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Irrespective of how much we find fads to be a bit cheesy, pre-wedding photos almost always look stunning. Sure, dressing up and going to public spaces to snap romantic poses can seem a bit embarrassing at first, but the photos that come out of such shoots, with captivating backdrops, turn out to be frame-worthy. And if you're in a city like Bangalore, oozing the mix of the old world and new world, let's say the options of such pre-wedding shoot locations are ample!

From a rustic vineyard shoot to a quirky, romantic one with magnificent locations in the backdrop, your pre-wedding photoshoot in Banglore can turn out to be heavenly. And to help you pick the right location that fits your vibe, here are 15 pre-wedding shoot locations in Bangalore that will surely help you create memories worth a lifetime!

15 Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations In Banglore

1. Lalbagh Botanical Garden

For an otherwordly pre-wedding photoshoot in Bangalore, Lalbagh is a dream venue and one of the best photoshoot places in Bangalore. Teeming with vibrant flowers, expansive greenery with a tinge of ruggedness, and a lake, Lalbagh is perfect for your pre-wedding album. The best time to head is in the early hours of the morning, as you'll have better access to areas because of less crowd. You'll not only feel comfortable shooting during these hours but also get some gorgeous shots! 

2. Le Roma Gardenia

Experience the decadence of 19th-century Indian regality surrounded by the serenity of nature. Tucked away in the outskirts of Bengaluru, the luxurious decor of Le Roma Gardenia showcases the splendour of Indian heritage, seamlessly combining with its verdant surroundings to conjure a magical backdrop for your pictures. Furthermore, you can also book this beautiful venue for your wedding!

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3. Cubbon Park

Established during the British Raj, Cubbon Park has a rich cultural heritage and an even richer treasury of flora and fauna. Spread out over 300 acres of land, Cubbon Park has huge ancient trees, lush surroundings, a bandstand and an aquarium, all ideal for adding a fairytale-level quality to pre-wedding pictures!

4. Nandi Hills

Once regarded as the ‘hills of happiness’ during the Chola period, Nandi Hills in Bangalore is a picturesque mountain scape that would serve perfectly if you want your pre-wedding photoshoot 4,851 feet above sea level! Honestly, you just cannot go wrong with Nandi Hills. It is one of the most popular pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Bangalore, with a variety of backdrops that include lush greenery, Nandi Hills Caves, enchanting Tipu’s Fort, and ancient temples like the Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple. Once again, we suggest that you either go for an early morning or late evening photoshoot here, as it sees quite a several tourists during regular hours. 

5. Courtyard House, Sajarpur Road

The Courtyard House is located off Sajarpur Road and is a popular venue for intimate weddings and professional shoots. This large, high-ceilinged venue has grand rooms that all connect to a gorgeous, open-to-sky centre courtyard. Other elements include a lawn and pond! Covered in earthy tones and lit with natural light, it's a location that will surely bring a bright warmth to your photos.

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6. Jade 735

Source Jade 735

Strategically located only ten minutes from Bangalore International Airport, Jade 735 is an uber-cool, modern, chic location. You can opt to stay here for a weekend getaway and even hire it for a pre-wedding photoshoot. It's full of fully furnished boutique villas, chalets and pools that are perfect for a romantic, stylish shoot with a statement aesthetic!

7. Tamarind Tree 

Nestled in a five-acre garden where the wind whispered through the old trees, the impossibly beautiful Tamarind Tree shows off its cultural wealth in the architecture of its traditional courtyards, cobble-stoned pathways, and a cloud of fragrant frangipani. If you’re looking for a venue to complement your vintage theme wedding or for contrast to an avant-garde styled shoot, this is the place for you. Trust us, this luxurious venue will not disappoint!

8. Commercial Street

While searching for the perfect pre-wedding photoshoot location in Banglore, we came across a particular place that was extremely unexpected. Sometimes you do not have to look for different places but look at places differently. Commercial Street is one such example. You will be surprised how the various colourful shop shutters and old houses of Commercial Street make for such fun backdrops to shoot in. Once again, visiting either on a day off or very early hours will help you capture some good shots.  

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9. Elements Resort

A gorgeous place outside the chaos of the city, Elements Resort's beauty is synonymous with the description of heaven, with unique designs to offer for weddings and photoshoots. It provides couples with greenery, starlit halls and amazing customisable décor for their weddings and pre-weddings. They also make for a  riveting stay experience and are possibly one of the best places for a pre-wedding shoot in Bangalore. 

10. ITC Windsor Manor

Do you want your pictures to scream 'grandeur' and 'elegance'? Well, the Windsor Manor by ITC, a 5 Star Hotel, is your place for a luxurious pre-wedding photo shoot. With you, your partner and your photographer exploring the glamour of the beautifully constructed place, this might just create some of the best souvenirs for you and your lover. Furthermore, you're going to love the minimal colonial design of this hotel, making it ideal for a photoshoot!

11. Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple

Another great way to capture some traditional pre-wedding shots is to explore a historical or religious location while letting your photographer capture some good candids. Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva, offers a pious environment and hence a good start for your journey ahead. Located at the base of Nandi Hills, it is very picturesque and adds a South Indian touch to one’s photos. A pre-wedding shoot which gives off this vibe interests one and all!

12. Grover Vineyards

Source Folklorist

Marriages are like wine, they get better with time! So, why not kickstart your journey by going for a pre-wedding photography session in a gorgeous vineyard? The Grover Vineyard is located at the foot of Nandi Hills and can be a perfect location for your photoshoot. The green vegetation and the hills in the backdrop with sunlight smudging in can surely add a lot of earthy elements to the frame. And if you are a couple that loves to indulge in various kinds of wine, you can go ahead and sip some of the best ones from the in-house winery located here!

13. Veerabhadra Swamy Temple

If you are fond of Indian Architecture and history, then this is the spot you'd enjoy for your pre-wedding photoshoot. The walls of this temple are covered with carvings and have a traditional feel to them. So, when you get clicked here, the gorgeous temple adds an unmatched charm to your photos that you're always going to want to cherish.

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14. Guhantara Resort 

Guhantara Resort Bangalore is a very unique place, especially if you're planning your pre-wedding shoot here. It is a cave resort with a mystical lake and wooden bridges, making for a very interesting location for your photoshoot. It is serene, peaceful and yet incredibly exciting and wondrous! Imagine a couple shoot while exploring caves. Every nook and corner of Guhantara Resort has a natural feel to it and thus works beautifully for a well-planned photo shoot.

15. ITC Gardenia

Elite. Luxurious. Elegant. These words come to mind when you get your first glimpse of the ITC Gardenia. This stunning hotel is a marvel to not only look at but to stay have, have your wedding and maybe even get in a few good pre-wedding shots. Our recommendation: Do not miss capturing some images of the Lotus Pavilion!


While there are many such locations in Bangalore for a pre-wedding shoot, these 15 are a bit closer to our hearts thanks to their grandeur and charm. We hope you find the perfect place for your pre-wedding shoot and get in some amazing pictures. Ultimately, what makes the pictures worth loving is not the backdrop or the angle of the sunlight but how your and your partner's chemistry ignites the image with intense emotion!


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Check Out These 15 Best Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations In Bangalore!

by Shivani Singh

Check Out These 15 Best Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations In Bangalore!