is winning hearts. You get the best of both worlds from your hubby’s initials to a gorgeous pendant!

34. This Cubic Mangalsutra Bracelet Is Simply Stunning

Cubics are so quirky yet appealing which is why this stunning mangalsutra bracelet has made it to our list of trending mangalsutras!

Scroll below and get ready to fall in love yourself.

35. The 'Dhadak' Mangalsutra Design

To display the utmost love for your spouse, you can opt for this lovely mangalsutra design that boats 'all things love. It consists of a heart-shaped pendant with the heartbeat design carved inside it. The heartbeat design is symbolic of your strong love and depicts that you two are each other's life. A dainty heart etched with a small string on the primary pendant makes this mangalsutra design even more interesting.

Source PC Jeweller

36. A distinctive mangalsutra pendant bordered with coiled gold

The unique circular pendant, the picturesque blend of gold and diamonds or the coiled gold border - we can't decide what we love the most about this distinctive mangalsutra design.

Source Papilior

37. Head Over Heels for this Charm Mangalsutra Bracelet

We are head over heels for this charm mangalsutra bracelet. Apart from the fact that it features diamonds intricately set in gold or platinum, the bracelet overall elevates the appeal; making it suitable for formal gatherings and celebrations!

38. Mangalsutra Bracelet with an Evil Eye

Evil eye design has, over the years, gained immense popularity, especially amongst youngsters who believe that this sign saves them from negative energy. So, it only makes sense to have something so pure incorporated in your mangalsutra!

Source Pinterest

39. Double Pendant Mangalsutra to Bookmark

Sleek, stylish, and unique, this double pendant mangalsutra is worth bookmarking. It is very easily wearable every day making this mangalsutra a famous choice amongst brides.

Source Pinterest

40. A Sleek Traditional Mangalsutra Chain

In the realm of mangalsutra designs, less is often more. Modern brides are embracing minimalism, opting for sleek and understated designs that exude elegance. And, this mangalsutra is exactly the minimal choice that brides want nowadays.

41. Mangalsutra with an Emerald Stone

Go for an off-beat yet special element for your Mangalsutra like this stunning mangalsutra with an emerald stone!

Source Candere

42. A Rose Gold Mangalsutra Set

Another great pick can be a mangalsutra set in rose gold that you can flaunt in front of everyone at major parties and get-togethers.

Source Candere

43. Drop Diamonds in Your Mangalsutra

If you want your mangalsutra to look grand, might we recommend going with a drop diamonds mangalsutra!? Go with something like this one to stand out from the crowd!

Source Candere

44. Bundled with Elegance

We simply just cannot stop swooning over this breathtakingly beautiful yet so minimal mangalsutra design. It features a delicate double thread of black and gold beads and it is etched to a crescent-shaped diamond pendant.

45. A Sleek Mangalsutra with a Beautiful Pendant

Say yes to a sleek mangalsutra with a beautiful gold pendant. This minimalist approach along with the elegance of the pendant adds a touch of sophistication while retaining the symbolism associated with the mangalsutra!

46. A Pendant Mangalsutra That Also Opens!

Say hello to this extremely different pendant mangalsutra that is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Oh, and the best part?!

The pendant opens!

47. An Elegant Mangalsutra Flower Ring

Subtle, traditional and appealing, this elegant mangalsutra flower ring is made for statement-making brides.

Source Candere

48. A Mixture of Gold, Diamond and Sapphire Beauty

When gold and diamond don’t cut it, simply add sapphire to the collection!

Check out this amazing ring that is going to make heads turn.

Source Candere

49. The Cupid Arrow Mangalsutra Bracelet

Ladies, there’s nothing as unique and quirky as this cupid arrow mangalsutra bracelet. Set in diamonds, this is a great pick for brides who want a subtle option.

Source GIVA

50. Delicate Mangalsutra Bracelet With Zardosi

Want a delicate mangalsutra option? Then say yes to this mangalsutra bracelet with zardosi stones. Cost-efficient and chic, you’ll fall in love with this at one glance!

Source GIVA

51. A Fusion of Traditional and Contemporary Mangalsutra

The fusion of traditional elements with contemporary design has emerged as a prominent trend. This blend offers a unique and captivating mangalsutra that appeals to the modern, fashion-forward woman.

52. Mangalsutra with a Delicate Lotus Flower

Lotus is synonymous with beauty, fertility, prosperity, spirituality, and eternity, making it a wonderful choice of element to have in your mangalsutra. Go with this design if you want to don something meaningful.

53. The one for maximalist brides

We know, not all of you are lovers of minimalism! So, here we bring you a rather opulent mangalsutra design. This one boasts of a big multi-dimensional circular pendant adorned with different carving styles and further amped with Kundan details. There are multiple mangalsutra threads to hold the heavy weight of the pendant.

54. Infinity Mangalsutra Chain

If stones ain’t cutting it for you then you can always opt for a sophisticated infinity mangalsutra chain. It has a soft rose gold chain along with infinity designs that are simply stunning!

Source GIVA

55. Three-Stone Diamond Mangalsutra

If you like the look of a set but don’t want something as heavy as a set then blindly go with this stupendous three-stone diamond mangalsutra.

56. Mangalsutra with a Peacock Motif

A peacock represents strength and power and its feathers symbolize immortality and immunity to evil. So, why not have such a majestic creature on your mangalsutra!?

Source Voylla

57. Sapphire Beauty

Say hello to the mangalsutra of your dreams. This one set in sapphire and diamonds is so regal looking that all bridges would want something like this!

Source Voylla

58. A Cute Triangle Shaped Mangalsutra

Guys, you’ve got to check out this adorable triangle-shaped mangalsutra. It’s studded with small diamonds along with a big-sized diamond solitaire in the middle!

Source Voylla

59. Mangalsutra Made for a Taurus!

Ladies, if your other half is a Taurus then why not embrace his zodiac sign by incorporating it in your mangalsutra?

Source Voylla

60. Rose Gold Leafy Mangalsutra

Say hello to this petite and adorable rose gold leafy mangalsutra. It has cute leaf elements along with a nice rose gold chain!

61. The distinctive allure of pink stones

Presenting you with one of the best mangalsutra designs. This one is not a usual diamond pendant mangalsutra but is artistically beautified with pink stones.

62. Paisley Pop

Right from the mehndi designs to the bride's lehenga embroideries - the paisley pattern is everywhere in Indian weddings. And here is an ogle-worthy mangalsutra design featuring a prominent embossed paisley motif on the big square gold pendant. There are many note-worthy elements in this mangalsutra design. For instance, the pendant's borders are beautified with floral patterns, huge gold ball droppings and the 'jaalidaar' work in the middle of the pendant.

63. An extravagant mangalsutra design

This extravagant mangalsutra clasped with a huge pendant and sectioned with a 'flower of kundans' oozes royalty like nothing else. And oh, that Jhumki dropping is winning our hearts.

64. The ethereal beauty of delicacy

Delicate designs undeniably have a striking charm that's hard to ignore. This latest mangalsutra design also features a delicate pendant which consists of two arrays of dainty diamonds with a floral pattern in the middle.

65. A heart-shaped mangalsutra design

For brides who want to don a heart-shaped mangalsutra design, here we bring you a unique design to take cues from. In this latest mangalsutra design, the thread is sectioned with multiple jewel stones and the heart pendant is neatly embellished with intricate diamonds and black stones.

66. The symmetrical pattern

Carved with curvy symmetrical patterns, this latest mangalsutra design is sure to leave everyone impressed. The mangalsutra design gold detailing and the pear-shaped dropping make this mangalsutra look so voguish.

67. Pastel Allure

If you want something on-trend and pleasing to your eyes, definitely go with this stunning pastel mangalsutra

68. Queen of Hearts

We are big fans of this beautiful mangalsutra that has multiple small hearts right in the middle!

69. A Heart Pendant Mangalsutra for the Win

This mangalsutra that comes with a heart pendant is an absolute winner. Sophisticated, solid and elegant, one look and you cannot resist it!

Source Voylla

70. Double bonanza

Here are two amazing mangalsutra designs you can take inspiration from! Both of them are double-stringed and are festooned with diamond pendants. While the left pendant has a flat design, the right one is multi-dimensional.

71. Leafy trails

An elegant-looking mangalsutra design with a double array of leaf-shaped sharp diamonds. The pearl dropping is also an unmissable aspect of this mangalsutra.

72. Four in One

We couldn't resist featuring this image which consists of four gorgeous mangalsutra designs. Each one is better than the other. The beauty of these mangalsutras lies in their delicate and dainty pendants.

73. A shallow pattern

Jewellery designers are being at their creative best while designing the mangalsutra for modern women. And we have tried out our best to compile the most swoon-worthy mangalsutra designs in this blog. Here's an elegant mangalsutra featuring a shallow-shaped pendant.

Source DiamondMela

74. A double retreat

Here's another modish mangalsutra design comprising two curvy lines combining to hold a floral diamond dropping together.

Source Carat Lane

75. The latest trend of bracelet mangalsutra

We can't not mention bracelet mangalsutra while talking about the latest mangalsutra designs. Bracelet-style mangalsutra is the newest fad that deserves your attention. It is the auspicious black and gold beads that make the mangalsutra an auspicious thread. It can be worn around the neck, hand or even a finger.

Source Carat Lane

76. The most in-demand mangalsutra design

Ditch a traditional pendant and opt for a single diamond stud instead. Let us all tell you, it is the most in-vogue mangalsutra design right now. And the best part is, that it looks great when etched to a fancy short mangalsutra design string. 

Source Carat Lane

77. The one with a chaandbali pendant

Why restrict the gorgeousness of chaandbali to earrings and maangtikkas? They look equally stunning as a pendant of the mangalsutra as well. Don't believe us? Check out this design!

78. A beauteous string of love

This mangalsutra design is a double bonanza featuring two strings and two pendants. While the upper half of the string is made with quintessential black beads, the lower half consists of two gold chains. The popular heart-shaped pendant is the perfect adornment for this mangalsutra. But that's not all. A diamond-embellished ball-shaped pendant hung on the second chain is lending the traditional vibes.

79. A modish mangalsutra

We are not getting over this lovely diamond pendant mangalsutra anytime soon. The delicate setting of diamonds, leafy patterns, and the two cushion-cut diamonds look super chic.

80. Unique Meenakari Mangalsutra

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind mangalsutra? Check out this stunning meenakari mangalsutra, which will complement your wedding day style while also adding a splash of colour to whatever you wear thereafter.

81. Special Intricate Mangalsutra Design

This beautiful round mangalsutra pendant with tiny butterflies is perfect for a bride searching for something different. It is a diamond-encrusted circle and is a perfect choice for a millennial bride-to-be looking for something unique.

82. Checkered gold pattern

A traditional gold mangalsutra design embellished with small diamonds in the centre of each cell.

83. A quintessential traditional mangalsutra

When you want to embrace traditionalism, opt for nothing else than a quintessential gold mangalsutra. This mangalsutra design features a gorgeous mandala-shaped pendant furnished with floral and colourful highlights. Even the chain has prominent hints of gold, making it look even more traditional.

Source Tanishq

84. A gold tassel mangalsutra 

Okay, so the good news is that gold mangalsutra designs are not always traditional. Justifying so is this extremely voguish gold tassel mangalsutra!

85. A delicate gold mangalsutra

How stunning is this minimal gold mangalsutra design featuring a traditional pendant resembling a glorious sun?

Source Tanishq

86. All things love!

Give a modern twist to your gold mangalsutra design and have a pendant of your initials and a heart.

Source Pipa Bella

87. For the endless love for flowers

Symbolic of freshness, beauty and love this mangalsutra design with umpteen flowers is what you need for the fresh beginnings of your life.

Source Papilior

88. The one with a unique chain

Instead of opting for the quintessential black-beaded thread, this modern mangalsutra design boasts a distinctive gold chain. Owing to the heavier usage of gold, such mangalsutra designs are expensive. 

89. All hearts!

We are all hearts for this beautiful gold mangalsutra design. As you can see in the image, the gold pendant features hearts that are symbolic of pure love in a blissful marriage.

Source PC Jeweller

90. Floral Extravaganza

Add the charm of florals to your mangalsutra for they never go outdated. Here's a widely spread-out floral pendant design that you can consider for your gold mangalsutra.

Source Papilior

91. Sheer traditionalism

We can't stop adoring this exquisitely traditional gold mangalsutra design. The pearl highlights in the pendant further make it look so charming.

92. Not so-usual gold mangalsutra

Unlike most mangalsutra designs, this mangalsutra has a dominant use of gold. Right from the chain to the pendant and the further tiny adornments - everything is in gold. The beauty of this gold mangalsutra lies in the well-detailed chain which is sectioned with unique highlights. Also, the pendant is not your usual pendant. It is uniquely adorned with a rose pink jewelstone.

93. The unmatched finesse of gold

These circular pendants are considered auspicious and known to protect from the evil eye. Hence, these are commonly found in mangalsutra designs. This gold mangalsutra design has 6 such circles in the pendant, and all of them are bejewelled with precious stones.

94. Half and Half neo-traditional mangalsutra

Now this is something super unique. This one side of this mangalsutra is beaded with basic black beads whereas the other half is a gold chain.

Source Pinterest

95. A gold mangalsutra with a Borla pendant

This delicate mangalsutra design featuring a Borla-like gold pendant looks so stunning.

96. Bespoke traditionalism

Here's another heavy gold multi-stringed mangalsutra design festooned with a sheer traditional pendant. It is a great choice for brides who want their mangalsutra to be a timeless piece of ornament.

97. Gold Extravaganza

Pouring in gobs of inspiration for you in terms of gold mangalsutra design. Keep drooling *and scrolling*.

Source GJC PMI

98. Gold mangalsutra with coined pendant

A neo-traditional gold mangalsutra with an auspicious coin pendant.

Source Pinterest

99. An opulent gold mangalsutra

You can also opt for a heavy gold pendant mangalsutra design like this. Such striking and magnificent designs leave everyone smitten at one glance.

100. The charisma of leafy designs

A simplistic mangalsutra design with a gold pendant carved in a leafy pattern.

101. A magnificent mangalsutra

This latest mangalsutra design has us floored. The cynosure of this heavy gold mangalsutra new design is undeniably that is larger than a life pendant. The traditionally carved gold pendant gives us a major temple jewellery feel.

102. Flower Power

A beautifully designed gold mangalsutra designed with prominent flower detailing.

103. An evergreen gold pendant

Some jewellery designs are classics and they never go outdated. The same is the case with this minimal gold mangalsutra with a dash of diamonds.

Source Pinterest

104. A graceful and minimal design

This lightweight gold mangalsutra new design is the epitome of grace.

Source Carat Lane

105. Sunny Mangalsutra

Sun is symbolic of light, positivity and fresh beginnings - everything that's important for a blissful married life. So, why not include it in your mangalsutra?

Source Bellemodaa

106. Mangalsutra with a gold chain

There is an ample variety of contemporary gold mangalsutra designs as well. This latest mangalsutra design with tassel detailing justifies the same.

Source Carat Lane

107. The one with gold coins

This gold mangalsutra design adorned with gold coins originates from Maharashtra. The goddess Lakshmi imprinted on the coins symbolizes prosperity in a wedding.

108. A beauteous blend of pearls and gold

Can we take a moment and adore this exceptional thing of beauty? This heavy gold mangalsutra design is crafted with 22k gold and it weighs 66.07 grams.

109. Gush-worthy gold mangalsutra design

We love this long gold mangalsutra design crafted with utmost proficiency.

110. A rani haar-cum-mangalsutra

This gold mangalsutra with a boisterous pendant has our hearts! It is so magnificent that it will also double up as exquisite rani haar.

111. A resplendent chaand-shaped pendant

The pendant is the most significant part of the mangalsutra. Here is a double-stringed mangalsutra with an oh-so-gorgeous chaand-shaped pendant.

Source Aadya

112. An admirable long mangalsutra design

It is hard for us to decide what we love more about this mangalsutra - the pendant with precious stones or the exquisitely designed chain.

113. A Temple-jewellery-inspired mangalsutra

This extravagant temple jewellery-inspired mangalsutra design is winning our hearts for all the right reasons. Apart from being visually appealing, this mangalsutra is also symbolic of prosperity.

114. Glimmering diamonds

Clasped to a long mangalsutra chain, this diamond pendant adds all the sparkle you need to head into marital bliss.

115. Long mangalsutra design with tassel highlight

We cannot stop ogling at this sheer work of finesse. Adorned with floral diamond festoons, this long mangalsutra will make for a modish choice. And do not miss out on noticing the tassel details.

116. A striking beauty

This long mangalsutra design attached to an aesthetical diamond pendant looks spectacular.

117. A hearty way to include your names in the mangalsutra

This long mangalsutra design shows an artsy way to infuse the couple's name in the mangalsutra.

Source Pipa Bella

118. Pretty pearls

This one is a long mangalsutra new design with a tiny pearly-floral pendant. Doesn't it look uber cool and cutesy at the same time?

Source Pinterest

119. Peacock motifs are raging big time!

You are probably living under a rock if you don't know the ever-rising popularity of peacock motifs in bridal jewellery. This mangalsutra with a phenomenal mangalsutra is making us fall harder for peacock-inspired jewels.

Source Pinterest

120. Some major inspiration

One look at these distinctive mangalsutra new designs and you will be flooded with inspiration.

121. Ethnic vibes

Long mangalsutra with a gripping gold pendant. This can be a perfect pick for brides who want to embrace a traditional mangalsutra.

122. An unusual circular pendant bejewelled with semi-precious stones

This long mangalsutra design features a traditional circular gold pendant resembling a shining sun. The traditional chain is also adorned with gold clasps in between, lending traditional vibes to the mangalsutra.

123. A diamond Chandbaali mangalsutra

The raging Chandbaalis have paved their way to the mangalsutra designs as well. And we couldn't be happier. It makes for such an everlasting design.

124. The ogle-worthy 3-D rose details

This super larger-than-life multi-stringed long mangalsutra is a perfect depiction of excellent craftsmanship. The adjoined multi-dimensional balls and roses carved in gold have blown our minds away.

125. The sparkling charm of diamonds

Here's another latest mangalsutra design which has an alluring big square-shaped pendant adorned with intricate work. A diamond-shaped sub-pendant and pearl droppings make this mangalsutra design look so different.

126. Solitaire etched to a long mangalsutra

You can opt for a mangalsutra yet keep it all minimal by having a mere single-stone pendant like this.

127. Long mangalsutra design with an arc-shaped pendant

Opting for a long mangalsutra is one of the best ways to make a striking statement while being minimal. While the length of the mangalsutra makes things interesting, an elegant and dainty pendant makes sure to keep minimalism intact.

128. A picturesque amalgam of gold and diamonds

This fine mangalsutra design is attached to an unusual and edgy pendant which is worthy of your attention. This aesthetical design is a great blend of diamonds and gold.

129. The ever-stylish squares

This long mangalsutra design with a stylish square-detailed pendant is stunning for more than one reason. It is minimal and elegant at the same time. The adjoined gold squares alternatively adorned with diamond crust make this mangalsutra even more lust-worthy.

130. The one with a prominent diamond pendant

This mangalsutra design is clasped with a big and prominent flower-shaped pendant. Oodles of sparkling stones lend this mangalsutra new design an ethereal charm.

Source Papilior

131. Gold chain mangalsutra with dual pendants

For the brides who want a minimal yet traditional-looking mangalsutra, here's the most stunning and latest mangalsutra design you must check out.

132. A traditional yet gorgeous mangalsutra

Festooned with yellow and red semi-precious stones, this mangalsutra with a V-shaped pendant is a true traditional mangalsutra design. The fact that this is a long mangalsutra makes it look even more traditional. If you look closely, the beaded threat is sectioned with diamonds and intricate gold work.

133. The not-so-usual mangalsutra thread encrusted with stones

Most mangalsutra threads are beaded with black and golden stones. But this one is a little different. It is also encrusted with small sparkling stones. Talking about the pendant is a striking diamond pendant with a floral design and scattered dainty diamonds.

134. Never-seen-before Mangalsutra

This long mangalsutra design is super unique in ways more than one. The chain is divided into two halves - the upper one is made of the quintessential black beads, and the lower half is pure gold leading to a contemporary pendant.

135. A statement mangalsutra

Pearls and kundans are not usually associated with mangalsutra. But have a look at this long mangalsutra design and you will want to have one right now!

136. Basic yet impactful

How often do we stumble upon a mangalsutra that is basic yet so impactful? Rarely, right? Well, check out this design that is sure to leave you smitten with its simplicity.

137. Dazzling diamonds

Beginning our list of short mangalsutra designs with a minimal one. This delicate mangalsutra is etched with three dazzling diamonds in a V setting.

138. Gleaming Gold

Here is a simple and fancy short mangalsutra design attached to a traditional gold pendant.

Source Tanishq

139. A short bracelet mangalsutra

Inspired by Sonam Kapoor's mangalsutra comprised of zodiac signs, this bracelet mangalsutra new design is your way to ace modernity. You can get it customized according to the relevant zodiac signs.

140. A quirky yet short mangalsutra

Let us prick the bubble for you - short mangalsutra designs are not always simple and basic. Instead, there's enough scope to add a dash of uniqueness as well. For instance, this short mangalsutra design has a green-coloured big festoon attached to it.

Source Pinterest

141. The one with a heavy pendant

This short mangalsutra design looks uber chic because of the glimmering gold and diamond pendant attached to it. The floral motifs and multi-tiered diamond arrays make it look so charming.

142. Flaunt your hubby's name

To flaunt your eternal love for your husband, opt for a fancy short mangalsutra design with a personalized name pendant. Having the names carved on the pendant is the raging mangalsutra trend.

Source Pipa Bella

143. Oh-so-pretty

We are crushing hard over this super gorgeous and delicate short mangalsutra design. The pendant attached to this mangalsutra is worth all your attention.

144. A contemporary twist to mangalsutra

Mangalsutras are no longer only associated with gold pendants etched to a thread of black and gold beads. Jewellery designers are leaving no stone unturned to turn this traditional accessory into a statement jewellery piece. And here's a scintillating mangalsutra design featuring an array of diamonds in a U-shape.

145. A simple yet classy mangalsutra

Clinched closely to your neck, this short mangalsutra design is the epitome of class.

Source Pinterest

146. Modish appeal

This gold chain mangalsutra with auspicious black beads clung next to the ball-shaped festoon is undeniably a great short mangalsutra design.

Source Pinterest

147. The power of pink

Pink semi-precious stones have the instant power to uplift your otherwise common mangalsutra design.

Source Pinterest

148. Dainty diamonds

Oh, and how about this breathtakingly gorgeous mangalsutra design with dainty diamonds clutched onto the thread itself?

Source Pinterest

149. Quite a hearty design

We are ogling at this beautiful and latest mangalsutra design with hearty eyes. The double heart pendant design with a pearl dropping is cutesy beyond words.

Source PC Jeweller

150. Simplicity at its best!

This single-threaded mangalsutra is adorned with a simple V-shaped pendant consisting of 5 diamond studs. Such minimal designs look great in short lengths and are oh-so-apt for contemporary brides.

151. Entangled pendant

If you want to team your short mangalsutra with a rather vertical pendant, this one is a great inspiration. The yellow diamonds encrusted in the pendant are exuding some elegant vibes.

Source PC Jeweller

152. Double-stringed short mangalsutra

We weren't lying when we said that short mangalsutras are not always simple. Check out this uber-contemporary design with dual strings and two hearts (depicting the couple's love) brought together in the most modishly stunning design.

Source PC Jeweller

153. Beguiling blooms

Here's another short mangalsutra design with a statement pendant. As we told before, the pendant is the most significant part of the mangalsutra. And this captivating pendant is sure to win you gobs of compliments.

Source Papilior

154. A dainty thread of togetherness

This double-stringed fancy short mangalsutra design with traditional aesthetics is the most beautiful accessory to flaunt your marital status.

155. A crescent-shaped pendant

A short mangalsutra design that will be a beautiful depiction of your effortless style.

156. Timeless elegance

This classic fancy short mangalsutra design with a designer pendant in gold and diamond is a jewel of sheer elegance. 

157. For the love of sparkle

Let your mangalsutra match with your sparkling personality that's hard to ignore. This double-stringed mangalsutra will also add some oomph to your style.

158. The intricate gold mangalsutra

This short mangalsutra design with intricate gold detailing is sheer gorgeous.

Source Carat Lane

159. Chandbaali pendant etched to a short mangalsutra design

Being diehard lovers of Chandbaalis, we couldn't resist including this adorable short mangalsutra design.

160. Floral charm with a tint of gold

Floral patterns can never go out of fashion. Even in terms of mangalsutra designs, floral settings are a big hit. Check out this mangalsutra with a double-stringed thread of traditional black and golden beads. It comprises a striking setting of sparkling stones resembling flowers, stars and the sun. The little gold detailing is a unique element in this mangalsutra design.

161. Bespoke minimalism

Here's a beautiful striking mangalsutra design adorned with only a single solitaire. Working women can opt for this minimal design as this mangalsutra can be worn with any outfit.

Final Words 

In a world where love and style intertwine, these trending mangalsutra design emerges as a beautiful symbol of this fusion. Evolving beyond convention, it now mirrors modern tastes while still upholding its significance. New-age brides today are spoilt for choice, finding the perfect mangalsutra new design that mirrors their unique love story. So, as you bookmark these fresh and trendy designs, remember, that your latest mangalsutra design is more than a piece of jewellery—it's a statement of love, blending tradition with contemporary allure. Choose a short or long mangalsutra design that sings to your heart, encapsulating the beauty of your journey ahead. Happy choosing and embracing the new age of mangalsutra design!


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Top 160+ Mangalsutra Designs

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Top 160+ Mangalsutra Designs