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Indian weddings are famous for being super grand, gorgeous and thrilling all over the globe. We leave no stone unturned to our wedding day the most memorable one for ourselves and our guests & food happens to be the most essential aspect. You simp...Read more

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Latest Reviews of Caterers on WeddingBazaar

kavin19 hours and 59 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Nalabhagam Caterers

Nalabhagam caterers truely made my reception fabulous!! All i heard from the guest was how wonderful the food was. The service u provided us was outstanding and it made this special day successful. The quality and quantity(for 1000+ members) was awesome. price was apt for the food. I highly recommand everyone to use this catering service. Thank you once again for your fabulous service!!! Special Thanks to Mr.Sathish Kumar

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kavin19 hours and 59 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Grace Caterers

Our wedding guests were overwhelmed by the exceptional services of this catering. Then number of dishes was enormous that everyone couldn`t find space in their tummy to taste all the dishes in every menu. To add to it the taste was very amazing in all. There was not even a single guest who could complain about the food quality or quantity. Apart from this they have arranged many stalls to surprise us and the guests. The best of the all is that they provide a package for everything including garlands,etc. The communication was so perfect and hospitality they gave us and our guests, made us feel them as one of our closest relatives. The cost is reasonable as compared to others.

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nivethana20 hours and 4 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Nalabhagam Caterers

Nalabhagam Caterers was so excellent. Mr.Sathish Kumar was there whenever we needed him and his staff was great. The services he offered are worth the money. He provided us with the best Caterer in Chennai. Money well spent. I highly recommend the Nalabhagam Caterers. My wedding was fantastic. Thank you so much for everything u people are amazing and i'll always recommend you guys no matter what. Thanks a Lot once Again ..

...See More

nivethana20 hours and 4 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Grace Caterers

Grace has been a great experience! I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for an authentic, tasty, delicious, delectable Tamilnadu's gourmet cuisine. Every dish served at our function was absolutely enticing. Every single person, from meat lover to vegetarian loved all the dishes they ate. Oh, and I can't forget to mention the appetizers - the kababs, luqmi and the prawns were to die for! That gave us life! The moment we took a bit into those. Mutton biryani was a huge surprise, so zafraani that it can’t be explained. Mr. Sathish Kumar Symon , the owner, was amazing to work with. He is very responsive; He never made us wait for a response or reply. He is very accommodating. Overall, Mr. Sathish Kumar Symon and his staff did a fantastic job and we are so glad that we went with Grace Caterers

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Where To Find The Best Caterers?

They say that the route to a person’s heart is through his/her stomach and the foodie in us second this. While your wedding day must be about celebrating the precious love between you two, it is extremely important to choose the best wedding caterer for your wedding to make sure that your wedding party is a hit among your friends. Wedding Bazaar has been working in the wedding industry for years and have expertise in catering to all your wedding needs.

Our associates work all day long to find the best wedding caterer from all over the country and list them on our website only after careful confirming the claims that they make. Additionally, a wedding manager is assigned to each of our customers to help them choose the most suitable caterers. He/she also helps them in negotiating with the caterer to get the best deals from them. Trust Wedding Bazaar to help you hire the best caterer in no time!

Things To Consider Before Choosing Caterers For Your Wedding

The food that will be served at your special night gonna is remembered by your guest forever. And, you would want your wedding celebration to be a happy memory, right? With so many wedding caterers flooded in the market, it can be a lit difficult to choose the best one. Don’t worry when you have us at your assistance. Here are a few things that you must consider to select the best caterers in your city.

What Are Some Food Trends Spotted In Wedding?

Indians love their food & it shows at their wedding parties. The most gorgeous & fun-filled weddings are incomplete without a range of food items that are gonna make your guests happy. While traditional wedding dishes are a must in your wedding menu, a little experimentation can go a long way & help your guest enjoy your wedding to the fullest. Below we discuss a few of the most popular food trends that we spotted at weddings, make sure your research well and discuss with your wedding caterer in detail while choosing food trends for your wedding.


& many more!


Mistake To Avoid While Selecting Your Wedding Catering Services

Food is one of the most important aspects of your wedding party. You simply cannot afford to go wrong with this for your party to be a hit. We prepared a list of the most common mistakes people make while selecting their wedding caterers so that you can avoid those mistakes and make your wedding celebration a memorable one. Check them out below: 


The Average Cost Of Wedding Catering In India

The wedding catering industry in India has seen major growth in the past few years. A huge number of companies have walked into the industry, while the old ones continue to rule with their precious experience in catering to your needs. 

This entirely depends on the number of people at your party and the food items you want to provide. A competent caterer with years of expertise in the industry can charge anything from 1000 to 2500 rupees for each plate. However, the price may vary depending on your needs. You can get an economical plate for as little as Rs. 600-1000.

Most importantly, the price varies depending on the type of food you want. In comparison to non-vegetarian cuisine, vegetarian foods have a lower cost per plate. It is always essential that you be specific about your guest list and catering requirements so that they can better serve you.

At the wedding bazaar, our associates not only help you select the best wedding caterer for your wedding but assist you in negotiating with the caterer for you to get the maximum benefits at the lowest prices.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Caterers In India

Q - What Services Are Included In Wedding Catering?

Wedding Catering is more than just food, it is a complete experience. It included everything right from preparing food to serving it to the guests. While talking to your caterers, do enquire about their serving styles, servers communication skills etc.

Q - Should I Book Different Catering For Different Functions?

Hiring the same or different caterers for different wedding functions is completely your preference. However, we would suggest hiring the same one for all functions as you will be able to give them undivided time and attention while explaining your needs. They will also know your guests better after serving them in a function.

Q - What Does Catering Cost Per Person?

The cost incurred in wedding catering depends on the food that you choose to serve your guests and the number of guests at your party. Most experienced caterer offer their services for as low as Rs. 1000 per plate and go up to Rs. 2500 & more. You can further reduce the cost by choosing budding wedding caterers or choosing economical dishes.

Q - Does Catering Service Provide Cutlery?

Most wedding caterers provide cutlery at the event that they are serving. However, make sure that you discuss this with your caterer before finalizing them.