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Like co-ordinated wedding outfits and pet names, couple tattoos are just another way of commemorating your big day (and your love). Some cringe at the idea, while others think there’s no better way to cement their love for their partner. It's something more than a diamond ring and it's something you won't have to worry about losing by mistake.

Yes, getting a tattoo is a big commitment already, and getting matching couple tattoos is a commitment on top of a commitment. But couple tattoos are probably the cutest ways of showing off your love for one another. However, we have to be real about the couple's wedding tattoos with you. They're permanent. So, before you get your new ink, you should take a step back and consider a few ideas before zeroing down on your one and only. And you have to ensure it's something that you don't begin to regret almost immediately. 

From delicate finger stamps to cute and meaningful motifs, we’ve rounded up some of the best couple tattoos that will make you and your partner smile every time. Scroll down and check them out!

Latest And Trending Couple Tattoo Ideas

1. Cute Wedding Date Finger Tattoo

Many couples love fancy and elaborate tattoos of their wedding date or important dates of their relationship. However, if you're not into something too big, you could go and get a small finger tattoo of the said date that is special to you!

2. The Quintessential 'Always' Tattoo

Simple and to the point, this gorgeous scripted tattoo says what you’re thinking every time you gaze deeply into your partner’s eyes and remember why you decided to commit to the future together. Plus, if you're both Potterheads, then that's a plus one!

Source Onur Zeytin

3. Geometrical Heart Tattoo

Geometric tattoos are always beautiful to look at. And geometric heart tattoos are a sweet and fun way to commemorate your relationship.

Source Pinterest

4. Movie Quotes That Are Close To Your Heart

Singer Joe Jonas and Actress Sophie Turner have multiple matching tats, including tributes to their respective grandfathers and references to Sophie’s character on Game of Thrones, but this quote from the movie Toy Story is the one that most clearly signifies their relationship. The four-word quote is equally split among the couple, with "To infinity" written on Joe’s wrist and "& beyond," on Sophie’s. And we love that!

Source MR.K Tattoo

5. Initials With A Crown Tattoo

To make it more personalised you can also do matching crown tattoos with your initials on them or your partner's initials on them. 

Source Pinterest

6. A Bold Wedding Date Roman Numerals Tattoo

If you're okay with going a bit bigger, then choose a roman numerals tattoo and immortalise your wedding date. You can also add a small yet romantic quote to the tattoo and make it even prettier and more meaningful. 

Source Pinterest

7. Complete The 'L-O-V-E'

We love single tattoos that can be done on two people. This tattoo that spells 'LOVE' looks splendid on two different fingers, one of yours and one of your partners. Furthermore, we love the minimalism of this tattoo- it's tiny yet so pretty.

8. Let Your Fandom Inspire You

Shout out to all the O.G. Dragonball Z fans! Anime-inspired tattoos are so cool. And if you and your partner are true otakus, this just might be the best way to solidify your love. 

Source Fie Ink

9. Get Your Partner's Handwriting Tattooed

Now that's a unique tattoo to get done! Getting your partner's handwriting tattooed on you is quite a grand romantic gesture, there's no denying that. Plus, if their cursive is great, then why not!

Source Carla R.

10. Just One Word- 'Pizza'!

Calling all the pizza lovers in the house! If your favourite food is pizza then maybe choosing a small pizza slice tattoo as a couple tattoo would be superb. Imagine the stories you'd get to tell with that tattoo. 

11. Coming Full Circle For You

Meeting and marrying the love of your life can feel like a 'full circle' moment to many. And this line tattoo in the form of a circle is something that would look amazing on you and your partner. 

12. String Of Fate Tattoo

They say that the red string of fate connects two soulmates regardless of space, time or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle but will never break. Immortalise that romantic notion with a tattoo with your partner. 

Source Pinterest

13. The Flower & The Butterfly

A flower attracts a butterfly, just like you're attracted to your partner. Generally, such tattoos combine the two elements into one piece, but when you're getting a couple tattoo, you could do something like this.

Source laskovesmir

14. Queen of Hearts & King of Spades

They're your king and you're their queen. And one of the best ways to get that inked can be like these minimal finger tattoos. It's super cute and worth getting with your beau!

Source Pinterest

15. Get An Artonaut & The Moon Tattoo

Because you're the centre of their gravity. And yet again, it'll look even better if you break the tattoo into two parts with one partner getting the astronaut and the other getting the moon!

16. Get Your Initials Tattooed

This ultra-chic, minimal tattoo is reminiscent of the charm necklace you’ve come to expect on holidays and anniversaries. Except you two won’t have to ever take this one off. 

17. Minimal Diamond Tattoos For Couples

We don’t know about you, but these matching diamond tattoos scream "power couple" to us! This ink is perfect for the pair that is hustling to make their dreams come true, together.

Source nieun_tat2

18. A Tattoo For A Travel Loving Couple

If your partner is also your travel buddy then this combination of coordinates and a map of Earth is honestly perfect for your couple tattoo. And to make it even more special, you could get the coordinates of a place that's special for you as a couple!

Source minustattoo

19. Matching Feathers Couple Tattoos

This couple tattoo mirrors the peace and serenity that is probably your relationship's entire vibe. Honestly, what makes you want to float like a feather more than being with your partner?

Source Zaya

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20. A Minimal Saturn and Its Moons

Like this couple, you could opt to ink your ring fingers. Encircled by moons and especially beautiful to be observed in rotation, Saturn has no boundaries to the expressions of creativity that can be consolidated into its design. And as ring finger tattoos, this Saturn and its moons tattoo would look phenomenal. 

21. Koi Fish Tattoo For Couples

The incredible detailing in these matching koi fish tattoos is beyond impressive. Pro tip: make the look your own by opting for slightly different shading or adding colour to it. Wouldn't this be cute as a foot tattoo as well?

22. We Love A Cute Script Tattoo For Couples

Another superb script idea can be taken from this couple who chose to get the words “no matter where” and “no matter what” tattooed on their arms. Cue the tears~

23. Matching Martini Couple Tattoo

Let's get one thing straight- the couple that parties together, stays. So, for the couple that loves a good party, look no further than this matching martini couple’s tattoo.

Source MR.K Tattoo

24. Ink Your Pinky Promise

Matching pinky promises symbolize your life-long vows. Tattoos placed on the arms will last much longer than on the finger, especially when they're made with more intricate designs.

25. Get Yourself A Pair Of Wedding Bands Tattooed

Scared you'd lose your wedding rings? Or maybe you just prefer something a little more permanent yet fashionable. How about you get your wedding bands tattooed on your ring fingers? Honestly, they look trendy and super cute. 

26. Mountain Peak Tattoo For Couples

If you're adrenaline junkies who love trekking and mountainous adventures, then this is your couple tattoo. If the mountains are a special place for you and your partner, you two will love the simplicity of this couple's tattoo.

27. A Wonderfully Minimal 'XO' Tattoo

Nothing beats the simplicity of a simple tattoo. We think this simple yet elegant 'XO' tattoo makes for a perfect wedding tattoo to flaunt at your celebration. 

28. Get A Cute Korean Heart Tattoo

Ah, we love a couple that lives with the current trends. This identical couple's tattoo is perfect for anybody that holds their partner's heart in their hands.

29. Simply Drawn Hearts

Or, if you're not looking for anything too over the top, then go for simple finger tattoos of hand-drawn hearts with the cupid's arrow in between. 

30. Grounding Anchors

A sweet reminder that you are each other's anchors. Matching tattoos on the inside of a finger rather than on top is a subtle way to express your commitment.

31. King and Queen Wrist Tattoos

We know 'king and queen' tattoos look super cheesy. But if you're the kind of couple that love such cheesy and intense tattoos, then this cute 'King' and 'Queen' tattoo with the crowns on your wrist or ankle would look superb. 

Source Pinterest

32. Minimalist Crown Finger Tattoos

Crown tattoos are the safest options for a couple to play with. If you're not really into the idea of grand and elaborate couple tattoos, then these tiny crown tattoos can be your salvation to share with your beau. 

Source Pinterest

33. Lion and Lioness Couple Tattoos

This couple rules their kingdom together as lion and lioness and that's something to take inspiration from. Standing together, the half faces make a whole, symbolizing their completeness when together.

34. Sound Waves

A sound wave is unique to the individual, which makes it much more meaningful as a tattoo. This couple got sound waves of the other one saying "I do" at their wedding tattooed on their arms alongside the roman numeral of the day they got married. Musical couples, save this one for future reference!

Source guzmantribe

35. Self-Portraits

Skip the cheesy metaphors and ambiguous symbolism and turn your arm into a personalized art gallery. We're in love with this minimalist fine line self-portrait. The identical couple’s tattoo is a straightforward yet beautifully designed celebration of their relationship! 

Things To Consider Before You Get A Couple Tattoo

Before you get a matching tattoo with your partner, there are certain things you should take a step back on and consider- especially if it will serve as a unique wedding ring. And while we don't like to entertain the idea of anything negative, you need to know that while there are ways of tattoo removal, they're not really that effective and the process is expensive, painful and doesn't completely get rid of the tattoo.

So, if you end up deciding to show off your love with new tattoos, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Choose your placement and design wisely: Go for thin lines, simple shapes, and not too much detail. Too many details or larger designs can get convoluted. 
  • Research your tattoo artist: Tattoos are sensitive and you have to be super careful about where or whom you get them from. So, make sure you check out their portfolios and have an in-person consultation to see if you like their style.
  • Be prepared for a little pain: Since there are so many nerve endings on your hand, this placement is among the least pleasant. However, if it's a simple design, they can often be wrapped up in a matter of minutes. But yes, you will feel a little pain, so get ready for that. 
  • Plan accordingly, and pay attention to care guidelines: For your wedding ring tattoo to look its best on your actual wedding day, get your ink at least a week prior and make sure to follow your artist's aftercare routine so everything heals properly!
  • Choose a design that means something to both of you: Your wedding tattoo should have some sort of understood meaning that symbolizes something you both know and will love looking at. Be sure you choose something definitive.


Tattoos are a great way to proclaim something as permanent. Simple or complicated, tattoo designs can be personalised according to you and your partner's vibe. Similarly, each tattoo holds some significance for the person who gets inked. For couples, it can mean 'a love that lasts forever'. It's something that is personal and it's yours to share only. Or it can be a wild and loud declaration of your undying love. Regardless, matching couple tattoos are superb. And let's just say, a couple that gets inked together, stays together!


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31+ Latest And Trending Couple Tattoo Ideas

by Shivani Singh

31+ Latest And Trending Couple Tattoo Ideas