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You know every time we think of Mumbai, our mind instantly goes back to the famous Mohammed Rafi song, 'Yeh hai Bombay meri jaan'!

Mumbai, a.k.a the city of dreams, is an iconic city teeming with exemplary architecture, stunning seascapes, vintage locales and new-age marvels. It is also a city that revels in the glory of wonderful wedding celebrations. But when all the wedding prep and running around starts getting on your nerves, it's time to take a break and escape the familial rituals. And you know what's one of the best ways of doing so- a pre-wedding photoshoot. So, to help you plan better, we’ve picked some of the most captivating backdrops for your pre-wedding shoot!

15 Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations In Mumbai

Pictures have a way of taking you back in time, to different places where they were clicked and the memories that go along with those moments. And that's exactly why we often suggest couples choose an outdoor pre-wedding photoshoot, specifically one that utilises the iconic architecture of a city. Just like Delhi, Banglore or Hyderabad, Mumbai is an amazing city where the options for locations for pre-wedding shoots are endless. Here are some of our absolute favourites:

1. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

If you're looking for an open and green pre-wedding shoot location in Mumbai, then Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a great choice. Sanjay Gandhi National Park is the world’s largest protected urban tropical forest and it’s only a short drive away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can not only grab a few great shots of the green wilderness but also click a few great rustic photos which will remain memorable forever.

2. Imagica Theme Park

Imagica is the ideal place for couples that are looking to get in touch with their inner child. Honestly, there aren't many pre-wedding shoot locations in Mumbai as lavish and fairytale-like as this one. You can not only get some great, quirky shots with your partner having the time of your life but also take some time out and enjoy a few of their amazing rides! Though this location looks good in bright daylight, in the evening, the lit-up theme parks is no less dreamy!

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3. Gateway of India

There is only one way to describe this place and that is ICONIC! One of India's most treasured landmarks, Gateway of India is a classy example of India's historical architecture that is renowned all over the world. With the ocean sparkling in the background and the regal Taj Mahal Palace Hotel right across it, the monument is a great spot for a pre-wedding shoot in Mumbai. The best time to get some clicks in is very early in the morning when the crowd is less than usual. 

4. Marine Drive

To anyone visiting Mumbai, Marine Drive is a staple location to go to. Also known as The Queen’s Necklace, Marine Drive is a boulevard often seen in movies and tv shows that are set in the backdrop of Mumbai. And despite all these years, the location's charm hasn't faded. With an endless ocean on one side and a busy street on the other, this location is sublime and refreshing. If you are planning a photoshoot here, we suggest visiting early in the morning. 

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5. Bandstand

If you're looking for a seaside location, then you'll love Bandra Bandstand. This rocky shore is located right at the end of the street where most of Bollywood's glitterati live and is perfect for a romantic shoot. Bandstand has a variety of backdrops for your album; there’s a small garden, a fort, the sea, and the Sea Link that can all be a part of individual frames. With the ocean in the background and a stunning rocky beach, the Bandra Bandstand is one of the most picturesque and romantic places for photoshoots in Mumbai.

6. The Asiatic Society of Mumbai

With a wide expanse of steps leading to an elevated 19th-century building, the Asiatic Society of Mumbai's building is a great backdrop for pre-wedding photoshoots. The iconic structure is a Mumbai landmark and is known for its grandeur and elegance. Honestly, whether it's coloured or black and white, pictures shot on the steps of this gorgeous white building look absolutely stunning!

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7. Vasai Fort

If you're a couple who actually enjoy taking rustic pictures, generally set in the backdrop of old forts and buildings, then this spot is perfect. The Vasai Fort is about a two-hour drive from the city and its beautiful ruins were famously seen in Coldplay's 'Hymn for the Weekend' music video. So, now that you have an idea of what the place looks like, with old walls and plants creeping through and around them, this spot should definitely be on your list. P.S. Don't forget to take a few vintage solo shots of yourselves here!

8. Central Park, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

This Navi Mumbai park is a popular spot for couples. In spring, the Central Parl is green and blooming with various flowers and plants. You can take some beautiful pictures bathing in sunlight while you breathe in the fresh air this place has. It's a true delight for couples and photographers and offers amazing natural backdrops for the perfect pre-wedding shoot in Mumbai. 

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9. Horniman Circle

One of the most iconic historical spots in the heart of Mumbai, the Horniman Circle is not only historically significant but also the hub of various cultural and art festivals like the annual Sufi music festival, Ruhaniyat and the Kala Ghoda Festival. From neo-modern architecture that towers over its surroundings to the liveliness of the city, this is a spot in the city that will help you capture some romantic poses for sure!

10. Kala Ghoda

The Kala Ghoda precinct is a treasure in South Mumbai. With a plethora of art festivals being hosted here year-round, Kala Ghoda is an area which has so many beautiful areas to be clicked in. You could get some pictures near the grand painted walls, or pose against the iconic architecture of the blue synagogue. A vintage hotspot, this bustling location is definitely a place to look out for when shortlisting your pre-wedding shoot locations in Mumbai. And while you're there, you could even visit a few great designer stores or art galleries!

11. Ballard Estate

Are you a fan of old, Victorian buildings? Well, then step right up into the elegant Ballard Estate! This location is teeming with stunning European architecture of wooden houses and cobblestone streets, all designed by the architect George Wittet who is the mind behind some of Mumbai's most seminal landmarks. One of the best ways to execute a pre-wedding photoshoot here is to rent a vintage car and add it to your backdrop to create some striking photos with a vintage vibe. 

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12. Azad Maidan

With over 22 acres of open space, the Azad Maidan is located across CST and is a place where a couple can get some private time away for a photoshoot. It's one of the best places to escape the crowded city while not leaving the city entirely. You can have the whole space to yourself with no disturbances, odd stares, or people photobombing your backdrops. That time will also grant you the perfect light to shoot you and your bae against the gorgeous panoramas of this place!

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13. Juhu Beach

One of Mumbai's most popular beaches, Juhu Beach is a popular seafront where a couple can get some ethereal sunset photographs. A pre-wedding shoot without a ton of work or anything elaborate, just you and your partner and the silent crashing of waves against the sand, that is the vision we have for a Juhu Beach pre-wedding shoot. It truly is a romantic spot.

14. Mumbai Samachar

The Mumbai Samachar is Asia's oldest running newspaper and its building stands out thanks to its bright red coloured. The building is located in the Fort area of the city and is definitely a spot to get clicked in. You could plan to dress up in contrasting colours and shine against the old, red building, creating an excellent pre-wedding shoot experience. 

15. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

The spectacular Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus building is a historic railway terminus and UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mumbai. Built-in the 19th century, this building's Victorian Gothic style mixed with elements of Indian architecture is a classic spot for a pre-wedding shoot in Mumbai. You could either use the building as a backdrop for a fairytale-esque photoshoot or even venture into its busy inside and try to flesh out some shots amongst the busy, buzzing populace. 

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Final Thoughts

The city of Mumbai has its own magical charm. If you want to add that local touch to your photos, you could either pick one of these locations or roam around the streets of the city and take candid photographs for your pre-wedding shoot. Honestly, it's the best city to capture your soul in and one that celebrates culture, colours and the gusto of the people that live here!


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Here Are The Best 15 Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations In Mumbai!

by Shivani Singh

Here Are The Best 15 Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations In Mumbai!