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Imagine you're on the open waters. The cool breeze blowing through your hair, the sun shining like a warm caress and then, the love of your life goes down on one knee to ask you that very important question!

Ah, this picture is absolute bliss and we are here for all the romantic couples who have asked the question while sailing on the open waters. Whether your witness is the sunrise, sunset or the stars - a proposal on a yacht ticks all boxes of romance, surprise, and awesome Insta-worthy pictures!

Let's take a look at some of the gorgeous yacht proposals we have seen!

15+ Fantastically Gorgeous Yacht Proposals!

1. Love's Gaze

A gorgeous day on the blue waters and fantastic photography; the most perfect setting to pop the question!

2. Say it with Flowers

When your love language is flowers.

3. You are my Heart

She is his whole heart, love this shot!

4. Surprise, Please Be Mine

When the surprise makes her grin ear-to-ear!

5. Sunset Romance

With the Sun as a witness, ask every important question with a glass of bubbly by your side!

6. He Said YES!

#Loveislove! When one question sparks joy unbound!

7. You Complete Me

When she said yes and made my life complete!

8. Love Floats

Love is a feeling that makes your heart soar into the skies!

9. Dappled in Moonlight

A gorgeous dusk proposal - be still-beating heart.

10. Hold Me Closer

When you need no words, and your eyes do the talking - what a gorgeous way to propose. ❤️

11. Garden of Love

Show her your love with flowers - absolutely gorgeous!

12. Deep Love

Out on the deep blue, give her a sign!

13. Shape of my Heart

Looking at a future together!

Source Asha Bailey

14. Sunshine Love

The perfect time to ask her to be with you, as the sun shines warmly on you two!


15. Believe Me!

When you surprise her so well, you need to hold her for balance!

16. Dusk Romance

As the sun sets, pop that question and watch how your life brightens!

17. Winds of Love

Buffeted by the ocean breeze, let your love take flight. ❤️

18. Happily Engaged

When you want the rest of your life to be NOW!

Final Words

While proposing might not have been an Indian tradition, millennials and Gen-Z are happily accepting it as the norm! The delight of surprise, and the effort put in to make it a memorable occasion gives us all the feels! What do you think?


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15+ Fantastically Gorgeous Yacht Proposal Ideas We Found on Instagram

by Maggie S.

15+ Fantastically Gorgeous Yacht Proposal Ideas We Found on Instagram