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Best Wedding Jewellers in Delhi

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These are the Best Wedding Jewellers in Delhi


People’s obsession with shiny and precious jewelleries is not new in Delhi. In fact, other than obsession or just an accessory, wedding jewellery resembles love, compassion, pride, and cultural heritage. Jewellery like an engagement ring represent...Read more

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Latest Reviews of Jewellery on WeddingBazaar

Preetu Chauhan 1 week, 15 hours, and 36 minutes ago

★ 5.0

chotteylal & sons chuda set & kaleere as the quality is A1... as soon as my wedding dates got finalised i knew that i have to go to chotteylal & sons for my chooda Absolutelyy loveeeee the chooda & they fulfilld all my requirment . i will recommend to all of one to buy all wedding stuff & jewellry from here i love the product .

...See More

Vrinda Bansal2 weeks, 6 days, 16 hours, and 14 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Riwaayatien by Talat

The best handmade jewellery you’ll ever find!! 🥹🥰❤️ The designs are just superb, and trust me, you’ll never limit yourself to just 1 purchase from them❤️ Their jewellery is super cost friendly, and the designs are just perfect🤍

...See More

Sugandhita Verma4 months, 4 weeks, 18 hours, and 20 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Eternity Jewels

Beautiful and versatile collection for the wedding jewellery! The most recommended stop for your big day! Thank you for helping us out on our every special occasion and making each of us look beautiful and elegant ❤️❤️

...See More

Neha Asthana4 months, 4 weeks, 1 day, 11 hours, and 37 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Eternity Jewels

So, i found Eternity jewels through instagram and it was my sister’s wedding so i needed jewellery for her and myself. They not only have great collection but the team is very sweet and even tried on numerous jewellery for us and sent us videos/photos, customised colors based on our dresses and most importantly unlike other insta sellers their prices are reasonable. We have recommended them our other family members and everyone loves them.

...See More

Factors one should keep in mind while buying wedding jewellery

Fix a budget and don’t go beyond it

Before buying anything, make a budget to organise your savings. Jewellery is the most valuable and expensive investment and if you invest your money the way you planned, it will not lead you to end up losing all your savings on the jewellery. So, sticking to your budget is really important.

Negotiate with making charges

Making charges is additional charges that the jewellers include in the total price of a jewellery piece. This charge refers to the labour used to construct jewellery and the making charges may vary on different jewelleries. So, you can always negotiate with the making charges and get a better deal for yourself.

Purity of wedding jewellery

Knowing the purity of gold used in a particular jewellery set is really important. Because there are a handful of types of gold available in the market with different purity. The higher the purity, the higher will be the price, so, you must know the purity of gold, evaluate the pricing and then spend money. 

Off-season shopping

The rates of jewelleries also fluctuate and at the time of wedding season, it exponentially increases due to high demand. So, on-season shopping can not be as fruitful as off-season shopping can be. Hence, get your jewellery when the sale is going on to get huge discounts and save your little money to spend on anything else.

Inquire about the after-purchase services by the jeweller

Do ask your jewellers if they offer any return or buyback policy in case you want to exchange or return in the future.

Compare and then buy

Do not hurry, buying wedding jewellery is a great investment and that jewellery might be going to last long with you for a lifetime. So, take a breath, explore, analyze, compare the same jewellery in different shops in terms of quality and price, and buy the best one.

Buy from trusted jewellers

Not only for weddings but every time you buy jewellery, make sure to buy from trust-worthy and best jeweller rather than any random jeweller near you. Check if the jewellery is hallmarked or not to ensure purity and quality. At last, ask the jeweller for a cash memo to ensure safe payment.

Invest in durable jewellery

I would advise you to invest in some really durable jewellery that lasts really long and does not damage that easily.

What are the most famous types of wedding jewellery in Delhi?

Kundan Jewellery

Kundan is one of the most expensive types of wedding jewellery, famous for its quality and beautiful finish given to the glass stone. Moreover, the method by which it is designed, is more or less similar to Polki jewellery in which uncut diamonds are used. 

Golden Jewellery

Gold jewellery is something that a bride would definitely buy for her wedding. In fact, brides who wear modern jewellery at other wedding ceremonies, prefer to wear golden jewellery on the mandap. Gold is a very soft material that can be easily moulded to give a beautiful unique design. On top of that, there are not only one, but a few types of gold available in the market such as white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold.

Polki Jewellery

Polki is a very famous type of jewellery which originated in the era of Mughals and is still in trend. Uncut, raw diamonds are placed on a gold setting to keep the raw diamonds in place. In addition to this, due to the natural form of uncut diamonds used in Polki, it is an expensive jewellery, even more expensive than Kundan. 

Temple Jewellery

Temple jewellery is generally designed with depictions of God and Goddess like Lakshmi Mata and Ganesh. Sculptures of god and goddess add up more charm, love, and blessing to any ritual. You may see Temple jewellery in every south Indian wedding as it is an important part of our south Indian culture. It is considered as one of the best South Indian wedding jewellery. However, brides of other cities also love to have this jewellery as it visually stands out more than any other wedding jewellery.

Meenakari Jewellery

Meenakari refers to the art of enameling or a method of filling colour to the jewellery. The colour enameling is done to highlight the small detailing of jewellery with colourful contrasting colours. This jewellery is very popular among brides for exquisite colours that it adds to the bride’s look.

Pearl Jewellery

Pearl jewellery is made of expensive pearls collected from deep down oceans. These pearls do not need any polishing and are used in their natural state to maximise the shine. Long haars beaded with pearls are the trendiest wedding jewellery nowadays.

Filigree Jewellery

Filigree jewellery is one of the most widely used jewellery in engagement rings or necklaces. Eye capturing beautiful filigree jewellery is created by twisted and curling highly pliable metals like gold and silver. 

Common mistakes that you should avoid when buying wedding jewellery?

Never buy jewellery before the outfit- Some might find it a better option to buy the jewellery before the outfit which is totally pointless because the outfit is the major part of the bridal look and the jewellery should complement the attire. So, both things must be in a contrast. Once your wedding lehenga and neckline of the blouse are decided, now it is easy for you to decide whether you want to carry a Kundan or Rani haar. Therefore, never buy jewellery before getting done on the outfit part. 

Do not forget to check the clasp of the necklaces

This can be one of the important things that brides always forget to check. Apart from the necklace’s quality and design, you also must check the quality of the clasps of the necklaces and whether they give a comfortable fit or not. As you never want to be uncomfortable on your day just because your necklace is too loose or too tight to handle. To avoid all this mess, make sure to check the quality, thread, grip, and hook of the clasps.

Avoid too big earrings.

Keep everything in balance, such as a Nath and big Maang tikka with medium-sized earrings so that you do not look all decked up. Hence, keep it moderate and classy. Let your face seek all the attention of guests.

Stop following the trend blindly.

This is a major mistake done by most of the women that is to follow the trend blindly. Following the trend and style can help you to look more modern and ravishing on your special day. However, searching for the exact same piece that you saw on the internet or in any picture can leave you with nothing. The picture on the internet is edited to enhance the look of any simple jewellery that does not look that much attractive in real. Moreover, the same piece that looks good on any particular piece never guarantees to give you that exact same look.

Always check the jewellery is certified or not 

Buying an expensive wedding jewellery set can sometimes eat up two-third part of your savings. And that’s why it is very important to check whether the jewellery is certified or not. Moreover, make sure to ask for an authenticity certificate when you are investing in jewelleries like diamonds, gold, or pearls. 

What are the wedding jewelleries that a bride must-have? 

What are the most popular jewellery trends in Delhi? 

Matching toe rings and anklet

Toe rings are as important as Mangalsutra for Indian women as only the married one can wear this. Toe rings, the mangalsutra, anklet, and bangles complete the look of women. Besides, there is a unique yet beautiful wedding jewellery trend that is becoming very popular nowadays to wear the anklet and toe rings of the same design that matches your outfit.

Big Maang Tikkas

Maang tikkas are a beautiful part of wedding jewellery that beautifully exaggerate the bridal look. Moreover, Big maang tikka goes really well with someone who wants a classy yet elegant look.

Multi-Layer Necklace 

Layered jewellery adds a royal flavour to the personality. Probably, that’s why multi-layered necklaces are there with three or more layers to bring royal taste to the bridal look. Moreover, these types of layered necklaces are very common among celebrities as you can see Priyanka Chopra’s layered necklace at her wedding.

Best tips to choose the best wedding jewellery in Delhi?

Frequently Asked Question About Wedding Jewellery in Delhi

Q - What type of Jewellery should I buy for a wedding in Delhi?

To add bling to our outfit, find wedding jewellery that best matches with shades of your dress to put everything in contrast. There are different types of jewellery available such as Kundan, polka, pearl, gold, etc. And suggesting one out of these is only possible for you as you know what you need as per your wedding theme and the contrasting colours of your outfit. So, explore and experiment to find the best wedding jewellery.

Q - Do Indian brides wear real jewellery in Delhi?

Whether a bride wears real jewellery or imitations at her wedding, it's all her choice as to what she wants to wear and what not according to her budget, lifestyle, and personality. There are many women who are fond of artificial jewelleries and wear them on their wedding day which is absolutely okay. However, if you are someone who wears real gold or diamond jewellery on a daily basis, I would recommend you to buy real jewellery as you can use it after the wedding also.

Q - Which gold is best for weddings in India?

In India, gold with 14k and 18k is considered to be the best option for wedding jewelleries, especially for rings and bands. Any other type like 18k with bright toned gold is a little more softer and is more prone to breakage. However, 14k is highly durable and lasts long which makes them perfect gold for engagement rings.

Q - Is Platinum better than gold?

Gold is better than platinum due to its stability. On top of that, gold is a metal that can be easily mined, whereas platinum is rare and expensive. Moreover, the price of gold does not fluctuate as much as the price of platinum.

Q - Is rose gold real gold?

Yes, rose gold is real gold. However, rose gold does not have 100% gold in it, but it is made up of 75% of gold and 25% copper by mass. Besides, rose gold is a type of alloy metal and is only available in 14k or 18k.

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