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WeddingBazaar awaits your guest posts!

At WeddingBazaar, we believe that ideas and inspirations are to be shared. While we leave no stone unturned to bring to you the best of the wedding ideas and inspirations, we would love to have you contribute to the cause.

Get your idea of a fairytale wedding published on our website and let the world know of your talents. Original, relevant and inspiring content is the type of content that we are looking for. Whether you are an experienced writer or a budding one, if writing is your forte, we got your back. Let us be your claim to fame.

Submit a Guest Post

Guidelines to Write Wedding Guest Posts

While we will appreciate if you let your creativity flow, some very simple rules must be followed to make your blogs apt for the website. Do keep them in mind when you write.

Content Guidelines

  • Word Count: The blogs must be of 1000+ words. However, remember keeping it crisp, to-the-point and simple
  • Original Content: This goes even without saying, do not plagiarize. Any copied content can be easily recognized and will be rejected instantly.
  • Content Quality: Other than being original the content you write must not only catch the reader’s attention but also compel them to read the entire blog.
  • Simple Language: While writing, do not forget that you are writing for a layman, not an English language expert. Choose the writing tone and words that can be understood by the layman. Also, make sure that your blogs are grammatically correct before submitting them.
  • Submit your blogs doc or PDF formats or simply send type the text in the email that you are going to send to us.

Images guidelines

Blogs without images are simply boring to read. Include images in your blog to make your reader’s experience more enjoyable. Certain guidelines are to be followed when you choose images for your blog:

  • Send optimum quality images only
  • Send no more than 3-5 images per blog.
  • While writing Fashion blogs, keep in mind to choose the colours very carefully
  • Submit watermark-free images but do let us know the source of the images

Submit a Guest Post

What are we looking for?

The main question when you sit to write is what exactly are you going to write. WeddingBazaar, as a wedding assistance service accepts blogs that are relevant and surround weddings.

The topic on which you choose to write must be a part of one of the categories that we are going to talk about below. We recently added our name to wedding blogs that accept guest posts and we promise you to feature the best works in each of these categories.

Now, you know it all. If your idea falls under any of this category, you know what to do.

Submit a Guest Post

What We Don’t Accept/Publish?

Submit a Guest Post

Why Write for Us?

WeddingBazaar is a big name in the wedding domain. With millions of users visiting daily, the website has remained quite a popular one among its competitors.

The viewers are mostly urban youths, from 20 to 30 years of age who are responsible to make or break any online business. While blogs get the website it’s organic traffic, the presence of WeddingBazaar on social media has done wonders.

WeddingBazaar is one of the most talked-about online wedding assistance services on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. With such a huge reach, having your blog published on our website is a win-win for you.

Submit a Guest Post

What you get from Guest Posts?

Submit a Guest Post

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