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One of the most meaningful things at your wedding is going to be your wedding mandap. After all, this is where you will officially get married and promise forever to your other half. Naturally, your mandap needs to be stunning. Lately, a lot of couples have been drawn towards outdoor mandaps for all the right reasons. Whether you have a gorgeous backdrop or amazing weather, outdoor mandaps are the hype. Scroll below to check out some of our favourite ones!

Best Outdoor Mandaps for 2022 Weddings

Boho Mandaps

Ladies, have you always been fascinated with boho items? We know we have!

Well, how bout you consider opting for a boho mandap for your upcoming wedding? For one, it will be exotic and unconventional. Secondly, it will be of your liking; making the mandap even more special for you!

Scroll below and check out these superb boho mandaps.

Source Pinterest

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Dome Mandaps

Dome-shaped mandaps have been around for decades now but lately, it has made a comeback and a plethora of couples have started opting for them. Dome-shaped mandaps give a sort of regal feel to couples considering all the Mughal palaces and kings’ homes used to have a dome of a kind. Scroll below and check out some of our favourite outdoor dome mandaps!

Exotic Outdoor Mandaps

We have our classic mandaps and then we have the exotic ones. Ladies, if you want your wedding decor to truly stand out, then we suggest that you put on your thinking caps and come up with something truly unique for your outdoor mandap. Our personal favourites are these super exotic mandaps which are so quirky and unconventional that you cannot help but be head over heels for them!

Scroll below to take inspo for your own exotic mandap!

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

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Outdoor Floral Mandaps

We’ve covered exotic and unique mandaps and now it's time to come back to something traditional aka floral mandaps. For years, we have seen floral mandaps be the most popular choice amongst real couples and for all the right reasons. Whether you’re having a day wedding or a night one, this option is one of the best ones. That is why we have found some pretty outdoor floral mandap options for you below!

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Source VLW Global

Structured Outdoor Mandaps

Recently, another type of mandap has become popular and that is a structured mandap. For one, it gives a very modern and futuristic vibe. Secondly, there’s so much that can be done around the structured mandap, making it a very versatile choice for real couples. These are some of our favorite outdoor structured mandaps which will please you too!

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

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So, which outdoor mandap did you love the most? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

35+ Outdoor Mandaps That We Are Bookmarking Stat!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

35+ Outdoor Mandaps That We Are Bookmarking Stat!