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Wedding photography is, perhaps, the most important in any couple's to-do list for their wedding. Not only do we cherish the gigantic album that our parents will proudly pull out when guests come over but we need some amazing shots for our social media profiles! Your wedding photographer is going to make sure they capture the candid moments in the ceremonies and events. But many couples make time and effort to stage some photos, away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding frenzy. It's a time just for the two of you - whether you do a pre-wedding shoot or a private couple shoot after the ceremony; this is the time to let loose and be funky.

The passion and love that is visible in these types of shoots are nothing short of remarkable. But there is another aspect of this type of shoot that makes one giggle and smile - fun shots! Oh yes, couples posing in silly, and funny poses lightens up the atmosphere of the stress and worry about ten thousand things going through your head about the wedding. It is lovely and carefree and we are here for these amazing clicks that are guaranteed to make you smile and giggle in joy!

Let's check some out and maybe you can draw inspiration from these for your couple shots!

Best Couple Shots that Will Make You Giggle

1. Triple Threat!

This fantastic couple took not one, not two but three fantabulous poses! What memories!

2. Titanic Style

Reminiscing about one of the most loved romantic movies of all time!

3. Beach Yoga

For the fitness lovers out there, what a unique way to capture a moment.

4. Toast to You

A sneaky toast that the couple shares before the rituals descend upon them!

5. Reach for the Stars

Lending a helping hand to your partner as they attempt to steal fruit from a tree! Childhood flashbacks, anyone?

6. Jumpin' Jack

When you have a goofy partner who can't help but jump in joy when they see you!

7. Drive Me Crazy

A throwback to the countless dates before everything was 'official'!

8. Got You, Babe

A cheeky way to remind him of his duties as a married man! Love this!

9. My Queen

The groom offers his love and life. Beautiful and lovely pose!

11. May the Force

One for the Star Wars fans! May the Love be with you.

12. Love & Protect

What a novel idea to celebrate the union between an army man and his lady love. He will carry her, for always!

13. Lean on Me

Punchdrunk in love, lean on me.

14. Swag-A-Lot

The ultimate power shot for the cool couple!

15. Ball n Chain

She's got him by the chains and will not let go! Cute shot!

16. Double Trouble

A cheeky shot while staying traditional! Love the idea!

17. Colour Me, Happy

A wonderful idea to let loose with colours before the primping and proper attire is needed!

Source SDS Studio

Final Words

These clicks are amazing and make you giggle at the goofiness of the couple. Despite the myriad things one must focus on during the wedding planning and the event itself, it is heartwarming to see couples let loose and just have some fun!


What pose do you think you would want to try? Hop over to our Instagram page for more inspiration!

17 Couple Shots that Will Make You Giggle!

by Maggie S.

17 Couple Shots that Will Make You Giggle!