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If we’ve learned anything from the year 2021, it is that more and more people are moving towards destination weddings. From Bollywood celebs to socialites, everyone opted destination wedding with just their nearest and dearest ones. And, with this year almost over, we know that the trend of wedding destinations is not going anywhere and for all the right reasons. So, if you’re planning of having a destination wedding in the coming year, we have shortlisted the trending destinations in India for the 2022 wedding season. Scroll below to see which destination can be your ideal wedding destination!

Popular Destinations in India for 2022 Weddings

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Do it like the Bollywood celebs they say and we say why not!? After the iconic #VicKat wedding took place at this destination, we are convinced that this place is going to be huge in the coming year. From good weather to heritage properties to get hitched at, all you couples should lock this destination for your upcoming real wedding.


We like Goa to party and we love Goa to get married at. Goa has it all from beaches to seafood to the best vibe so it is natural to want to get hitched there. And now, when we have seen this destination pop up in the past year, we have our hearts set on this destination for the upcoming year. Ladies, just imagine how stunning your early morning wedding or your late-night rager functions will be at this destination!


From your favourite B-town celebs like Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal to famous fashion influencer Juhi Godambe, a lot of people got hitched in this town in Maharashtra. Just 2 hours away from Mumbai, this is the perfect destination to get hitched in 2022 if you want a destination wedding or if you want to keep it intimate and get away from the busy city life.


A hill station close to Shimla, Kasauli is a marvellous place for your wedding ceremony in the coming year. Not only is it colder than the city area but just imagine how stunning your wedding pictures will come out to be with the hills as the backdrop!


Ah, another heritage destination in Rajasthan, we strongly recommend this location for your upcoming wedding in 2022 if you want to do it like the royals. From palaces to a gorgeous view of the river, there are so many interesting things you can incorporate at your Udaipur wedding cuz of this majestic destination.


We know so many couples enjoy as well as embrace the Indian culture and Kolkata has so much to offer; which is why this destination has made it to this list. Ladies, just imagine the kind of experience you and your other half can offer to your nearest and dearest ones on the most special days of your life!


You may not know this but Agra has a lot to offer when it comes to weddings. For starters, it has one of the seven wonders of the world- the Taj Mahal (and, isn’t that just a good enough reason to get hitched here!?)

This destination has made it to the list cuz we honestly can’t think of a more romantic destination than this one in India!


Another hill station that is loved by one and all (especially the Delhi peeps), Mussoorie is the quintessential location for a destination wedding in 2022. For one, the weather is going to be just perfect no matter what time you decide to get hitched at. Secondly, who wouldn’t love hills as the backdrop? And finally, the destination is so near that it won’t even be tiring for your guests to travel and be there for you!

Jim Corbett

A unique one in our list, Jim Corbett is on it cuz we know how expensive destination weddings can actually be and this destination is known to be quite affordable when it comes to weddings. From beaut resorts to safari experiences, you can make your Jim Corbett destination wedding so much more fun than those usual ones!


Popularly known as God’s Own Country (and for all the right reasons), Kerala is a picturesque destination that has lately become huge when it comes to weddings. This location has recently picked up which means you’ll see many couples get hitched here in the coming year as well. So, if you too are someone who adores this state in India, pack your bags and get married here.


So which destination are you going to get hitched at in 2022? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

Top Wedding Destinations in India for 2022

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Top Wedding Destinations in India for 2022