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Every to-be bride from the day of the proposal or Roka to the wedding day is thinking of fun, quirky and different ways to make their wedding day a fantastic and memorable one. From the bridal outfit to the bridal entry, there’s so much to focus on. And, if you’ve been thinking about how to perfect that bridal entry of yours, we are here to give you some unique options which will surely get you some attention!

Scroll below to read more about the unique ways you can enter your wedding venue and make a statement!

Things You Can Do For A Grand Bridal Entry

1. Get A Hold Of A Boat

Getting married seaside? Then what better way to enter the wedding venue than to enter on a boat!? Yes, no kidding. Enter with your best friends on a boat or simply sail alone but entering on a boat will be the best dramatic entry you can make; one that will be remembered for years to come!

Scroll below to check out these real brides who entered the venue in a boat.

2. Enter With Your Four-Legged Best Friend!

If you are a proud owner of a pup, we say that you include your best bud in your bridal entry. Not only will you feel super comfy and confident to have your best friend with you but your wedding photos will turn out to be simply adorable. Oh, and your four-legged friend would also feel super special to be a part of your happiest day!

3. Ask Your Girlfriends To Hold The Chadar

Gone are the days when only the bros could hold your chadar and walk you down the aisle. If you share a much stronger bond with your girlfriends, we say that let them do the honor of walking you down the aisle. Ladies, imagine how fun it will be and you can always have them colour coordinated to get amazing photos!

4. Enter Like Royalty

You may have a plethora of fun options for your bridal entry but nothing screams class and sophistication more than being lifted by men to enter your wedding venue. Yes, ladies, we think entering like royalty is too a unique option. Not only will you look regal but you’re gonna get the most gorgeous wedding photos. Scroll below and you’ll get a clear picture of what we mean!

Source Pinterest

5. How Bout a Savage Entrance?

Well, you’re only going to get married once so why not make it count? Ladies, it's time to bring out your swag and take things up a notch. For your savage entry, we suggest taking a look at what these real brides did and taking all the inspiration you can. Some of our favourite savage entries are hands down the helicopter one and the one where the bride is entering the venue on a horse. Now that’s some way to make noise, no?


Which unique bridal entry did you set your heart on? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

5 Unique Things You Can Do For A Grand Bridal Entry!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

5 Unique Things You Can Do For A Grand Bridal Entry!