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Not too long ago, wedding cakes nearly looked all the same- elegant white confections with numerous tiers and adornments. However, the couples of today are not just choosing wedding cakes that are delicious but also complement the decor and theme of the wedding. 

Oftentimes, the wedding cake is displayed in the centre of the room, on a stage, or even on a swing to serve as the pièce de résistance of the celebration. And that's why wedding cake designers go above and beyond with their designs. Whether they're creating a towering seven-layer confection or a small single-tier cake, the edible art piece is making a statement and wowing guests of all ages. Thus, whether you choose to frost your wedding cake with buttercream or fondant, there are several design options to consider!

Therefore, to inspire the design of your wedding cake, here are some latest wedding cake designs that you're going to love. Scroll down and start bookmarking your favs!

Latest Wedding Cake Designs

1. A Wedding Cake Inspired By Moroccan Art

If you’re looking for designs beyond the usual, have your cake decorated in tile prints. These prints add an exotic touch to your cake with their unique patterns and colours, an uncommon sight among wedding cakes. This wedding cake with Moroccan tile-inspired art is an absolute beauty. 

2. Something Berry-Licious Cake With Dried Flower

Who doesn't love a cake that's filled with all the goodness of berries, mixed with delicious and rich buttercream? Plus, giving a similar vibe to Alia Bhatt & Ranbir Kapoor's simple yet elegant cake, we're loving this buttercream goodness pressed with dried flowers and topped with loads of cherries!

3. A Two Tier Cake That's All Art & Taste

There's just something about a hand-painted wedding cake with so much gold that draws us in! And when you add some edible peonies to the mix, let's just say, we're floored.

Source Cake Ink

4. Who Doesn't Love A 3D Wedding Cake?

We're in awe of how amazing wedding cake artists have become. Every time we see something new, we're awestruck by a cake artist's creativity. This cake is a true beauty, adorned by 3D fondant that appears as the bride's gown, just as the entire cake looks like an alter!

5. Such Grand Hanging Cake Never Disappoints

Certain cakes will leave your jaw hanging with their splendour. Such OTT cakes outshine everything at a wedding irrespective of their size. These cakes are perfect for a big fat Indian wedding that'll get people excited with just one look!

6. Choose A Rustic Buttercream Extravaganza

There's a lot more to wedding cake than white fondant. While cutting and shaping fondant is one thing, painting a cake is proof of true cake artistry. This colourful cake is detailed entirely by hand with either food colouring or coloured buttercream, making it ideal for virtually any wedding style. If you're throwing a minimalist fête with a neutral colour palette, opt for tiers embellished only with tiny painted vines. 

7. Get An Inked Cake!

Don't you just love a rad wedding cake? Get something as punk rock and off-beat as you are! A cake that looks like it's got its ink to flaunt is just as special as the couple that's decided to get something this cool!

8. Not Just Gorgeous But Delicious!

Just like we brought you sequinned sarees, sequinned blouses and other sequinned stuff, we're now gushing over cakes that are decorated with edible sequins glitter. Glam your dessert table with this gorgeous edible confection and bring your wedding game a step higher!

9. For Those Who Love Something Spooky

We love a couple that embraces their love for the spooky! Well, if you're planning a themed wedding that is inspired by dark and ghostly elements, then this is the cake for you! And also, check out that cute gargoyle skeleton topper!

Source Cake Ink

10. Creative Cherry Blossom Wedding Cakes

Few flowers can command attention in the springtime as cherry blossoms do. The delicacy of the blossoms is astounding, while their hue is truly romantic, with an incredible scent that goes along with it. With how stunning cherry blossoms are, it’s no wonder couples are featuring this bloom on their wedding day. Couples are now designing their wedding cake with cherry blossoms in mind, and we're all for it!

11. Have You Ever Seen A Koi Fish Cake Before?

Never thought we'd see this or hear of it, but a cake adorned with edible sugar koi fish decoration on a marbled base is definitely one that should be a part of your celebration!

12. Embellish Your Cake With Edible Geodes

A quick geology lesson: Geodes are those hollow rocks filled with sparkling crystals and minerals. You know, the ones used to make jewellery, decorate homes and even heal ailments (in some people’s opinions). Crystals have become such an important part of people's lives. Whether you’re planning a boho-chic wedding or a glamorous reception, choosing a geode cake allows you to pull off an out-of-the-box look. The best part about rock candy is that it comes in almost every colour—even clear! Geode cakes can come in complementary colours to any wedding or event and can be a showstopper to any dessert table.

Source Lyubov Ki

13. If You're One For Bright Colours...

With changing seasons in full bloom, our minds are filled with bright and colourful wedding cakes. And cakes that are specially adorned with primary colour swatches and stunning flowers and leaves!

14. An Ornate Wedding Cake With Lace Detailing

This cake designer evoked the style of the 1960s by mimicking embroidered lace and floral appliqués on this fashionable cake, making it ideal for a sparkling wedding celebration. 

15. Simple Yet Elegant Constellation Wedding Cake 

We all feel as though our love is written in the stars, especially on our wedding day, right? If you are after something a little unique for your wedding then a celestial theme may be right up your street. Your cake can be a real show stopper. And one adorned with constellations, stars and the moon is one to make everyone feel awestruck. 

16. A Vibrant Blue & Pink Bead Wedding Cake 

Created in two vibrant shades, this wedding cake is such a delight. Glimmering with edible pearls and beads, this confection is elegant in every way!

17. Watercolour Wedding Cake

Watercolour cakes are the dreamiest! Watercolour wedding cakes are having a moment right now, and it's no wonder why. Decorated with beautiful brushstrokes of all shades, the edible works of art are a sure way to elevate your wedding day's dessert. Whether floral, marble or abstract, these bakers' hand-painted designs take the cake to the next level.

18. A Flower-Focused, Tall Wedding Cake 

Pretty blooms are the perfect accessory for your wedding confection. Whether you prefer sugar or fresh flowers, pretty blooms are the perfect accessory for your wedding cake. Wedding cakes with flowers and greenery are undeniable show-stoppers and one of the most popular big day desserts. 

19. Art Deco Wedding Cake Inspired By The 1920s

Art Deco was a major wedding trend around 2016-2017 and is still preferred for evening celebrations like cocktails and sangeets (thanks largely to Leo and The Great Gatsby). The wedding cake is all flapper fabulous that will pair perfectly with a 1920s-themed bash! 

20. Choose Something Designed Beautifully

There is absolutely no doubt that a multi-tier wedding cake is absolutely breathtaking no matter what shape or size. Floral arches, laces, gold specs, fondant and buttercream, everything that makes a grand wedding cake fancier than it needs to be. 

21. A Cake As Royal As Your Wedding

Inspired by the grandeur of the couple's wedding for which it was designed, this multi-tiered wedding cake is breathtaking. Reminds us of all the royalty in the world. Plus, it looks like the cake's jumped right out of a Disney Princess movie!

22. A Minimal & Unique Cube-Shaped Cake

If you want a sophisticated cake for your reception party, then ensure to bookmark this unique white wedding cake that's minimal yet amazing!

23. Purple Hues For A Wedding Are Perfect

Purple is probably the best colour for any wedding. This cake's fondant icing is covered in geometric prints and purple watercolour patterns and large purple roses. The perfect two-tiered confection is ideal for an engagement party or even an intimate wedding!

24. A Cake Embellished With Handmade Palm Leaves

While we're all in love with rustic wedding cakes, this particular minimal cake with multiple tiers is unique even in its own category. Decorated with large palm leaves, these leaves are actually edible and make out of sugar!

25. Ruffles, Ombre and Textures

Ruffles, ombre and textures, a lot of elements went into making this gorgeous beige and gold wedding cake. What makes it stand apart? The middle tier that's covered in a copper leaf which makes it shine more than anything else. 

26. Love Us A Pink Wedding Cake!

There's a new style of wedding cake that trending these days, with two huge tiers supporting an empty transparent box in between that generally holds fairy lights or a beautiful natural ornament. Add some golf leaf designs and a few large roses to it, and let it shine!

27. Stud Your Wedding Cake With Macaroons!

Who doesn't love macaroons? Cakes decorated with macaroons aren't anything new and are perfect for just about any celebration. Well, for a multitude of colours and reasons, offer guests an array of pretty macarons with your wedding cake.

28. Reconstruct A Doll House In Your Cake!

Rustic colours, ornate tapestry and even a tiny edible chandelier, this doll house-themed wedding cake is such a sight to behold. We're in love with every curve, every intricate detail of this cake and honestly, every time we look at it, we see something new.

29. Get A Cake Top Forward Cake

Couples with a modern vision for their wedding will adore the latest wedding cake trend: cake top forward. Not the catchiest name, we agree, but it does what it says on the tin. The cake is on its side with the top facing forward, creating a contemporary and chic moon shape that looks incredible in photos.

30. An Intricately Designed Single Tiered Cake

This single-tiered cake is adorned with wafer paper petals and hand-carved sugar flowers on white fondant, decorated with royal icing textures that make it perfect for an intimate wedding. 

31. A Rustic Gilded Wedding Cake

Get yourself a gilded wedding cake that sparkles and astonishes everyone attending. We love this example, with the gilded tapestries, distressed base and gorgeous roses. 

32. A Naked Cake With Edible Flowers

A "Naked" cake swathed with layers of vanilla buttercream frosting sandwiched between delicious white sponge cake is exactly what makes a wedding even merrier!

33. Because A Swan-Themed Cake Is Perfect

A pair of swans represent 'soul mates for life'. Kinda makes it ideal for a wedding cake theme, right?


Dessert trends come and go, but nothing can ever replace the charm of a gorgeous, decadent wedding cake. Every wedding deserves a delicious cake that can satisfy everyone in both taste and style. Our favourite type of wedding cake is the kind that sets a statement and adds to the decor of the wedding, much like the cakes we just saw. So, we hope you enjoyed this rodeo into the realm of new and trendy wedding cakes, and we hope to see you guys soon on another trip!


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31+ Latest Wedding Cake Designs

by Shivani Singh

31+ Latest Wedding Cake Designs