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Well, life is tough! The daily chores, work, travel, friends and kids (well, in some cases) often leave us with no time to spend with the most important person in our lives. After all the hustle and bustle who’s left with the time - or even emotional and mental capacity to plan a date? Well, don’t worry, we got you covered. We believe spending a little time with BAE is extremely important to keep your relationship healthy and you happy, So here are some thoughtful, romantic, quirky and gorgeous date ideas to assist you in planning the next day out (or day in) with the love of your life!

 Best Romantic Date Ideas

1. The Classic Old Coffee Shop Dates Will Never Go Out Of Style

Love and relationships are more about the little things than the grand gestures that we often plan to do for our partners. On an evening when you both have a little time, share a cup of coffee at the nearest cafe to find yourself more connected with them instantly!

Source kristalrgm

2. Watch A Sunrise Together And Top It Up Yummy Breakfast 

We wonder why breakfast dates are not THE THING in the present day. Take a hand-in-hand walk down the street early in the morning to witness the beauty of the sunrise with your BAE. Breakfast at a small cafe offering yummy breakfast is a perfect and unique date idea that you have been looking for.

Source istockphoto

3. An Uber-cool Rock Climbing Dates For Your Adventure Junky Soul

We love when couples choose to go on adventures together, not only are they super fun but bring you two a lot closer to each other. Enquire about the rock climbing site near you and there you have your weekend planned with your BAE! 

Source Indiaearl

4. Go To The Movies With Your Bae For A Romantic Evening

This one probably is the idea that pops up in your mind every time you wish you had a relaxed time with your partner. Being total Bollywood freaks, we understand why this has been the most common date idea for years. Good entertainment + BAE = 😍

Source Pinterest

5. Else, Why Not Spend The Night At Home With Netflix & Bae?

On days when you are too lazy to go to the theatre or when the cosy bedding of your home seems way too tempting, you both can just snuggle up with each other Netflix and a pizza!

Source Pinterest

6. Anniversary Coming Up? Or Is It Their Birthday? Plan A Lavish Dinner Date For Them!

We are suckers for the celebrations! What’s the harm in celebrating little things, after all? So, if a relationship milestone for you two is coming up, do not hesitate to plan an elaborate dinner for you both. Opt for a restaurant with a romantic setting and music to add to the charm!

Source Pinterest

7. Want A Fun Time With Them? Enjoy A Session Of Paintball!

The best relationships, we believe, are the ones that let you relive your innocent childhood in the world full of responsibility. A Paintball session is a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of your daily life, and it’s even more fun when you enjoy it with the love of your life.

Source Weheartit

8. Step Out To Have Tasty Delicacies From The Indian Streets

Our country is blessed with the tastiest street food in the world. So, take a break from those post restaurants and spend time with your BAE hopping from stall to stall, eating chhole bature, gol gappe and samosas along with soulful conversations.  

9. Confess To Them Under A Thousand Stars At The Planetarium In The City

Remember the book where the protagonist promised to bring the moon and stars for his love? Didn’t we all dream about a love like that? Well, it’s time to turn that teenage dream into reality (not literally, obviously :P). Ask them out on a date to the city’s planetarium and propose to them under a million stars.

10. Or Maybe, Have A Simple Ice Cream With Them Under The Real Stars 

One of the simplest date ideas that we know is to take your BAE out under a clear night sky and let the stars witness your love story! Don’t forget to top up your date with some yummy ice cream.

Source Weheartit

11. Explore The City Together On A Bicycle To Add Fun To Your Budding Romance

We might travel from one corner of the city to another every day for work, but have we ever really noticed the beauty around with our minds occupied with clients and presentations? Take out our bicycle (or rent one), this Sunday and take your BAE with you to explore your city like never before.

Source teenvogue

12. Spend A Lazy Sunday Afternoon Baking With Bae

We all have our lazy days when leaving home seems too much to do. Spending some quality time with your partner, however, is always a tempting idea. On days when you want to stay in your pyjamas all day, choose to bake with them. 

13. Attend A Live Concert With Them To Add The Charm Of Music To Your Relationship

They say, music connects souls and we agree! Attend the concert of your favourite band together and see your love growing for each other. Don’t miss dancing your heart out with the love of your life.

Source gettyimages

14. A Date On A Beach Is Gorgeous And Romantic

You are the lucky one if you happen you live in a city with a beach nearby. Beaches are just so romantic, all you need to do is to hold their hand and walk down the sand watching a breathtakingly beautiful view!

15. Don’t Have A Beach Nearby? Head To The Nearest Park For A Picnic With Bae

Don’t be disheartened if it's hard for you to find a beach nearby, we got something for you too. A picnic date is so underrated! Head to the city’s park with your picnic kit and the love of your life to have the best day of your life.

Source Pinterest

16. Dance Your Hearts Out With Each Other At The City’s Best Club

Are you in the mood for some booze, great music and some fun and romantic dance sessions? Take them to your favourite club on your next date!

Source freepik

17. Nothing Beats A Soulful Conversations Over A Cup Of Steaming ‘Hot Chai’ 

No lavish restaurants or big clubs and match the authenticity and innocence of a tapri wali chai and a heart to heart conversation! 

Source Pinterest

18. Indulge In Some Video Games For Your Special Date Night

Another idea for days when you do not wish to leave home is to spend the day bringing out the child in you both with some amazing video games that you have been waiting to try!

19. Tickle Your Funny Bones By Attending The Next Comedy Standup In Town

Isn’t seeing them laughing their hearts out the most gorgeous scene that you ever witnessed. Book your tickets to the next comedy standup of your favourite artist, today!

Source tripsavvy

20. Lastly, An Adventure Park Date Is A Must For All!

They are adventurous, fun and super vibrant. Visiting an adventure park with your partner is something that everyone must do at least once in their lives.

Things To Consider Before Going For A Date

While we agree that it’s about who you are with that matters the most, the setting or venue of your date plays a big role in your budding relationship, especially if this is going to be your first date.

There’s a lot to think about when you are choosing a perfect location for your date. A gushy romantic environment indicates that you're serious about finding love, but for a first date, it can also be very overwhelming. idd A relaxed cafe date helps you to let your guard down without feeling the strain but can be misinterpreted for a "friend-zone" path. A club lets you go crazy and have a great dance but doesn't necessarily scream commitment.

Don’t worry, we got you covered. Check out key tips to help you choose your perfect date spot!

  • Be careful about the atmosphere: When it comes to choosing a date venue, the atmosphere matters a lot; a nice, festive white noise to break any lapses in conversation while ensuring that you can still hear each other over any background music. You can choose a place with a fun background soundtrack with a soothing band performance later on.
  • Affordability is important: We understand that you are tempted to go all lavish on your date. However, be careful that you don’t end up looking broke in the end. Choose a place that’s affordable for both you and your partner, so none of you is embarrassed. Choose an affordable place so that the drinks can continue to flow if you so wish.
  • Have multiple options: Having multiple ideas in your mind while asking them out is a good idea for you will have an option ready if the first one doesn’t work out for some reason. Also, that will make you appear adventurous and knowledgeable about the area.
  • Take recommendations: Ask your friends about good places to take your partner out on a date. Online reviews of restaurants can be quite helpful too. Read reviews about these places rather than just checking out the ratings for useful insights like best things on the menu, happy hours and time of live entertainment.
  • Keep a check on the available cuisine: You simply cannot go wrong on this one, food is important. If your date is vegetarian, the best meat selling restaurants won’t impress them. Consider both yours and their taste before choosing the restaurant. In case you aren’t too sure of their choice in food, make sure you choose a place with a well-rounded menu.
  • Book in advance: You do not want to start your date with hours of waiting outside your favourite restaurant or bar, it's in the best interest of you to reserve your table ahead of your date. 

All in all, the idea is to choose a place or a setting that is comfortable for you both to make the most of your big night!

Final Thoughts

There you got all the information that you need to plan a perfect date for you and your partner to bring a spark to your romance. Let us know which one did you like the best on our Facebook page! Follow us to get notified every time we upload a blog for you!


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20 Best Romantic And Quirky Date Ideas

by Apoorva Saxena

20 Best Romantic And Quirky Date Ideas