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Source: A Knotty Tale, MumbaiDia Mirza

A bridal shower is a perfect way to celebrate bride-to-be before she ties a knot with the love of her life. It is not only one of the first pre-wedding gatherings where friends and family from both sides meet, it is also packed with fun decor, snacks, gifts, and games that are simply so exciting! If you are confused about the etiquettes or planning process of the bridal shower, look no further! We have got this covered! We have also added some themes, cakes and décor inspirations for you. So, without any more adieu, let’s get started!

What is a Bridal Shower?

The Bridal Showers or ‘Godh Bharai (as you call it in some cultures)’ is the tradition of showering the bride-to-be with gifts, love and loads of blessings before she enters her marital life. This one day is for the bride to enjoy and be pampered by the closest of her people before her big day arrives. The modern-day bridal showers have games, activities and gorgeous outfits to fill them with fun and to make her wedding the happiest day of her life. Bridal Showers are usually organised by the bride’s closest relatives and her bridesmaid, for they are well aware of her choices. After the fun and games, the bridal shower ends with a delightful lunch or brunch. Some bridesmaids decide to spoil the bride with some yummy cocktails, too because, well why not?

“Bridal Showers are daytime events organised by the bride’s closest relatives or friends. Traditionally, it is meant to shower her with gifts to help set up her new home”

Fun Story: It is believed that the origin or bridal showers go back to 16th century Holland, when the daughter of a rich merchant fell in love with a poor man, the merchant refused to give her any dowry. The residents of the town then got together and collected small gifts for the couple for them to start a new life with each other. Sweet, isn’t it?

Bridal Shower Etiquette

Bridal showers have been existing in a few of the Indian cultures for centuries. However, over years these traditional bridal showers or godh bharai went through a lot of alterations and modifications. So, if you are a bridesmaid looking forward to planning the best bridal shower for the most important girl in your life, well, it can get a little overwhelming. But hey! You don’t need to worry! ShaadiSaga got your back. Below we discuss all the modern-day etiquettes of a successful bridal shower for your bestie to live the most memorable day of her life, beautifully! 

Who hosts the shower, whom to invite or what to write on invites, we have them all covered. Check out the etiquettes as you read further.

What Happens at a Bridal Shower?

The very first thing we find people confused about is to decide what exactly needs to be done at a bridal shower. So, here’s the answer. Generally, the food and drinks are followed by the tradition where the bride-to-be receives gifts and blessing from her loved ones. As for the entertainment quotient of the ceremony, you can choose to stick to the traditional dancing and singing or maybe, include some games and activities as per the choice of the bride-to-be. While traditionally, it has been an all-women ceremony, times are changing and your male best friends and relatives deserve to attend your bridal shower.

When Should You Throw a Bridal Shower?

In most cases, the bridal showers are organised two to six months before the wedding. You, however, should consider the preference of the bride and the availability of the guests. There is no harm in organising a bridal shower a little farther from the wedding day or maybe you can club these showers with another get-together such as a bachelorette party just before the wedding day.

Who Should Throw a Bridal Shower?

Bridal Showers are typically organised by the closest of the bride-to-be’s relatives and her best friends or the bridesmaids. Whoever is hosting the shower must communicate well to avoid more than one bridal shower being organised. Make sure that the all-important women of her life are a part of her bridal shower. Modern-day bridal showers let men participate in the ritual, which we think is simply great!

How Involved is the Bride and the Groom in the Planning Process?

The to-be-married couple often gives basic details like preferred themes, details, date, time, location, and activities for the host to organise a perfect bridal shower for the bride-to-be, unless, of course, it’s a surprise. The host uses this information to make the shower enjoyable for the bride.

Who Should You Invite to the Bridal Shower?

Most experts suggest keeping the guest list small and manageable for a smooth bridal shower. However, the number of invites that you should send out depends on the scale of the event that you are planning to organise. Make sure all those who are invited to the bridal shower are also invited to the wedding to avoid any chaos. Typically, bridal showers include the couple’s family, closest friends and the bride’s brigade.

If the shower isn’t a surprise for the bride, ask for her assistance in deciding the guest list and if it is a surprise, make sure your guessing game is on point.

When Should You Send Out the Invitations?

Ideally, either by post or email, the invites should be sent out four to six weeks before the bridal shower. Make sure that the name, date, time, place, a way to RSVP, and the names of whoever is hosting the shower are included.

Is There a Dress Code at a Bridal Shower?

This one is a personal choice. Some prefer having their guests follow a dress code while others want their guests to wear whatever they are comfortable in. If you happen to be someone who would like to see uniformity in dressing at the bridal shower, mention the dress code on the invite. Examples of dress code at bridal shower include a particular colour or maybe a particular type of outfit like maxi dresses etc.

Where Should You Host the Bridal Shower?

Most people want to host their bridal shower in their home, for it is convenient for the relatives who live locally to attend the bridal shower. You can choose the venue for the shower as per your budget and the preference of the bride-to-be. It could be in her backyard, a banquet hall, a farmhouse or a resort nearby, whatever is convenient for the host and the bride.

Is It Necessary to Plan a Theme-Based Bridal Shower?

No, it’s not. Organising a theme-based bridal shower is not a compulsion. Themes, however, add a little more life to the party we believe. The most popular bridal shower themes include Disney-themed showers, boho bridal showers, vintage bridal showers etc.

Step by Step Guide to Planning a Bridal Shower

Bridal Showers have been an important pre-wedding ritual in India for years. Today, with the modifications that it has had, planning a bridal shower is super exciting yet a bit of an overwhelming task. From choosing the right theme to deciding the budget and from planning the games and menu to supervising the décor of the big event, there’s a lot to do if you are planning a bridal shower for anyone. But don’t worry, making wedding beautiful and memorable is what we work for. Here’s your step-by-step planning guide to hosting a perfect bridal shower for your favourite girl.

1. Estimating the Budget

The very first step to a successful bridal shower is to decide the amount that can be spent on the shower in advance so that you don’t end up in chaos later. This includes food, beverages, decorations, location, rentals, photography, videography, and any other vendors or costs incurred during preparation. The actual amount will depend on how much you want to spend and the preference of the bride, an average bridal shower costs you around ₹700/- to ₹3000/- per person.

2. Choose the Date of the Bridal Shower Carefully

To select a date that works for her and suits the wedding schedule, consult the bride. Aim for a minimum of a few months before your wedding. Remember other wedding activities, such as haldi, mehndi ceremony, bachelor, bachelorette parties are also to be celebrated by the couple. Give them enough time to enjoy their wedding fully.

3. Send Out The Invites!

When you compile the full party guest list, make sure you ask the bride who are the must-invites. Before you send out invites, make the bride double-check and approve the list. Invites are, typically, sent around 6 weeks before the shower via mails or even emails!

4. Select the Theme of the Bridal Shower

A bridal shower without a particular theme is completely acceptable. However, if the bride-to-be is passionate about things whether its wine, cooking, a TV series or even a particular colour, it’s a great idea to opt for it as the theme for the bridal shower. This will make the party that you are planning a lot more thoughtful and personalised.

5. Choose a Location

The host usually organises the bridal shower at their or the brides home. However, if that’s not an option for you, you can always choose to rent a banquet hall, farmhouse or resort. Choose a venue that compliments your selected theme for a more sophisticated and personalised bridal shower.

6. Choose the Food & Beverages That You Wish to Have at the Party

The food and beverages again depend on the theme of the shower and the at which you choose to host the party. For brunch, dishes are usually lighter than what you will serve for lunch. Make sure you include some vegetarian options in food and non-alcoholic option in drinks to serve the best to each of your guests.

7. Amp Up the Space with Some Super Pretty Décor

While decorating the space on your own is always fun and exciting you can always hire professional wedding decorators to give a more professional look to your venue or in case you are out of time. If you are decorating the venue yourself, you must include some personal touches for the bride. People often use flowers and balloons to decorate bridal showers.

8. Plan Activities and Games!

Games and activities aren’t just a great way of breaking the ice between guests who aren’t already known to each other but also brings acquaintances a lot closer. There are a lot of games specially designed for bridal showers available in the market. You can. However, choose to play the basic ones like Never Have I Ever or Truth/Dare.

9. Create a Groovy Playlist for the Bridal Shower

Music is what puts everyone in a party mood. Select some groovy numbers for everyone to enjoy the party. However, do not forget to include some romantic numbers, its love that you are celebrating after all. Also, make it a point to ask the bride about her choices of songs, it is her day, at last. Also, check out these 7 (easy-to-use) software to edit songs for your wedding playlist

Top 5+ Bridal Shower Themes We Are Crushing On!

As we discussed above bridal showers work very well even without a theme but adding a theme to the party not only give it a personality but add a touch of personalisation and thoughtfulness making the bride-to-be the happiest bride ever! As you read further, we present to you six of our favourite bridal shower themes that we have spotted lately. Take note to create the day of her dreams for your BFF!

1. Aren’t We All a Little Too Obsessed with Pink?!

We aren’t quite sure if they were Disney princesses or Barbie’s that made us and many women like us fall in love with this colour but we are so sure that pink simply makes us so happy! Get some balloons, flowers and other décor items in shades of pink to create this pretty scene for your best friend. You can also request your guests to wear a pink or white outfit while the visit the shower that will complement the theme well.

Source KDOccasions

2. For The Brides Who Grew Up Grooving to ‘Bollywood’ Numbers and Using the ‘Masala Hindi Film’ Dialogues!

We breathe Bollywood! If the bride-to-be happen to be someone who’s as badly obsessed with SRK’s dialogues and Madhuri Dixit’s moves as we are, hosting a Bollywood themed bridal shower is worth it.

We love how these ladies opted to dress like Bollywood characters for their BFF’s bridal shower.

Source eyehinakhan

3. A Lot of Modern-Day Brides Are Opting for the Simple-Yet-So-Elegant Bridal Shower

Boho is the tending party theme in today’s time. Couples, for at least one of their pre-wedding functions, opt for Boho. The simplicity and elegance of this pretty theme not only makes it stand out but also everyone’s favourite.

Source Pinterest

Table settings like this one are bookmark worthy!

4. Traditional Bridal Shower Themes for Brides Who Believe in Celebrating Their Culture

Well, the traditional Indian wedding décor is happy, colourful and gorgeous! Opt for a stunning traditional bridal shower setting as these women did!

Oh! And the bridesmaid can choose to match their outfits like this!

Source Pinterest

5. Rustic-Themed Bridal Showers Are Totally in Style!

We are swooning over this pretty setting, aren’t you too?

Source Pinterest

Add props like these add a more personalised touch to your bridal shower party. 

Source Pinterest

6. For The Travel Junkies Out There!

We all know someone who’s a little too obsessed with travelling and exploring new places. If Your BFF happens to be one of them, plan a travel themed bridal shower for her.

Source glamfetti

5+ Bridal Shower Cakes that Are Way Too Pretty to Eat!

These Bridal Shower Cakes are simply too pretty and perfect inspirations for anyone looking for bridal shower cake inspirations. Check them out now and bookmark your favourite ones.

1. This 'Miss to Mrs' Cake is as Beautiful as Your Journey

2. Celebrate 'Saying Yes' with These Gorgeous Vanilla Roses!

3. Classic Wedding Dress Bridal Shower Cake to Make the Day Special for the Bride-to-Be!

Source cakecentral

4. It’s Time When She’s 'Almost Mrs'

5. Minimal Bridal Shower Cake for a Bride Who Believes That Less is More

Source Pinterest

6. Finally, Celebrating the Bride-to-be!

Source Pinterest

Bridal Shower Decorations Ideas That Are Worth Stealing!

1. We are in Awe of This Gorgeous Boho Table Setting from the Time We Laid Our Eyes on It!

2. Choose a Colour Like This One and Prepare all Décor in Different Shades of the Same Colour

Source Pinterest

3. Adding Photobooths/ Photo backdrops are a Must!

Source etsy

4. A Pretty Champagne Rack Like This to Add Fun to the Party

Source Pinterest

5. Do Not Forget to Add an Activity Corner to the Party

Source pinterest

Final Thoughts!

Phew! That has been fun, right? Now you have all the information that you need to plan a Bridal Shower for your best friend or sister before she steps into the next phase of her life. Ensure to make it beautiful and memorable for her and let us know which ideas did you like the best on our Facebook Page.


Hope you got what you were looking for! Let us know the other topics that you would like us to write about via our Instagram DM!

Bridal Shower- Your A to Z Guide

by Apoorva Saxena

Bridal Shower- Your A to Z Guide