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"Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it." ― Nicholas Sparks 

Today is the day where love is in the air across the globe. From sending fancy gifts to a bunch of fresh red roses, let's take a moment to thank our dear ones for always loving the way we are. And, on behalf of ShaadiSaga, I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Valentine's Day! We all know that 14 February is a day to celebrate love, togetherness and friendship and when we talk about real couples it is #LoveIsAllThatMatters. 

Taking this opportunity, ShaadiSaga is celebrating romantic, magical and even the quirkiest love stories of real couples today from around the globe (Agra to Chicago). Be it meeting your partner on LinkedIn or the love at first sight at your mutual friend's wedding. We spoke to these 7 real couples who have the most unique love stories we have ever come across. So, without further wasting time let us check out these beautiful real wedding couples and their beautiful love stories & a sweet Valentine's Day message from each partner for their better half. 💌🌹

7 Real Couples And Their Unique Love Stories 

1. Meet Aveena & Alissa Who Met on Bumble

Using the technology at its best, Aveena and Alissa first met each other on Bumble in October 2017. While Alissa took great care in writing her profile description; Aveena didn’t write anything and later revealed she didn’t even read Alissa’s profile. Luckily Aveena messaged Alissa as soon as they matched common interests and wasted no time in asking her out.

Their first date (and many more to come) was a dinner date that lasted 3.5 hours. "We were both amazed by how easily the conversation flowed and that our interests, values, and humour aligned so well. Having lived with girlfriends before, Alissa told me she didn’t want to move in with another partner unless they were engaged, which I supported. But then we found an apartment in January 2018 and had to move quickly on it. I had an earnest conversation with Alissa about how it looked like as if we would have to move in together before being officially engaged. Alissa was disappointed but understanding, not wanting to rush it," said Aveena Mathew.

Romantic Proposal Story That Took Alissa To A Surprise 

After sharing common interests and a bond aligned perfectly it was the time for a romantic proposal story. Girlfriend Aveena planned on proposing to her partner Alissa before they moved in together; the proposal that was a complete shock to Alissa.

An Indian American Fusion Wedding Where These Brides Proved That 'Love Never Fails!'

After a magical proposal under the rain, the couple was looking forward to the Indian-Americal fusion wedding and wanted the wedding to feel modern and romantic, with touches of Aveena’s Indian culture. The venue was an industrial-inspired with wood textures and high, exposed beam ceilings, and they added plenty of flowers and candles to ensure the space felt intimate and warm. Alissa’s favourite moment was really the entirety of the ceremony. In helping the officiant write the ceremony, Alissa wrote about that evening: "There are things we can only know for sure in retrospect, but I swear that on our first date a little part of me breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Ah, there she is. You found her." 

With decor on point and guests to shower, their blessings on couples Aveena revealed, "Alissa was so nervous walking down the aisle and could barely look at me for more than a few seconds at a time because she was worried about crying and she really can’t talk when she’s crying, which would make the vows hard. All the same, when we did lock eyes, it was such an intense, intimate feeling despite being surrounded by so many people and said, "my favourite moment was when our officiant pronounced us married, and we kissed as wives with everyone cheering. It as a moment of resolve following all the oppression I felt growing up as an LGBTQ + person in a conservative community. As the judgment and homophobia from people in our lives only intensified leading up to our wedding, it was wonderful to feel like that fight was over, and we could celebrate our new family with joy."

Valentine's Day Special

“Love planted a rose, and the world turned sweet.” – Katharine Lee Bates

Describing their love for each other as Selfless, Aveena has an adorable message for Alissa on this Valentine's Day to which she said, "Alissa, thank you for what you do for our family. I love you endlessly. Happy Valentine's Day, babe." 💌

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2. Meet Inayat & Akshaan Who Connected Via An Online Dating App

"Akshaan is a Delhi guy, whereas I'm from Ludhiana," recalled Inayat, "And it was love at first sight for me!" Connecting via a dating online website called Aisle, Inayat decided to take a huge risk meeting a guy off the Internet and flew to Bangalore without wasting a minute. Ticking off all the life-partner criteria on her list, thus started a beautiful journey of #AYAT where the couple dated each other for 3.5 years & forever. 

Sweet & Simple Destination Proposal in Udaipur

Though there are many romantic ways to propose to your partner, Akshaan Behl went a little 'Hatke' and proposed to his dream lady in Hua Hin, Thailand. Laughingly resisting because he didn’t have a ring she said, "He then took me to Udaipur and surprised me with a proposal again, this time with a ring." And, what we could see then was a blushing couple who are ready to exchange wedding vows for the rest of their lives and beyond.

A GORG Ludhiana Wedding With Handpainted Outfits, Customised Jewellery & Glam Elements!

Talking about her beautiful journey the bride, who also happens to be a jewellery designer said, "It was love at first sight for me. And I decided the very next day of meeting him, that he was the one. Like any other couple, we also had ups and downs and we were little confused about the right time to get hitched." 

Highs and lows are part of life and what brings it all together is #LoveIsAllThatMatters. "Parental approval, mental health and financial independence were some challenges that we had to face before we could say 'I Do'. The journey wasn’t easy at all, but we knew it’s worth it and all will be fine soon. It’s just a testing time for us and if we can be together in these times, we can have a beautiful life together," said Inayat Dhanda.

And, after much struggle and hard work, it was now the time for D-day. With rosy lips and blushing cheeks, she further revealed "From dreaming about a destination wedding since childhood, I grew to believe that a small wedding with people who you love, is all that matters. Though my father wished for a grand wedding, the Coronavirus outbreak in India was a blessing in disguise and we ended up having a week-long wedding with intimate functions. We were the happiest and danced like maniacs at every function. 

Valentine's Day Special

“Grow old with me! The best is yet to be.” – Robert Browning

Expressing her love as Pure & Childlike. Inayat has a sweet message for Akshaan — "I am your biggest supporter. Let’s make our journey together full of love and peace." 💌

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3. Meet Vebha & Puneet Who Are Ready for Their Second Innings

Sharing her experience of how it all started Vebha said, "We spoke eight years ago as he was a vendor in one of the companies. Over there, I used to work in the HR department whereas Puneet was running a recruitment agency. For almost 1.5 years we never met and spoke to each other but only professionally. Once, he sent me a Facebook request to which I accepted and our chats flooded with common interests." 

Beautiful Proposal At a Dinner Table

With rosy cheeks, she further narrated, "I am a single mother and so like me, he is a single father. After communicating with him I could see that we had so many things in common (on our first marriages, our kids, our struggles) and we started sharing and talking like friends. So, one thing led to another and one day while at a dinner date he said, "He would want to get married to me and see a life together," After several ups and downs of seven years we decided to get hitched for the rest of our lives and beyond."  

Intimate Wedding With Only 50 Guests!

Jumping with joy, Vebha said, "We got married last year in November. As my son finished school and was leaving for states for his graduation, Puneet and I wanted to make sure that we get married before he leaves for his studies. As both of our priority is our children first." 

Talking about the societal pressure she added, "I think it was more of a mental barrier to us and to be sure as it was the second time we are getting into the marriage process. We wanted our kids and parents both to be fine with our decision and also now we understand that weddings don't just bring two people together, but two families and we wanted to make sure that our families are part of this wonderful and pure celebration." 

Vebha and Puneet had an intimate wedding with 50 guests and celebrated with their loved ones. With lots of singing, hugs, and love (Oh! And some emotional tears) their wedding was a three-day event filled with much joy and happiness. 

Valentine's Day Special

“A life without love is like a year without summer.”

Describing her love as a Companionship, Vebha took this opportunity and has a sweet message for Puneet, "I promise I will stand by you always and looking forward to spending my entire life with you, my love. Wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day! 💌

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4. Meet Puja & Reza — The College Sweethearts 

"Reza and I are college sweethearts. We first met at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, when I was a young freshman, and he was a sophomore. Both of us started jobs at DePaul’s on-campus gym where we had a Saturday at 10 am-1 pm shift together! Reza was always flirting with me from the very beginning, and I always shunned him anyway (lol!). It wasn’t until a year later of being acquaintances/co-workers when something clicked between us. We ran into each other at a college party after months of not seeing each other, and sparks flew between us," said Puja Tailor Khan. 

Puja and Reza dated each other for two years and three months (including 1.5 years of a long-distance relationship) before the big marriage proposal happened. 

Dreamy Proposal Story For Mrs Khan!

Just like a dream wedding a bride-to-be also wishes for a fancy proposal. And, for Puja, her dreamy proposal idea was beautiful than ever imagined. With glittering eyes and flush cheeks Puja revealed her proposal story and said, "Reza planned out the most elaborate and dreamy proposal, and to this day, I still cannot believe that I didn’t see it coming. I had no clue what was going on until the moment he got down on one knee. He first took me down memory lane on our college campus, & we stopped along with all our signature spots where we made the most beautiful and fun memories together. For our last stop, Reza took me down a beautiful city path blindfolded. As soon as I opened my eyes, we were both standing in the heart of downtown Chicago, with Lake Michigan and the skyline in the back at Milton Lee Olive Park. He then got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever. After I said YES, he swept me away with a Horse Carriage Ride through the city of Chicago, which then took us to the most beautiful and customised dinner experience ever at BLVD."

The Proposal Day didn’t end there. They then made their way back to celebrate the big day with both of their families and friends where they were surprised with rose petals on the ground everywhere, a “Mrs Khan” customised cake and sweets table, and balloons and roses everywhere recreating the proposal look inside the home!

A Modern Day Romeo & Juliet Love Story Where The Duo Held Both Nikkah & Hindu Wedding Ceremony!

Can't get over their dream proposal idea?! Wait for the Big Fat Indian Wedding then. Coming from two very different cultures & religions getting married seemed impossible. Always believing that if you are destined to be with someone it will happen, Puja said, "I think we both fell for each other so early on that, we’ve always been emotionally ready to get married and it was only a matter of time! However, we wanted to make sure both of us could stand on our own feet from a career and financial perspective, so after going through a long-distance relationship, which matured us even more, we were ready to take the next step!" 

When asked about the barriers they had to cross for marriage Puja revealed "Yes! Many! Reza comes from a Pakistani and Iranian background while I come from an Indian Gujarati Hindu background. As you can imagine, we had lots of conversations with both our families on what our wedding and marriage would look like, but we are blessed with the most amazing parents and it all worked out beautifully in the end." 

With much enthusiasm and happiness Puja further added, "The #TailorMadeForReza Wedding Week was the BEST week of our lives. That’s how it should be right? In all seriousness, though something magical happens when you come together to officially celebrate the love of you and your soulmate. The décor, food, dance performances, vows-all of it was a dream come true. Our wedding went viral all over YouTube and Tik Tok, which was madness." 

Valentine's Day Special

“Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” – Franklin P. Jones

Describing her love as Passionate with Reza, Puja has a special Valentine's Day message: "To my cutie-pie Reza: you are, and always will be, my entire world. I love you more and more every single day and am the luckiest person in this universe to be your wife and your Valentine. I love you forever, my king. Happy Valentine's  Day!"

-Always yours, Puja 💌

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5. Meet Rahul & Sushank Who Found Each Other on Tinder

Source Rahul Malde

What happens when two beautiful souls meet each other? MAGIC. This is a story of two young men who connected on Tinder and celebrated their first date on New Year's Eve. Talking about how they met Rahul Malde said, "Sushank and I met in London in 2017. Sushank went to London to do cancer research. While Sushank was there, his friend made a tinder for him. I was the first person that Sushank messaged and was intrigued by him right away. We had our first date on 31 December 2017 and the rest is history. It was love at first sight. Our love for our families is something that made us connect right away." 

Intimate Yacht Proposal That Celebrated Love & Freedom 

After dating for a year and a half Sushank proposed to Rahul on 4 July 2019 that was all DREAMY and broke the internet in just a few hours. "Sushank wanted the proposal to be intimate but also celebrate our love and freedom. What better day of celebrating then 4 July in New York. On our private yacht during the firework display, Sushank popped the question and I ecstatically and I ecstatically accepted. Sushank has made London a second home for him and I have made New York a second home for me, hence the proposal was done in his hometown."

Source Rahul Malde

Source Rahul Malde

Expressing his love for Sushank he further added, I knew he was 'The one' when I met him. I think that's what happens when you meet your soulmate; you feel a little bit more in love every single day. Home isn't a place anymore — it's a person. There is something unbelievably refreshing about meeting someone who is on the same life frequency as you. Everything feels effortless and natural. You just embrace it, and it's beautiful." 

And, just when all seemed good-to-g the COVID-19 struck the world and ruined the plans. Facing all the challenges this couple proved to us again that #LoveIsAllThatMatters. "The hardest situation we have been through as a couple is during Coronavirus. In March 2020 Sushank had to go back to the USA because his visa finished in the UK, this meant we had to undertake a long-distance relationship which we were ready for. We made a plan to see each other every few months but COVID-19 occurred and all our plans changed. I was unable to enter the USA as Trump didn’t allow UK citizens to enter means that only Sushank could come to the UK. This was very difficult for us as we did not see each other for four months." 

Source Rahul Malde

Source Rahul Malde

He further added, "With a five hour time difference and work being extremely busy and Sushank's looking for work, this had a strain on our relationship. But, we had to fight through it and make it work as our love was stronger than Coronavirus. We call and FaceTime each other at least three times a day to make sure we have continuous communication and we plan how we will see each other. Currently, Sushank has had to make two trips to the UK in 2020 to meet up however we have had sure that both times we experience as much as we can and really enjoy each other as we know the time is short," said Rahul. 

Valentine's Day Special

“This fire that we call Loving is too strong for human minds. But just right for human souls.” – Aberjhani

Revealing their plans with us Rahul said, "We’re hoping to get married next year. We want to get our own place & start ticking things off our bucket list. And maybe one day, plan for a baby! 💌

Source Rahul Malde

6. Meet Rubal & Abhinav Who Had 'Love at First Sight' At a Friend's Wedding

How about you meet your husband-to-be at your friend's wedding and have love at first sight? Well, this is an adorable love story of twosomes who met at a wedding through a mutual friend. After a few phone calls and chats, they somehow lost touch. But, as they were designed to meet again, RubalAbhinav started a beautiful journey together and dated each other for about two years.  After a fabulous two years or so, Abhinav went down on one knee and proposed his lady life on this very same day (three years ago), ie. 14 February 2018.  

Cute Proposal On Valentine's Day With A Sweet Gesture

Going back to her not-so-proposal story Rubal said, "There was no proper proposal but on 14 February 2018, he didn’t wish me so I was super annoyed suddenly around 3 pm my doorbell rang and it was a guy with a bouquet, cake, chocolates and stuff like that. I called him up he was on his way to Chandigarh so he couldn’t come to meet me. I like the beautiful gesture he made and from that day I felt like oh we are dating like he is my boyfriend."  

A Royal Jaipur Wedding Where The Bride & Groom Slew In Their Outfits

After a sweet proposal given by Abhinav where of course, 'She Said Yes,' we asked the blushing bride about the marriage process. She said, "It's not a day or month when you decide or express to each other that we are ready for marriage. I feel it's a process where you understand each other and you tick mark all the criteria in your head. Besides, you accept the person the way he/she is and start to adjust. Abhinav has built so much confidence in me that I can’t thank him enough. When you start growing in a relationship that’s when you feel you are with the right one." 

Well, we couldn't agree more with you. Where #LoveIsAllThatMatters Rubal further added when asked about any challenges they had to face during the marriage process. "Not at all. In fact, my father-in-law took the first step and called up my father, set up meeting although Abhinav and I were super nervous. My Laws, touchwood they made it so easy for us they made everyone so comfortable. I feel like the luckiest girl." 

Taking inspiration from the Bollywood movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Rubal always wanted a royal wedding. And, guess what? She had one and that too filled with love, happiness and joy. "I am super blessed to have a royal wedding in Jaipur where we truly enjoyed every moment of our wedding. All thanks to God and my wonderful parents who could make this happen." 

Valentine's Day Special

“Loved you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will.” – Elaine Davis

Expressing her love as Compatible where she feels like she has found her twin, Rubal has a special Valentine's Day message for her husband. "Abhinav, I may not be the best wife but I promise to be your best friend, your true companion, a person whom you are always comfortable with. I am so lucky to have you, I love you with all my heart." 💌

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7. Meet Juhi & Manohar Who 'Clicked' on LinkedIn

Have you ever heard that somebody met on LinkedIn (yes you read that right) and became soulmates for the rest of their lives? Today is a quirky love story of Juhi & Manohar who met through LinkedIn, which possibly seemed unrealistic but ended up sharing common interests and beliefs. After dating each other for four years, #Mahiforever decided to spring to the next phase of life.  

Adorable First Date Proposal Idea

Sharing her LinkedIn love story with us Juhi said, "As quirky as our meet by chance on LinkedIn, my bae proposed to me on the very first date/in-person meet after a year of our long-distance relationship. I ran out of thoughts completely at the moment and was trying to figure out how to react as if somebody needed to pinch as it was a dream-like situation for me. The minute I "Said Yes" the new moment of life for us forever began. 

Intimate Wedding in Agra With All Safety Precautions On-Point!

Talking about her dream intimate wedding that was struck by Coronavirus outbreak she said, "Our initially planned wedding was on April 26, 2020 (this day was planned for a year)  but Alas the Pandemic! As we saw the situation getting worse and could foresee our planned big fat Punjabi wedding not happening so we decided to tie the knot as soon as we saw the news of unlocking one hitting in. Problems were always there since the first planned date got postponed but we were determined that this time we will make it happen. We coordinated with almost all the 5-star hotels for a month and in the end zeroed on Trident, which was ready to welcome us in July."

She further added. "As lockdown had hit us all big time since March, we did not even have our wedding outfits and accessories in place and then all thanks to the odd-even system. With this system, the markets soon opened and we hardly had days to shop but to my rescue, it was Amazon where I got my wedding and engagement day jewellery. I know it's hard to believe which bride gets the wedding jewellery online, but I had no option because in Agra we do not have a lot of options plus the lockdown situation created more problems for us."  

After all the shopping madness now it was the time for the big day. Having an intimate wedding the couple decided to limit to 30 guests and invited all their close family members and friends. What caught our attention was how the bride planned everything by herself, from personalised decor to what would accentuate the centre table, the colour schemes, perfectly written welcome message and check-in notes to welcome Groom Gang. Juhi said, "We firmly believe to have had a dream come true wedding, strongly considering the pandemic hitting all over the world. We could not have asked for more. And yes we can never have it all. So to sum it up, it was a very unique experience. Imagine us and all our guests with masks on? We took it really positively." 

Valentine's Day Special

“I love you, not only for what you are but for what I am when I am with you.” – Roy Croft

Calling their love Unconditional, Juhi expressed her feelings to Manohar and said, "The world is full of interesting things to do and I want to experience life and live every bit of it together with you happily forever till my last breath and I mean it." 💌 

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#ValentinesDay- 7 Unique Love Stories From Around The World That Proved "Love Is All That Matters!"

by Chandni Kumar

#ValentinesDay- 7 Unique Love Stories From Around The World That Proved "Love Is All That Matters!"