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India is a melting pot of cultures and traditions. And brides from every culture and tradition present their best foot forward for their wedding day. Today, we want to give you some bridal inspiration from the eastern lands of our great country - the quintessential Bengali bride. With their bold kohl-lined eyes, stunning red lips, and the classic Chandan design over the brows, Bengali brides truly steal the show with their ethereal looks.

And so, to give inspiration for your upcoming wedding, we present to you a collection of the most divine look these gorgeous Bengali brides have donned for their wedding day! Maybe you'll find the dream bridal look you've been searching for in these exquisite brides!

Bengali Brides Giving us Divine Looks

Classic Elegance

This gorgeous bride is sporting minimal make-up, with emphasis on the kohl-lined eyes and a nude Lipper.


Starry Eyed

With a lovely Chandan design over her brows, this bride packs a punchy look with motifs on her cheeks as well!


Bold & Beautiful

A huge Chandan design in the middle of the brows with shimmery kohl-lined eyes makes this bride look ethereal ?


Cheeky Grin

All a bride needs is a gorgeous smile, but when you add in some pale blush, and dry eyes - you have a fantastic look!


At a Glance

This bride's eye game is so strong! Simple kohl that stretches beyond to great effect! Pair with a matt red Lipper and you're set to knock his socks off!


Pink Puff

A soft pink Lipper and some pink eye shadow make for a gorgeous bride! The extended Chandan design over brows and jawline is simple mesmerising ?


Crimson Desire

A pale brush of crimson eye-shadow with a nude Lipper and a bold Chandan design for that eye-catching look!


Grey Dreams

Accentuate your lighter eyes with some bold kohl and faint dusting over the lids. Match with a pale Lipper and an elegant Chandan design!


Gold Rush

This bride opted for a lighter look, and yet radiates charm! The Chandan design follows the brow, accentuated with a gentle blush over the lightly kohled eyes.


Bewitching Glance

Those eyes hold your attention like no other - a stunningly bold kohl liner with equally bold red Lipper for a classic look that you call your own!


Rose Bud

With a simple Chandan over the third eyes and kohl lines that extend inwards, almost as if emphasising the brilliant pink shade of the Lipper - this look is captivating!


Bright Beam

Emphasizing the Chandan design that flows naturally over the cheekbones, with soft kohl eyes that reach out to meet it - be still our beating hearts, for this bride is simply enchanting!


Crown Jewel

A gorgeous big and bold gold crown atop a poofy bun. Matched with nude makeup and light kohl eyes, you are set to rule your wedding day with aplomb!

Source Akash Kumar

Demure Tone

A soft look, with lightly kohled eyes and a bright red Lipper. The gold mathapatti adds to the effervescent charm!

Source Akash Kumar

Saucy Smile

This bride's Chandan design is so unique - only covering the eyebrows, culminating in the red bindi on the third eye with bold kohl that stretched outward. Oof, we are going gaga over this look ?

Source Sandip Das

Shy Style

A delicate look with pink tones and pink Lipper with a classic Chandan design over the brows.

Source Sandip Das

Love Minimal

A uniquely simple look with Chandan design half on the brow, and half on cheeks with a pale Lipper and dusky eyes!

Source Sandip Das

White Balance

A pure white crown atop the head that steals attention paired with red lips and a classic Chandan design is always a favourite

Source Sandip Das

Bronze Hue

Bronzed eyes that match the saree border are just the attention to detail we are here for!

Source Sandip Das

Floral Rush

Accentuating the head ornaments with orchids that match the plum Lipper and third-eye bindi is the classy we want!

Retro Bride

A throwback to the blowout hairdos of the 60s, this bride is rocking minimal makeup to ensure that your gaze doesn't leave that blooming bun!

Shining Bright

A pale gold hue for this beautiful bride - the kohl stands out in that sparkle and shine!

Lush Effect

Emphasize the bold colour of your outfit with a soft colour palette for your face.

Coral Glow

Accentuate your cheekbones with a faint blush matching your saree!

Yellow Mellow

Draw attention to your GORG it with your eyes! This look is so sublime; gold and green touches on the eyelids to match with the outfit is a fantastic idea!

Final Words

These gorgeous Bengali brides are giving us ethereal vibes and celestial bridal inspiration! Which bride took your breath away?


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Top 25 Regal Bengali Brides Giving us Divine Looks!

by Maggie S.

Top 25 Regal Bengali Brides Giving us Divine Looks!