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Hello ladies! It's just as hard to find a gift that best conveys just how much your husband means to you no matter whether you're either in the newlywed process or you've been happily married for decades. Through all the highs and lows of life new homes, kids, work changes, and tragic losses, he's been your greatest supporter, your pillar of strength and because of that, you want to celebrate him with the perfect gifts and let him know what he means to you.

We function to make your relationships, weddings and marriages beautiful and memorable and so we curated these 50 presents for your husband that are beautiful, unique and extremely thoughtful. Check them out:

Gift For Husband on Birthday

A Romantic Getaway is ALWAYS a Good Idea!

His birthday is a perfect excuse to take a break from the mundane hustle and bustle of the city and escape with your partner to your love paradise. Beaches or Mountains, whatever suits him you got a plethora of options to choose from.

You can avail package deals from travel websites like and more or can simply book your tickets and hotel rooms as per your preferred dates via these websites. On average, a decent week-long domestic trip is likely to cost you somewhere between ₹20,000 - ₹40,000. International trips start at around ₹90k.

Source alpharooms

PS: Don’t be disheartened if you can’t plan a trip yet, we got some unique gifts for your husband that are going to stay in his heart.

Surprise Him With a Birthday Mail on His Birthday

Receiving a Birthday Mail on your birthday has the magical ‘Old School Charm’ touch that no present-day technology can match. Get a pretty and quirky birthday mail like this one delivered on your doorstep & make his birthday morning special.

 This Surprise Birthday Mail from Oyehappy is for ₹990/-. While this is one seems pretty decent to us. E-commerce markets are filled with sellers offering mails like these.

Source oyehappy

“I have Enough Sneakers”, Said No Man Ever!

Men are completely in love with their sneakers, there ain’t no doubt about it. Well, we do agree that they look a little extra handsome in these charmers. Browse through the internet to find your favourite style and colour for him and see the brightest of smile adorning his face on his birthday.

 We found these Crew Street Sneakers on Myntra for only ₹2899/-. However, bear in mind that sneakers have the most varied range available. You got a lot of research to do.

Source myntra

We have No Idea Why, But Most Of Them Are Obsessed With Their Xbox

As much as we hate sharing our partner’s attention with his video games, we know that they love those and how. If your partner happens to be one of those who cannot think beyond video games, there can’t be a better option.

Check out the best Xbox models and find the retailers offering these Xboxes. This Xbox Series X is currently priced at ₹49,990.

Source theverge

Name a Star After Them!

Get the stars for them now! You may now name a star after a loved one for less than $3,000. And if that isn't a steal, we don't know what is! It is not as expensive to name a star for someone as it is to buy one for them, but it is just as touching.

Source Oye Happy

A Cashmere Scarf For a Partner Who Loves to Be in Vogue

Is your husband cautious about what he wears and want to look his best always? Well, we found a perfect gift for him. A well-knitted Cashmere scarf ain’t only comfortable but never goes out of style.

Buy this Cashmere Beauty by H&M @ only ₹3999/- from the online fashion hub Myntra. 

Source hm

A Compact Drill Driver Kit For His DIY Projects

Don’t we all love our DIY projects? They feel a little more personal. For a husband who often indulges in complex projects, a cordless drill driver kit is ideal.

This amazing Dewalt Compact Drill Driver Kit is available on Amazon and will cost you between ₹23,000/- to ₹47,000.

Source amazon

A Portable Espresso Maker For the Coffee Addicts in the House!

Addicted to Coffee? Guilty! We CANNOT function without our dose of coffee. If your partner loves his coffee as much we do, a portable mini coffee maker is going to be extremely helpful during his day-to-day commute and travel plans.

Buy Portable Manual Espresso Machine Mini Coffee Maker at Only ₹3990, today.

Source amazon

A Noise Cancelling Headphones For Him to Vibe to His Favourite Music

Music is therapy! From making two people connect to escaping reality, a good playlist never disappoints. Gift him his favourite headphones and see him fall in love with those and you all over again

Sony WH-1000XM4 Industry-Leading Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones priced at ₹2990 are not only critically acclaimed but also beautiful.

Source amazon

A Fitness Ethusiants Probably Loves His Gym Only Second to You 😛

Does he spend hours and hours in the gym? Well, you got to work for the gorgeous physique that he has. Gift them a Gym Gear Set like this one to remind him of you all the time that he spends at the gym.

Buy Toyshine Fitness Combo for as low as ₹999/- on Amazon.

Source amazon

We Found Something Special For the Star Wars Fanatics

We can feel the excitement reaching heights every time Star Wars is mentioned. If your partner happens to be one of those who cannot contain their excitement about star wars, this toaster is the perfect gift for his birthday.

Find this Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster for ₹23120/- on Amazon

Source amazon

Gift For Husband on Wedding 

An Enchanting Painting Of You Both To Keep Those Happy Memories Alive!

Aren’t handmade painting just so romantic? The charm of these beauties remains unmatched by whatsoever. Remember the picture of you both that you took when it was you, him and only your love around, Get the picture painted by an artistic for him to keep that memory in front of his eyes and his heart forever.

Several artists on Instagram can help to create this magical gift for him.

Source Pinterest

World Sctrch Off Map For Your Travel Plans Together!

Do you both love travelling together? Well, this one is a must-have. As you take your first step towards spending the rest of your lives together, this map is going to help to mark the places that you have been and you wish to be at with each other.

Get this DaKos Scratch Off Map of The World Premium XL Poster for ₹719/- on Amazon, now.

Source amazon

Vintage Record Player Bluetooth Speakers for the Old Soul in You!

For your partner who is and vintage lover, this Bluetooth speaker disguised as an old record player is simply charming. Oh! Btw, this one is portable and the beautiful blue colour is stealing our hearts away

Buy Crosley CR8005D-TU Cruiser Deluxe Portable 3-Speed Turntable @ only ₹16547/- on Amazon India.

Source amazon

Whiskey Stones Gift Set For Tastier Beverages 

If your guy says that he's a whiskey connoisseur, he has everything he needs in this set. The Gorgeous wooden box includes 8 Whiskey stones and two crystal glasses.

Buy Whiskey Stones Gift Set from Amazon for only ₹6486/-

Source amazon

This Smart Watch From Apple Will Help Him Manage All His Tasks

This one needs no introduction. One of the World’s top tech brand Apple came up with this special watch to make all your daily needs easy and manageable. Gift this one to your technology lover husband!

All series of Smart Watches are available on Amazon at different rates. We found Apple Watch Series 5 for ₹47900/-

Source apple

A Bookmark For Your Bookworm Husband

Bookmarks are one of the coolest gifts you can give to a spouse who enjoys reading at all hours of the day and night. You also don't have to worry about presenting paper ones because innovative designs and materials like resin, leather, and metal are becoming increasingly popular.

A Quirky Customised Photo Display

Crushing over this gorgeous wood-engraved personalised photo frame for couples. Hile this has their wedding date engraved on this, anything close to your heart works wonders.

You can find wooden frames like this one on gifting websites like, or archies. Many businesses like this also function on Instagram.

Source Pinterest

Fine Jewellery For Men Who Wish to Stay in Style

We understand someone’s love for jewellery, since we happen to fall in the same category. Your man who keeps himself up to date when it comes to staying in vogue will not get enough of these stones.

These Fashion Jewellery for men is available on Myntra under ₹1000/-

Source designb

A Hep Backpack Foor Your Guy Who Loves to Travel

For someone who loves travel, and easy option to carry his luggage around is an unbeatable gift. We knew this one had to be on the list as soon as we laid our eyes on it.

Own Safari Black Backpack for only Rs.2326/- via Amazon India.

Source amazon

The Quintessential Gift Box For D-Man In Your Life!

A Tie, Cufflinks, Pocket Square & Lapel Pin in the shade of maroon packed in the wooden box wone our hearts at the very first sight. We mean, look at those! How to not love these?

Buy Special Gift Box from Mensxp for Rs.1990 only.

Source mensxp

Apple Airpods + Charger to Sooth The Music Lover!

As mentioned already, nothing other than music is closer to the heart of a music lover. If your guy is one of those who spend hours listening to their favourite music the Apple Airpods got to be one amazing gift option. Oh! Also, this comes with a charger so that a low battery' cannot come between him and his music.

Buy Apple Airpods with Charging Case on Amazon for only Rs.12900

Source apple

Gift For Husband on Valentine’s Day

A Special Date For Him Planned By You

He pampers you a lot, doesn't he? Well, as adorable as it is, he deserves his share of pampering too. Plan a special date night for you two on valentine's day and spice up your relationship. Don't forget to include his favourites! 

The purest thing about date nights is that all you need to plan them is love. No matter what your budget is, they are your perfect chance to make your partner feel special.

Bose Audio Sunglasses For Listening to Music in Style

Check out these innovative sunglasses if your guy still listens to music. Surprise him with eyewear that has built-in audio technology. Music + Vogue, need we say, anymore?

Buy this pair of sunglasses for high-quality sound and stylish look via Amazon for Rs. 21900/-

Source amazon

Is He a Beach Person?

Is your partner a beach person who has to live away from the beaches courtesy his work, this desk sculpture that forms natural landscapes with sand is an ideal gift for him. Its calming presence is a sure shot way to bring him happiness.

Shop Deep Sea Sand Art From Mensxp for only rs.1999.

Source mensxp

For Your Adventure Junkie Husband - Compact Adventure Tool with 70 Outdoor Essentials

We know one thing about adventure junkies, they are always seeking adventure. Don't we love that about them? For a guy who's always in search of adventure, this 70-essentials kit has to be the best gift.

Buy VSSL Compact Adventure Tool Set from for $129. While the cost incurred in getting it delivered to India might be on the higher side, this is worth it.

Source amazon

A Mason Jar Full Of Love ❤️

Technology might be all pretty and comfortable but the charm of a personalised handmade gift is simply unmatchable. All you need to do is to take a mason jar, decorate it as you wish to and fill it with little love notes for your partner to remind him that you love him always.

For those of you who hardly get any time to spend time with him, forget making this beautiful piece (*Sigh* we can relate), numerous businesses are running on Instagram who make these for you.

Source etsy

A Mug Says a Lot!

Coffee/Tea mugs have been the medium of expression for lovers for the longest time. Gift him a mug with a funny quote and share a few laughs with him.

Find White Ceramic Mug for Rs.900 on and tell him why he shouldn't question your choices ever again.

Source amazon

OTT Subscription Packages For Him Who Is Obsessed with Web Series

With so many online streaming services doing rounds in the market, it is quite obvious that web series, now, has become a part of us. How many web series have you already watched with your partner?

If your partner is obsessed with web shows and movies just like us, gift him a subscription package of his favourite platform. You never know how long these small gestures can take you. 

Source medium

A Propagation Station For Your Cutest Gardener

This one is so simple yet so gorgeous. These vibrant green gift pieces with their trendy look and charm are a flawless addition to your house. 

This Cute Propagation Station by Lazy Gardener will cost you only Rs.899.

Memory Mappers Keep All Your Special Moments Safe!

Memory Mappers are little frames that encircle a crucial point in your relationship. It might be the location where you got married, first kissed, or even proposed. The website takes the map coordinates of those locations, adds a message, and frames it for you. Isn't that absolutely romantic?

Source Pine & Lime

Date Night Bucket List

Married or not, date nights must be a part of your lives, for keeping the spark in your relationship is important. Spice up things by creating a special date night Bucket list for you and your partner to fulfil on your dates. 

If art and craft is not your thing, these are available on various online platforms. Order now and enjoy!

Stylish Homepod Mini Speaker

Every place is a party place if you are in the mood for it. Let him take his favourite music with him wherever he goes with this stylish homepod mini speaker from Apple.

Buy the Apple Homepod Mini Speaker for Rs.9900/-.

Source apple

Gift For Husband on New Year

Classic Analog Dial Watch By Fossil

An analogue dial steel watch is classic that never goes out of style and our favourite. For a man who is classy and stylish, this piece has to be a must-have. Who better than you to gift this to him this new year?

Buy Dean Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch from the official fossil website for Rs.12495 only.

Source fossil

A Bar Cart For When He Decides to Chill With His Friends At Your Home

This Home Centre serving trolley is an easy way to serve your guests on the weekend while adding charm to the room.

Own Home Center Bar Cart today for Rs.10650/-.

Source homecentre

A Smokeless Grill To Channelise His Inner Chef

With this indoor-friendly grill, help him indulge in some smokeless grilling. With his one at your home, he can still cook meat and vegetables, no matter how dreadful the winter weather might be.

Buy Electric Smokeless Grill and Cooking Surface @ Rs.2499/-

Source amazon

Antique Finish Personalized Pocket Watch is ALL HEARTS!

Is he fond of antiques? If yes, what can be better than owning the antique pocket watch with his name engraved on it. Oh! The vintage look is making us fall in love.

Buy Antique Finish Personalized Pocket Watch for only Rs. 799 and see the happiest of his smiles.

Source igp

A Waterproof Speaker to Make His Showers Fun!

His showers are a karaoke session in disguise, literally. Show him that you are supporting his passions by bringing him this waterproof speaker that connects directly to his phone to play all of his favourite music.

Buy Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker for Rs.4898/- from Amazon India, today.

Source amazon

An Uber Cool Jacket is Gonna Win His Heart!

That's no big secret that guys love their jackets, become his stylist and gift him a fashionable one like this one that we chose from Ajio.

Shop this John Player Slim Bomber Jacket for Rs.3499 only.

Source ajio

A Bottle Of Wine to Celebrate Your Love

Give him a box of happiness, complete with a bottle of wine and some roses. It seems so sweet to plan a short date to open the wine on his special night!

Source inboxjaipur

 Gift Him His favourite Hot Sauce Collection

Food makes him happy, doesn’t it? 

Gift him Sound the Alarm Fire Truck Hot Sauce Gift Set for only Rs.1500.

Source amazon

A Bottle of Perfume Has Been World’s Favourite Gift

You love how he takes care of his fragrance, gift him his favourite perfume to let him know that you notice these small things about him.

Perfumes are available on various e-commerce websites and will cost you from Rs.400 to Rs.3000 and more.

Source t3

Pint Glasses To Help Him Enjoy His Drink More

Gift him pint glasses for beer and mocktails.

TDS® Big & Slim Glass is available on Amazon for Rs.549 only.

Source amazon

An Exotic Cookbook For Husband Who Loves To Cook!

Are you blessed with a husband who loves to cook and makes delicious meals for you now and then? Well, why not give him a cookbook with exotic recipes that he can try?

Several cooking help books are available on Amazon in various price ranges.

Gift For Husband on Men’s Day

Gift Him Tickets To Watch His Favourite Game In The Stadium

You know how he is obsessed with sports. Well, men's day is all about celebrating the men in your life. On this special day, you got to give him what he loves the most.

Book tickets to his favourite game from

A Beard Grooming Kit 

Aren't you in love with his subtle or in some cases big beard? Well, you got work hard to maintain that handsome look. 

Gift him a Beard Affair Combo From The Man Company for only rupees 1249.

Hair Care Kit Is A Must

Well, a healthy beard is important but so is maintaining that luscious hair. Gift him a special hair care combo for him to take care of his hair.

Haircare products from beardo start from around rupees 350. Add your favourite products to cart and make your combo now.

Source beardo

Bonsai Kit For The Gardner Soul in Him

He might be busy at work 24/7 but you know what his hobbies are. If he happens to be one of those who enjoy gardening, this bonsai starter kit is going to make him happy like a child.

This one is available on various online platforms for less than rupees 1000. 

Source amazon

Old School Personalized Wallet For Your Partner

Go for classic wallets with your partner's name engraved on it. This old gifting idea works every time.

This personalised men's wallet from the messy corner is available for only rupees 999.

Temperature Control Smart Cup

For someone like us who are obsessed with our chais and coffees, this one is a blessing. We often tend kee drinks waiting for too long, ending up with cold beverages at last. This smart USB charging cup heater is an extremely thoughtful one.

Buy this product from Banggood for only rupees 981

Source banggood

A Weekender Bag is a Must Have!

This overnight bag is a trendy upgrade from the one he's been using since who knows when, and is large enough to carry all his clothing, shoes, and toiletries for a weekend getaway.

Buy H&M Weekender bag via Myntra for only Rs. 2999.

Source myntra

Can Cooler To Keep His Drinks Chilled

Fall when he has to travel with his cool drinks, this is going to ensure that they remain chilled. This also comes with bottle opener to make it further the easy for him

Many can coolers available on Amazon starting from rupees 1299

Source amazon

Perfect gift for Golf Player

Does he enjoy golf? If yes, this one's going to make him super happy.

Find this foldable golf practice mat for rupees 9065 only on Amazon.

Source amazon

At Last, For The Writer

there's something extremely appealing about guys who write. If you are married to one such charming guy give this personalized journal to him and make this special.

Buy this personalised brown thread leather diary for piece 899 on the messy corner.


There you go, we found the perfect presents for you to gift them to your husband. Tell us which one did you choose to give to your husband, had a better idea? We would love to know, tell us in the comment section below and keep checking this space for more such blogs.


Hope you liked the presented ideas. What else would you like us to curate for you? Let us know in the comment section below.

Top 50+ Gift For Husband- Price and Where to Buy

by Apoorva Saxena

Top 50+ Gift For Husband- Price and Where to Buy