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We’ve seen so many beautiful decor options for weddings like floral decor, vintage one and pastels but today we have a fresh element in our spotlight that you can add to your wedding decor and make jaws drop. Drumroll…. We are talking about pampas grass! 

Pampas grass looks absolutely beautiful if incorporated properly. Whether you’re thinking of having a boho mehendi function or a wedding with a theme of nature, this grass will fit in just right. So, we have found various ways for you to include pampas grass into your wedding decor. Get ready to take notes cuz there are some great decor ideas below! 

Pampas Grass Decor We Spotted At Weddings

Pampas Grass For Seating

Now, amp up your to be husband and your seating at your wedding functions by including pampas grass to it. Mix with the right kind of flowers and you’re all set to have a seating space like never before. After all, isn’t that the area where mostly all of your mehendi function photos are going to come? And, if you’re still a little confused about the seating decor, then simply scroll below and see for yourself! 

Pampas Grass As The Centre Table Decor

Although we’ve seen just one centre table with pampas grass as decor, we think that this is actually a wonderful decor idea guys. If you’re looking for those really long centre table decor options then this is the thing for you. And, if you want a boho theme, then this will be a bang on idea!

Pampas For The Dinner Setting

If you’re having an intimate wedding followed by a dinner, might we suggest that you pick pampas grass for the decoration? Its wild, tall and absolutely beautiful. Your dinner setting will look so dreamy, dear brides that everyone’s gonna take your decor idea and try to incorporate it in their wedding decor! Don’t believe us? Then simply scroll below and see for yourself!

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

Pampas Grass To Deck Up The Aisle

Usually, the way to the mandap or the ‘aisle’ is left empty. But, we think its time to deck up the aisle by adding pampas grass here and there. Not only will the area now no longer empty but, you will get some dreamy photos to cherish for a lifetime guys. And, if you want some element of colour, we say you add some flowers in between! 

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

Pampas In the Backdrop 

Guys, pampas grass in the backdrop of your stage or seating is the perfect solution to having the best photos cuz of the way it looks, the colour it has and it’s texture. No matter what you and your other half is wearing, pampas will rather add to the look. Also, let’s not forget that this is a fresh idea which hasn’t been opted by many so this is your golden opportunity to stand out. Still confused? We say you checkout these real wedding backdrops and then take a call!

Source M Jassal

Source Pinterest

Pampas Grass For The Mandap

How many mandaps covered in roses or marigolds or those white flowers have you witnessed at weddings? We’d say more times than you can count. So, that’s why we suggest going with pampas grass for your mandap decor in order to do something quirky and to have a beautiful mandap. This grass can be tied on the ends or can simply float. Ladies, be as creative as you want with this decor! And, if you’re looking for some ideas then we say you should just scroll below!

Pampas Here & There To Fill The Space

Sometimes, there can be a lot of empty space when we talk about the wedding decor and most of the time, we brush that aside. But, today we say that take note of those empty spaces at your wedding venue and add some pampas grass there. Not only will it be cheaper than having a lot of decor dedicated to those spaces but every little corner of your wedding area will somehow become special. Imagine, how many guests will be taking photos in front of the pampas grass. We truly think that it’s a great addition to your wedding decor, ladies.

Source Bloominous


So, where are you going to incorporate the beautiful pampas grass? Tell us in the comments section below!

Here's How You Can Include Pampas Grass Into Your Wedding Decor

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Here's How You Can Include Pampas Grass Into Your Wedding Decor