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A couple's engagement calls for a celebration! And celebrations mean gifts, of course.

While engagement gifts are not required, it is a nice gesture to extend to your loved ones. Whenever you're invited to a celebration as such, it is always best to grace the occasion with a gift for the couple. However, shopping for an engagement gift is slightly more challenging than purchasing a wedding gift.

There are many factors to keep in mind while shopping for an engagement gift. But all in all, it has to be a gift worth remembering. So if someone you know just popped the question – or said yes to it! – getting the happy couple an engagement gift is a lovely way to let them know just how thrilled you are for them both!

From homeware, kitchen appliances, decor, food and even drinks, there is a long list of items perfect for the occasion of engagement. So, Scroll down and check out our long list of engagement gifts that are ideal for every kind of couple!

These Are The Best Engagement Gift Ideas

1. Bed Sheet & Pillow Cover Set By House This

Gifting a couple a set of gorgeous bed sheet is always one of the safest and best ways to go. Bed sheets and pillow cover sets are handy for a couple that's starting a new life together and they don't cost that much. However, if you do decide to go that way, make sure you gift them something high quality and with a good print or pattern!

MRP: Rs 2,899 | BUY HERE

2. A Self-Care Gift Combo From Palette

Self-care is extremely important, even for a newly engaged couple. What's better than a gift box full of body care that is soothing for both the mind and body? The box contains a candle scented like fresh cut roses, two fruity bath bombs and a lavender-scented whipped soap!

Source Palette

MRP: Rs 1950 | BUY HERE

3. Chloe Dessert Plates

These gorgeous ceramic plates with handpainted designs would make the perfect gift for a couple that loves pretty cutlery and crockery in their homes. These artisan dessert plates from the Wishing Chair are absolutely adorable and since their handpainted, it shows that you've put more thought into the gift. 

MRP: Rs 2650 | BUY HERE

4. Chumbak Peacock Pride Wall Clock

With a maroon rim and vibrant background colours, the Peacock Pride Wall Clock by Chumbak is an excellent engagement gift. Perfect for a work-from-home space or even the bedroom, this clock will make everything brighten up a little bit more!

Source Chumbak

MRP: Rs 2095 | BUY HERE

5.  His and Her Morning Teacup and Saucer

Every couple that's about to begin a life together should definitely have a pair of cups that are for each of them. These His & Her Teacups are so cute and extremely special for any couple to have. Also, the doddle design on those cups is just C-U-T-E!

MRP: Rs 1,150 | BUY HERE

6.  NutriBullet High-Speed 900 Watts Blender

Crafted with a sleek design, this high-speed blender from NutriBullet is a great choice. The NutriBullet Blender is synonymous with those who love to keep themselves healthy and refreshed. It's a must-have kitchen appliance for health-conscious couples. Plus, it comes with a one-year warranty!

MRP: Rs 7,490 | BUY HERE

7.  A Fun Mr & Mrs Congratulatory Box

Gift the happy new couple with a fun congratulatory box that is perfect for the occasion of their engagement. The box includes a handsome assortment of edible indulgences, little perfumes and a set of Mr & Mrs gold plated glasses that they can keep forever.

MRP: Rs 4,630 | BUY HERE

8. Cane Handwoven Bar Cutlery Set

Perfect for a couple that enjoys having a wide and aesthetic bar display in their homes, this cane handwoven bar cutlery set is everything one needs to add some elegance to their display. This unique set of bar cutlery & holder is ideal for get-togethers and parties. It's handcrafted with the handwoven cane on iron and Sheesham wood which oozes luxury and exuberance. 

MRP: Rs 2,899 | BUY HERE

9. Cabinet Bar Set

Yet another lovely gift for a couple that loves to party. This cabinet bar set is ideal for travels and trips. It houses a set of six whisky glasses with an assortment of bar essentials like a cocktail shaker, a hip flask, a waiter knife, a dual peg jigger, a cocktail strainer, a cocktail stirrer, and a bottle opener and a tong. Honestly, this bar set hosts such a wide variety of bar crockery and cutlery that we're convinced it's a steal deal, especially with the gorgeous faux leather box that makes it easy to carry!

MRP: Rs 5,800 | BUY HERE

10. Moments of Love Decor Plates

One of the new trends in home decor is decorative plates for the wall! The Plated Project is the brand that's brought decorative plates to us in a whole new light. And these gorgeous plates are reminiscent of a couple's loving moments together!

MRP: Rs 6,699 | BUY HERE

11.  Asian Pantry Gift Box

An assortment of all Master Chow's best-selling dips, stir-fry sauces and noodles! Gift your loved ones some authentic Asian flavours with this sampler gift box. Whether you're whipping up quick noodle meals, easy stir-fries or have your fav fried snacks, this box is the one-stop for all you could ever need to devise a sumptuous Asian meal!

Source MasterChow

MRP: Rs 2,725  | BUY HERE

12. Wonderchef Regalia Brew Coffee Maker

Coffee makers are such a necessity these days for those who cannot begin their day without their essential dose of caffeine. If a couple really enjoys a nice cup of joe that's made with pure beans, then this coffee maker is an excellent gift. It brews approximately 7 cups of coffee in one go and all one has to do is add the ground coffee to the maker!

MRP: Rs 4,300 | BUY HERE

13. Platinum Plus Pure Grade Aluminium Non-Stick Cookware Set

For a couple that's about to get married, a set of non-stick cookware is idyllic! The Platinum Plus cookware set comes with 1 fry pan, 1 kadhai, 1 lid and 1 dosa tawa. This is the perfect cookware set for beginners as well as culinary professionals and will be a great addition to anyone's kitchen.

MRP: Rs 4000 | BUY HERE

14.  A Sublime Tea Gift Box From Tea Trunk

There's a little everything for everyone here. And this one's for the tea lovers! A gift that celebrates the most natural human emotion in the healthiest way possible. May sound a bit too much, but if you really look at it, this gift box is a mixture of health and indulgence. The box contained a few packs of floral teas, a gingersnap candle and a yummy almond chocolate bar!

Source Tea Trunk

MRP: Rs 1500 | BUY HERE

15. Handmade Bathing Bars Gift Box

Elegantly packed in a beautiful box, this luxurious gift set contains four nourishing handmade bathing bars. The skin-loving formulations with feel-good fragrances make it a perfect gift of self-care for your loved ones who're about to begin their married journey together. 

Source Kimirica

MRP: Rs 1,330 | BUY HERE

16. Kimirica Love Story Gift Set

The love story collection is the best by the brand Kimirica. The box is full of divine body care items that are enriched with notes of Gardenia and Night Blooming Jasmine. It's the ideal gift for those who you care about, giving its users nourished and soothed skin.

Source Kimirica

MRP: Rs 3,199 | BUY HERE

17. Flower Bloom Napkin Ring or Holder (Set of 6)

These gorgeous aluminium napkin ring holders are an off-beat gift, sure. But they're absolutely lovely! Dainty and fetching, these flower-shaped napkin rings have a vintage quality to them that is perfect for those that love such tiny yet innovative dining decor.

MRP: Rs 1290 | BUY HERE

18. MCaffeine Coffee Mood Skin Care Gift Kit

MCaffeine's Coffee Mood gift kit is specially designed for making the gifting experience worthwhile. With pure Arabica coffee-infused skincare products, this kit will elevate your senses with a zesty aroma! It's a great gift, ideal for creating a timeless experience for the receivers of such. 

Source Nykaa

MRP: Rs 2020 | BUY HERE

19. Zesty Lemon Tumbler Set

We know what you're thinking, 'A tumbler set, really?' Yes, really! These gorgeous glass tumblers feature original designs by artist and entrepreneur Namrata Mehta with fresh and fun botanical illustrations. These glasses would be a perfect addition to anyone's drinkware collection.

MRP: Rs 1875 | BUY HERE

20. A High Tea Set From Weaving Home

It's so difficult to find a decent set of teaware that consists of every piece. The set is hand-made and hand-glazed, with hand carved lined design on it to give an earthy look. And since every set is bespoke, it makes every tea set from this brand one of a kind. 

MRP: Rs 2,999 | BUY HERE

21. Electric Round Shape Waffle Maker

Bring joy to a household with a waffle maker. We mean, who doesn't love waffles, right? The waffle maker has a dual-sided, non-stick coating that's round to give you perfectly delicious and yummy waffles right in the comfort of your home!

Source Glen India

MRP: Rs 2,995 | BUY HERE

22. White Donut Vase -Set Of Two

Let's talk about home decor. Vases are one of the easiest ways of decorating your household. And gifting aesthetic flower vases always works well. Handcrafted, with a fine finish and minimalist design, this set of vases is an ideal gift for anyone. 

MRP: Rs 1,248 | BUY HERE

23. Fruit Fest Frosted Shot Glasses

Never underestimate the wowing ability of a set of shot glasses. These shot glasses fit perfectly in any home space display and also make a great gift! We absolutely adore the cute fruity illustrations on them.

MRP: Rs 1,049 | BUY HERE

24. Vintage Tissue Box

Believe it or not, tissue paper and tissue boxes can be life saviours. This vintage tissue box is a dainty yet extremely useful piece that can be placed anywhere around the house. The touch of gold and realistic appearance of the radio transistor tissue box complete its aesthetic looks. Who doesn't love a quirky, aesthetic vibe?

Source Nestasia

MRP: Rs 1,190 | BUY HERE

25. Resin Astronaut Artifact

Don't let any table centre look blank and boring. Gift someone this cute astronaut figurine. It gives a quirky touch to a home's decor, plus has some space for things like candies, dry fruits or even snacks!

MRP: Rs 4,550 | BUY HERE

26. Double Decker Organiser Rack White Gold

The best way to amp up someone's kitchen counter is a sleek yet magnificent kitchen rack. This organiser rack comes in white and gold and has removable trays. It can store anything from canned foods to kitchen towels. Basically, anything can be stored on these racks and they look so pretty, making them the perfect gift. 

Source Nestasia

MRP: Rs 3,075 | BUY HERE

27. Sweet Daisy Photo Frame

Photo frames are a common gift for anyone. However, we're bored of the old-school simple frames. It's time for something cuter, more aesthetic and personal, like this daisy-lined photo frame!

Source Nestasia

MRP: Rs 2,890 | BUY HERE

28. A Fragrant Bubbly Rose 3-Wick Candle

When it comes to luxurious and extremely fragrant candles, Bath and Body Works is one of the best brands. Yes, they're slightly expensive for a scented candle. But boy! They're worth every penny. This particular candle is a bestseller, splashed with hints of pink rose, sweet blood orange, cranberry and a few natural essential oils. 

MRP: Rs 2,799 | BUY HERE

29. Postage Printed Patchwork Cotton Quilt Set

Quilt sets are always a great gifting option, especially due to their quality. With yellow, red and beige hues, this set has an earthy appeal with the added splash of patchwork! This particular cotton quilt set will brighten any room and add more character to your decor.

MRP: Rs 9,250 | BUY HERE

30. Fiesta Ginko Amelia Gold Metal Votive Holder on Stand

Beautify the look of a home with this artistically designed t-light, candle holder. it's handcrafted with the material of finest quality. It's a great gift for engagements and housewarmings, especially with the value for money factor and the high quality of the product!

MRP: Rs 1,299 | BUY HERE

31. Day Dreams Handpainted Cakestand

Gifting for a pair that are avid bakers? Or maybe they really enjoy displaying desserts. A cake stand, especially something as elegant as this ceramic one, is bound to make any receiver happy. And the tiny handpainted flower detail on it is just wow!

MRP: Rs 1,850 | BUY HERE

32. Dessert Plate & Bowl Gift Set

This dessert plate and bowl gift set by the Wishing Chair is absolutely gorgeous! The beautiful blue and pink patterns of fish scales and flowers make this handpainted set very attractive and will certainly make for a perfect engagement gift.

MRP: Rs 4,090 | BUY HERE

33. Crystal Heart Frame

Gift your loved ones something dainty and sweet like this romantic Crystal Heart Frame. It's a tiny frame that would fit basically anywhere in the house. The gleaming silver heart-shaped photo frame with embossed smaller hearts for an outer border establishes itself as one of the most enchanting photo frames

Source Nestasia

MRP: Rs 1,490 | BUY HERE

34. Phool Floral Gift box - Natural Incense Collection

Know a couple that loves using incense in their homes? Well, this natural incense box by Phool is perfect for them. It contains 2 boxes of hand-rolled luxury incense sticks and 2 boxes of incense cones. Each of the 4 packs of incense will come with a handcrafted holder.

Source Phool

MRP: Rs 620 | BUY HERE

35. World of Kaapi – Etched Dabara & Filter Gift Box

Filter coffee is essential to usher the day in almost every South Indian household. And this gift box is perfect for any filter Kaapi lover! Set in an elegant gift box inspired by the classic Kancheepuram sarees, these Dabaras & Dabba Filter are embellished with etchings inspired by the traditional Kolams of Tamil Nadu and classically finished in luxurious Brushed Matt Brass. A gift that's crafted to deliver the perfect Kaapi that would make your grandmother proud!

MRP: Rs 2,950 | BUY HERE

36. Mr & Mrs Marble Coffee Mug Gift Set

The Mr & Mrs Mug is probably an engagement gift as old as time. These marble coffee mugs are cute and useful for a new couple. Give them something to relish every morning in these posh and shiny mugs!

MRP: Rs 2,199 | BUY HERE

37. Personalised Travel Gift Hamper

A set of personalised passports, bespoke keychains and luggage tags make for the perfect gift for a couple that's all about that wanderlust. You can personalise the name tags on these items and create a lovely present for a travelling loving couple any day.

MRP: Rs 2,299 | BUY HERE

38. Customized Floral Name Plate

Giving a customised nameplate does seem like it's a wedding gift, more than an engagement gift. However, it's never too early to give a couple something meaningful to christen their new home!

Source Rangreli

MRP: Rs 1,450 | BUY HERE

39. Eye On You Mirror In Gold

This beautiful graphic mirror, with glamorous lashes of brassy gold, compellingly pulls you to its centre. It's wall art, it's a mirror, it's a dramatic focus, it’s where you get lost in the gleam of contemplation!

MRP: Rs 4,000 | BUY HERE

40. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

A polaroid camera is always a great gift for anyone if you're ready to spend on it. Polaroid cameras are such a trendy item these days and perfect for a new couple to capture some memories together!

Source Amazon

MRP: Rs 5,530 | BUY HERE

41. Batty The Butterfly Napkin Rings

Add a dash of flourish to someone's table with these gorgeous butterfly napkin rings. With their antique design and rustic finish, they make for a small yet thoughtful gift for an engagement.

MRP: Rs 1290 | BUY HERE

42. Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen

The Amazon Echo Dot is India's first and best smart speaker brand with Alexa. Echo Dot is a smart speaker that can be operated by voice - even from a distance. It's an ideal gift for a new couple and absolutely amazing. The Echo Dot can make your home smarter, with voice-control music and versatile usage. 

Source Amazon

MRP: Rs 4,499 | BUY HERE

43. Soft Cotton Throw

Throws are a relatively new concept in household decor. However, they make for an excellent gift. It's made out of knitted cotton which can work in both winters or in ACs. Plus, their semi-chevron pattern and tassels makes this throw the perfect minimalist buy that anyone will love!

Source Amazon

MRP: Rs 599 | BUY HERE

44. Personalised Watercolor Star Map Frames

Possibly the ultimate romantic gift to give to a couple. Whether it was the first time they met or a special day they spent together, capture that essential moment for them into these beautiful and artistic designs of the map of stars and constellations of that night.

MRP: Rs 1,099- 1,499 | BUY HERE

45. Personalised Doodle Portrait

Another great gift to give any couple is a bespoke doodle portrait for them. Pick a picture of them together and get it customised for them. So you can have all the important events and favourites of your life frozen in time in the form of this frame!

MRP: Rs 2,299 | BUY HERE

46. Romantic Wall Art

Keeping it simple sometimes works best, especially if it's for a couple that you do not know that well. Wall art is an easy gift to give during engagements or weddings, even though framed ones can be a bit bulky. Alternatively, you can also choose smaller sizes of wall prints and gift multiple prints together.

MRP: Rs 1,799 | BUY HERE

47. Blue Province Applique Cotton Quilt Set

This blue province applique quilt set offers a charming update to a bedroom. The bed set flaunts a classic light blue applique that creates a rich depth and texture on the face of the bedding set. It provides added comfort and durability making it perfect for use in the summer or as a layering piece in the winter!

MRP: Rs 13,150 | BUY HERE

48. Gift Them A Bottle Of Wine

No one can ever say no to a good bottle of wine (unless they're teetotallers)! You can get great wine from a good alcohol store anywhere in the country. Plus, if you know how to choose the right wine, let's just say the couple you're giving it to will definitely appreciate it. 

49. Tiny House Trinket Dish

Gift someone the elegance of this beautiful accessory. Help a couple curate their space with this beautiful miniature house jewellery dish. You can either give it solo for them to keep on their tables or dressing tables or add it to a curated gift box. They'll also be the perfect place to keep an engagement ring!

Source Natty

MRP: Rs 625 | BUY HERE

50. A Box Of Aromatic Candles

Choose from a range of consciously crafted, therapeutic, hand-poured beeswax candles by the Native Apothecary and curate it into a luxurious gift box. We've already talked about how great scented candles are as a gift for a couple. But you have to ensure you get it from a brand that has a good name for scented candles.

MRP: Stars from Rs 749 | BUY HERE

51. Golden Dhokra Tribal Bride And Groom Pair

Another thing to add much-needed jazz to any house's decor is figurines. While it's an acquired taste, tribal-inspired figurines are excellent gifts to give to a bride & groom to be! This Bastar tribal bride and groom pair, hand cast in solid brass using the traditional method of the lost wax technique, are authentic Dhokra handicrafts which are rare and eclectic. Definitely, a gift that reflects our country's heritage and art.

Source Jaypore

MRP: Rs 5,000 | BUY HERE

5 Things To Consider Before Finalising Engagement Gifts

Engagement gifts can easily range from casual food & drink to high-end duvet sets and decor items. It's an excellent opportunity to give your loved ones something personal that they'll truly enjoy. However, you need to ensure that whatever you give the couple is something they enjoy and like. Whether it's a custom charcuterie board for their next wine and cheese night or a piece of thoughtful artwork for a new home, there's something for everyone. But you must consider the following points before buying them that perfect engagement gift:

1. Stick To A Budget

Before you decide to buy an engagement gift for a couple, make sure to set a proper budget for it. You don't have to go over the top, but you don't want cheap out. Setting your budget for the gift also depends on how close you are to the couple. If you're super close, then you may feel like buying them something a bit more expensive. However, if you're just acquaintances, then you can certainly set a lower budget. 

2. Gift Something Useful

This should be, like, the golden rule of gifting in general. When gifting something to a newly engaged couple, it's always best to give them something that they can use as they begin their new life together. Anything that makes their home a better place for them is a good wedding gift. 

3. If The Couple Has An Online Registry, Make Sure To Check It Out

Online Wedding Gift Registry is an uncommon concept in India, sure. However, some couples do choose to create one. And we totally support having one. After all, it will give you a way better idea of what the couple wishes to have in their new home. So, if the freshly engaged couple has an online registry, be sure to check it out before purchasing a gift for them!

4.  Know The Couple's Taste

This is another important thing which you should always consider before buying anything for the couple. If you know what they need in terms of any item, then try to gift them that specific thing. For example, if a couple enjoys various kinds of alcohol, then you can buy them a good bottle of wine or whiskey. Similarly, if they're art collectors or baking enthusiasts, then you can gift them something that works!

5. If It's Personalised, Even Better!

Always remember, personalised gifts are always better than something purely off the market. There are many brands and labels out there that help people create personalised gifts for people. Whether it's something as simple as a nameplate or even a doodle portrait of the couple, gifts that are bespoke to them will always speak louder than normal ones. 


Newly engaged couples are often bombarded with presents leading up to their wedding days, many of which are impersonal and impractical (though well-intended). The best gifts are the ones that take into consideration the couple’s passions and personalities, making them incredibly thoughtful. So, we hope this list of gifts helped you narrow down certain future possibilities!


Want to see more ideas? Head over to the link for more ideas on Wedding Favours!

51 Best Engagement Gift Ideas - All Details Inside

by Shivani Singh

51 Best Engagement Gift Ideas - All Details Inside