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Congratulations! You decided to make it official with the love of your life. To celebrate this new phase that you are going to spend with him/her, you got to do something special, right? While a traditional engagement party is absolutely beautiful, we know you are looking for more ideas to make this celebration a bit more fun, edgy and gorgeous. Don’t worry! We got you covered. So, here we are bringing you some ideas, themes and other fun elements to include in your engagement party to make your function a memorable one! 

Trending Engagement Party Ideas To Add A Little Fun To The Celebration

Your engagement is the first step of your life where you will live with your partner for a lifetime. And we have some best engagement party ideas to make it more special for you both. Check out this list of ideas for you to make your engagement party more fun and wholesome. Oh! And, thank us later.  

1. A ring ceremony at your engagement party is a must-have!

Although it started in the west, the ring ceremony is the first thing that pops up in our mind when we hear the term ‘engagement’. Exchanging rings should be on your to-do list even you are planning a traditional engagement for not only it is beautiful, heartwarming and fun but also let both of you wear a token of love from your partner.

So, if you are a groom-to-be looking for the best engagement party ideas, get down on your knees while you make her wear the ring. Well, it’s romantic and we, ladies, wait for this moment all our lives.

Source Pinterest

Gone are the days when men only initiated moments. Rather today, brides-to-be are taking charge too. So, for the bride-to-be reading this, surprise him by getting down on your knees at your engagement party and see him blushing all night!

Getting on knees and all, too dramatic for you? Keep it simple by exchanging rings at your engagement ceremony.

2. No Indian engagement party is complete without grooving, so get on the dance floor!

Goes without saying that a couple of dance at your engagement ceremony is a must. So, all the traditional and hatke brides, don’t shy away from a romantic performance with the love of your life.

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Yeah, the couple dance is cool but is an Indian wedding even a wedding without a complete FAMJAM? Get your entire family on the dance floor grooving to family wedding performance songs curated just for you. 

Last but not least, your buddies aka #squad. Get your bridesmaids and groomsmen dancing on the best wedding songs to celebrate this special day of yours to the fullest.

3. Words straight from the heart for a couple of the day by their loved ones!

Is that your BFF getting hitched to the love of his/her life? You got to make this day the happiest day of their lives. One of the most unique, thoughtful and beautiful engagement party ideas is taking the stage to say some heartfelt words about the groom, the bride or them as a couple. This one is gonna make them smile all their lives!

4. Create a video montage for the couple to be played at their engagement (PS: Keep the tissue box ready!)

Speaking on stage isn’t your thing? Or, do you generally struggle to express your emotions in words? Well, here’s an idea – make a cute video for the couple along with their pictures and videos. You can even show the couple’s love story and their journey or maybe, make a reel of their pre-wedding pictures and videos along with a romantic number.

5. Add an engagement cake to your celebration to make it sweeter and merrier!

Another tradition that started in the western world but is gradually becoming a part of the Indian wedding culture is cutting beautiful wedding cakes at wedding functions. You can get a cake according to the theme of your engagement party or maybe something that connects both of you. Oh! Make sure you cut the cake with your partner on your special night.

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Source Pinterest

6. Add a thrill to the party by including some fun and exciting games

Other than celebrating the love you have for each other your engagement party is also meant to entertain you and your guests and nothing entertains as some quirky games do! You can keep a question-answer round about the couple or maybe indulge in some fun group activities. We have listed a few of our favourite ones later in the post so do check them out. 

Steal Some Unique ‘Out-of-the-box’ Engagement Party Theme Ideas

Next up, is a unique or out of the box theme ideas that you can choose for your upcoming engagement party. So, choose a theme that speaks about you two and your relationship for your engagement party. Florals to fairy lights and Bollywood to the royals, check these gorgeous themes for your engagement night!

7. For all your filmy folks like us in the house

If you happen to be as obsessed with Bollywood as we are, this is the one for you. Include Bollywood inspired décor, outfits and even this cake idea to your engagement party.

Source Colomono

8. Current status: Obsessing over these gorgeous colour floral wedding décor

We don’t remember an Indian wedding celebration without some gorgeous floral settings. For those of you who wish for an elegant setting at your engagement party, take inspiration from this pretty floral wedding decoration.

Source katiaforero

Source katiaforero

9. These pretty fairy lights make this engagement venue luxurious look so gorgeous!

Include fairy lights in your evening outdoor engagement décor to make it look super-gorgeous like this one. We bet you won't regret it later! 

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10. Let that LOVE spot be the place where you made it official!

Remember the restaurant you had your first date at, or maybe you saw him/her there for the first time? Book that place for your engagement party to make it even more special for your partner. 

11. Include vibrant colours to your engagement party for some happy vibes!

Did you choose a warm sunny venue to make it official with the love of your life? Opt for a bright colour theme for your day engagement party.

Source bigbashent

12. Forest/garden themed engagement party for you nature lovers

Are you both your happiest self when in nature? Well, a forest or a garden-themed party is your option for your engagement party. 

Source pixelstory

Source snapsoul

13. Exchange rings on a beach!

Honestly, beaches are one of the perfect places to celebrate your new phase and what can be better than having your engagement party on a beautiful and romantic beach just like this one. Oh! And, don't forget to bookmark these 25+ latest beach wedding decor ideas for your upcoming wedding day!

Source linandjirsa

14. Get engaged like the royals

Did you always dream of living like the royals? Well, you sure can on your special day and get engaged to your love life in a mansion or a palace-like this bride’s father built a palace like the Laxmi Vilas Palace for her wedding!

15. Take a nostalgia trip with personalised décor at the party

There's nothing more special than having a custom theme decor party made for you on your engagement night. 

Source dreamzkraft

16. Take inspiration from Niti Taylor's grand engagement party with matching décor, outfits and even the cake!

The actress's engagement party gave us major goals and we are still drooling over on her grand engagement party. Check out our post on Niti Taylor's engagement and take some cues from the duo. 

Super Fun Engagement Party Game Ideas for You

Brides, wow about including some exciting games for you both and your guests at your engagement party to raise the entertainment quota? Well, we think it's a fantastic idea and super fun to make your guests engaged in that party. 

17. Tug of war

You've always enjoyed playing it as a kid, and we're certain you'll enjoy playing it at your engagement as well! So it is going to be team bride-vs-team groom or girls-vs-boys at your party and we bet you will LOVE it the most.  

Source candidtales

18. Who’s most likely to?

This one is super fun! All you need to do is to provide the guests with paddleboards with the faces of the groom and bride on one side each and ask them fun questions about the couple. Let the guests guess. 😉

19. Beer pong

Beer pong is the most famous and a must-have at your wedding galas. From pool parties and beach parties to sundowners and after-parties, beer pong is growing popular among all.

20. Giant snake and ladders

Spread huge snakes-and-ladder board on the floor for your guests to play. Roll a huge dice and let people walk over the board to walk ahead, climb ladders or be bitten by a snake. So, much FUN, right?! 

21. Trampoline

A trampoline is a unique way to incorporate some excitement into your festivities. It will also keep the kids entertained and busy, as we all know how much they enjoy trampolines. And, ah, the adults too!

Final Words!

With this, we come to an end to this list of trending engagement party ideas for you. Hope you like the ideas we curated for you. Which one did you like the best? Do let us know in the comments section on our Facebook page. Don’t forget to follow us to get notified when we upload a new post for you.


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Top 21 Engagement Party Ideas- Trending and Popular

by Apoorva Saxena

Top 21 Engagement Party Ideas- Trending and Popular