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Imagine you are in the middle of your shopping and instantaneously your eyes are glued to those intricate hands which are decorated with mehndi designs. And, now all you do is go and stand adjacent to the mehndi artist and want the exact mehendi design (or better than this, lol!). Ladies, whether it was our childhood or as newly-married brides we all must agree that we have gone through this situation at least once in our life or (probably more) and we can never get bored when it comes to our favourite mehndi or henna tattoos. 

Whether its the henna paste that smells heavenly or the dark mehendi stains that look so pretty. We need a reason to pamper yourselves with the trendy mehendi designs for any occasion. Celebrating Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, Bhai Dooj or your wedding day - mehndi plays an important role in any event. And, similarly here is one such festival that holds a very special place in a married women's life is - Karva Chauth. 

So, since Karva Chauth 2020 is just around the corner we have curated these top mehndi designs (leafy motifs, peacock mehndi designs, blouse mehndi design, karva chauth scene mehndi, etc.) that you must bookmark & get them inked on this festive season! 👐🤩

Latest Karva Chauth Mehndi Designs

After marriage, if there is one festival where the newly-married women are most excited about, then it is undoubtedly karva chauth. Dressing up in a saree or this Anarkali suit with smokey eyes & bold lips paired with a braided bun, karva chauth is an Indian festival where the married women keep a fast for the safety and longevity of their husband. Gorgeously adorned from top to bottom what holds a very special place in her heart is a beautiful mehndi design on hands and feet. 

If you've been looking out for the latest karva chauth mehndi designs, then fret not cuz we bring you these fresh & quirky karva chauth mehndi designs of 2020. So, scroll down below and start bookmarking your favourite karva chauth mehendi designs NOW! 👇🏻

1. Coordinated Mehndi Designs For Karva Chauth 

Whether you're getting married or this is your first karva chauth a coordinated mehndi design can never go wrong. From identical floral patterns to coordinated mehndi strokes and popular mandala mehndi designs. You can go for a well-coordinated mehndi design that looks twin to each other and are identical in shape, pattern and design from every angle. So, what are you waiting for? Go & screenshot these latest coordinated mehndi designs for your karva chauth and ask your mehndi artist to make your hands & feet look pretty with these mehndi designs. 

Identical Hand-Mehndi With Lotuf Motifs On Fingers! 

This karva chauth go for a beautiful coordinated hand-mehndi design that has mini-hearts, grid boxes and cute little lotus motif patterns on fingers. In fact, to make it little hatke you can also get your love story inked on your karva chauth mehndi with this trending design. 

Neat Coordinated Mehndi Design For Karwa Chauth

Looking for an identical mehndi design but with empty spaces to make it look neat? Take some inspiration from this karva chauth mehndi design that is well coordinated with patterns and designs.

PS: You can also include the place & date where it all started from to your neat coordinated mehndi design for karwa chauth. 

Coordinated Mehndi With Swirls, Grid & Floral Patterns 

Psst... can't decide which mehndi designs to include in your karva chauth mehndi? Fret not, because we have this stunning identical karva chauth mehndi that has tons of floral, leafy motifs, swirls, checkered boxes, etc. decorated with clean mehndi strokes for karva chauth festival. 

Heavy Mehndi For Hands With Intricate Designs 

Ladies, are you also a BIG fan of heavy mehndi just like us? Then, we have this breathtaking heavy mehndi design for hands which is so intricate that we want to get this inked on our hands now for karva chauth. 

2. Karva Chauth Mehndi Designs 

Karva chauth holds a very special place in married women's life. Karva means 'pot' and chauth means 'fourth' where this festival falls on the fourth day of the Krishna paksha. Fasting from day to evening a married woman celebrates this festival by following this ultimate checklist for karva chauth and prays to Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh and Lord Kartikeya for the safety and life-span of their husbands. 

Recreate A Scene While Worshipping The Moon On Your Karva Chauth Mehndi! 

For karva chauth festival, a married woman not only gets decked up with these outfits & makeup looks but also prepares for her fera ceremony that she needs to perform for her husband. Once, the fera ceremony where the story is recited by women in a choric form and the puja thalis are being circulated in a circle by the fasting married women. She then waits for rising of the moon. Once the moon is visible the married woman views the moon with the help of a sieve where holy water is offered to the moon through it where she seeks blessings for her husband's life. 

So, before you make your mind for your karva chauth mehendi you must check out these beautiful mehndi designs where you can recreate the whole moon sighting scene where the woman is praying to the moon to your mehndi for karva chauth just like these ladies did on their karva chauth.  

Or, Break Your Fast With Husband & Depict On Your Karva Chauth Mehndi!

Want to make it more romantic? Get the couple portrait made to your karva chauth mehendi. If worshipping the moon scene mehndi design doesn't interest you much, then recreate the scene when you break your fast and have the first sip of holy water & a sweet from your husband to your beautiful karva chauth mehndi. 

Source Pinterest

3. Leafy Motif Mehndi Patterns For Karva Chauth 

This henna design is perfect for the ladies who are looking to balance the traditional mehendi designs with a twist of modernity. Add these latest leafy motif designs to your karva chauth mehndi on your fingertips, wrist, or the whole of your hand-mehndi like these brides-to-be got on their hands. 

Beautiful Leafy Motifs Mehndi

This mehndi design is so beautiful that you can't take your eyes off from it. The leafy motifs starting right from the palm to fingers added with checkered dotted boxes is perfect for karva chauth. 

Big Checkered Boxes With Leafy Motifs 

Ladies, if you love leafy mehndi patterns to the next level, then go for this big checkered boxes which are beautifully paired with bracelet jewellery mehndi design on the wrist. 

Intricate Mehndi With Leafy Motifs On Finger Tips 

Don't know where to include leafy motif mehndi? Include these beauties to your fingertips that looks beautiful when added with half bel & glove mehndi designs for karva chauth.  

4. Cute Little Parrots On Your Karva Chauth Mehendi 

Your favourite hooman deserves a special place and that's why we suggest you get these cute little parrots on your karva chauth mehndi. 

Love Parrots? Take Some Inspiration From This Hatke Mehndi Design! 

Whether they are sitting on a tree branch or flying freely in the sky. This is one of the most adorable mehndi design we have come across with parrots for your karva chauth. 

5. Popular Peacock Mehndi Designs For Karva Chauth 

One of the most popular mehndi designs for karva chauth is these stunning peacock mehndi designs, which are everyone's favourite. Right from peacock feathers to peacock motifs we are swooning over on these peacock mehndi designs which looks perfect on both hands and feet. 

Mehndi Jewellery With Peacocks

We all love mehndi design that has intricate mehndi jewellery patterns, mandala mehndi designs and beautiful peacocks that look so fresh & elegant. Pin this stunning peacock leg mehndi design of this Thailand wedding where the couple Kena and Viren had a pastel-hued decor & a dreamy bridal entry.  

Heavy Peacock Hand & Feet Mehndi Designs 

Minimal or heavy mehndi design for karva chauth adding peacock motifs or dancing peacocks can create a charm to any type of mehndi design. So, if you're opting for heavy hand & feet mehndi design, then consider connecting peacock mehndi designs to your Dulha & Dulhan mehndi or to coordinated hand peacock hand mehndi for karva chauth. 

P.S: You can also add other mehndi designs like lotus motif mehndi, leafy mehndi patterns, grid butis, etc. with fine strokes to your peacock mehndi. 

Peacock With Shaded Flowers

If there is one mehndi design that stands out from the rest, then it's gotta by the peacock mehendi with shaded flowers to add elegance to your bridal or festive mehndi. Look how this bride got a stunning peacock mehndi design with separate peacock feathers paired perfectly with bold strokes of leaves and flowers.  

Minimal Peacock Feet Mehndi Design 

Not so crazy for heavy mehndi design but can't get enough of peacock mehndi designs? We say that go for 'less is more' approach and get a minimal peacock mehndi feet just like this bride-to-be got on her special day. 

6. Elephant Motifs That Make Your Karva Chauth Mehndi Look, Royal

Another stylish mehndi design for brides-to-be and newly-married women are these breathtaking elephant motif mehndi designs for karva chauth 2020. If you want your karva chauth mehndi to look royal and classy, then get these cute elephant motifs on your mehndi. 

Elephant Motif Feet Mehndi

This karva chauth get a beautiful elephant motif feet mehndi design that looks super elegant and royal. 

Hand Mehndi With Latest Elephant Motifs

If you don't wish to go for elephant motif feet mehndi, then pin these adorable hand mehndi designs that are intricately decorated with these latest elephant motifs. 

7. Heavy Hand Mehndi Designs For Karva Chauth 

We have gazillion simple mehndi designs but if you are one of those mehendi lovers who is head over heels for heavy mehndi designs, then this blog is for you. From intricate heavy hand mehndi design to backhand mehendi with geometric shapes, we have the prettiest heavy mehndi designs for this karva chauth festival. 

P.S: Don't forget to zoom-in Neha Kakkar's bridal mehndi design where she got Rohan written on one of her fingers. 

Unique Mehndi Design Where This Bride-To-Be Got #BowledOver!

Who said that you can't go for a heavy mehndi design for your karva chauth? We are swooning over on this beautiful mehndi which bride Divya wore on her dreamy intimate ceremony

Back Hand Mehendi of Neha Kakkar

Recently married singer & bride Neha Kakkar broke the internet with her wedding celebrations and we are totally loving her intricate heavy mehndi design. 

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Checkered Mehndi With Bell, Peacock & Lotus Motifs 

Sucker for intricate mehndi? We bring you this gorgeous checkered mehndi of bride Manika, which had a beautiful bell, peacock and lotus motif. 

Dulha & Dulhan Caricatures 

If you are a traditional bride-to-be or a newly-married woman, then check out these alluring dulha and dulhan portraits that can be a gorgeous recreation of your own fond memories.

Intricate Mehndi With Geometric Shapes

We all love the symmetry that comes with geometric patterns.  After all, it's a perfectly splendid balance of shapes that please the eye. So, if you enjoy geometric patterns, then these are for you.

Prettiest Heavy Back Hand Mehndi Designs

For the bridal birdie that is only looking for something simple and minimal, maybe just the back of her hand, here are some fuss-free, beautiful designs!

8. Trending Blouse Mehndi Design For Karwa Chauth 

Done and dusted with hand and feet mehndi designs? Oh! Yeah. Take some inspiration from this trendy blouse mehndi design that took the internet by storm. If these mehndi designs for hands or leg mehndi designs seem boring to you, then consider getting this lotus motif and buti jaal mehndi on your shoulder with mini-elephants and bell motifs to make it look like a real blouse.

Oh! And we bet that you won't be able to take your eyes off from this unique blouse mehndi design that is AMAZING!

9. Quirky Mehndi Designs For A Hatke Bride 

Hatke is your personality? Then consider going for these unique & quirky mehndi designs that are not your usual floral or paisley mehndi designs. Be it these quirky back foot mehndi designs that many brides are choosing for their wedding day or these brides who are telling their love stories through their mehendi designs. These trendy mehendi designs for karva chauth looks fresh, elegant and unique. 

Beautiful Back Foot Floral Mehendi

This gorgeous back foot floral mehendi is probably the cutest and prettiest mehendi design we've come across on the vast spaces of the internet and believe that if you're up for it, you should definitely give this one a go!

Get Your Love Story Depicted On Your Karva Chauth Mehndi 

A lot of times brides have taken us by surprise by recreating key moments of the romance with their beau in the form of their mehendi. The personLised designed are simply splendid. If you'd like to give your first karva chauth a personal touch, then choosing a design like these isn't a bad idea at all!

Warli Painting With Tribal Caricatures 

This mehendi design is different for so many reasons! It has Warli Painting comprising of tribal caricatures and unique elements like a swing, earthen pots, birds, lotus motifs and dotted patterns.

Or, Go The Cute Way With These Personalised Mehndi Designs 

We've said it before and we'll say it again, personalised mehndi designs are one of the prettiest ideas on the net. From being a full fledged portrait of you and your better half to a simple mention of a special date or moment, the ways to give your mehndi design a personal tpuch are endless.

Source Instagram

10. Adorable Couple Portraits For Karva Chauth 2020

Express your love to your husband by including a mehendi portrait of you both just like how these brides-to-be got on their D-day. With personalised elements like your love story journey, wedding hashtag, animals, symbols, etc. make your karwa chauth mehendi special this year. 

Get Your Bae & Yourself Inked With Your Favourite Animal

One of the best things about henna is its impermanance. Thus, you can always go in to tattoo yourself (and your bae!) with a beautiful and gorgeous mehendi design for karva chauth, which may not last forever, but will be a recreation of your lobely memories which you as a couple will never forget. 

Source Instagram

Personalised Karva Chauth Mehndi With Couple Portraits

Okay, if you have a mehendi artist who can do this, then we will never discourage you from evergetting your couple portrait designed into your mehendi! It's a fairly new idea, we agree, but it's one that is popular and going to stay.

Customised Couple Caricature With Cute Hoomans! 

Repeat after us, your pets will always come first! We adore our pets to the cores of our hearts and adding their cute visage to your karva chauth mehndi design would be perfect! 

11. Karwa Chauth Mehndi Design With Hearts

Though he took your heart away the minute he saw you but ladies it's the time to express your love to your best half. So, all you have to do is make big to small hearts on your karva chauth mehndi designs and let your gorgeous mehndi do the talking. 

Identical Two Halves of One Heart Hand-Mehndi! 

Hearts are one of the most stunning elements in a mehndi design that can be added in many ways. Getting a symmetrical half of a heart on both hands is one way to do it. Adding more designed elements to it is a great way to embellish your mehndi!

Or, Include These Mini-Hearts To Your Mehndi! 

It may look like a valentine's day look, but it is kinda ideal for kadva chauth, after all, they're pretty much the same days!

Source Instagram

12. Best Floral Mehndi Designs For 2020 Karwa Chauth 

Just like these top Arabic mehndi designs have an unparalleled eye-pleasing charm. The floral mehndi designs are perfect for any occasion. From wedding day to festivals this floral mehndi design is undoubtedly the most loved mehendi design from the rest. Whether its lotus motif mehendi design, a vintage rose pattern or floral booties - any type of flower (small to big) can create a charm on your mehendi. So, if you can't decide what to include in your karva chauth mehendi, then ladies floral mehendi to your rescue. 

Nidhi Dutta's Floral Mehndi Design

When Bollywood Producer Nidhi Dutta Kickstarted Her Intimate Pre-Wedding Ceremonies in Juhu, the first glimpse we got of the events was snippets of her stunning mehndi, which had us in an awe.

Lotus Motif With Swastika Designs 

There's something about a lotus motif mehendi design that just makes the whole thing more appealing and the added tiny swastikas surely makes the whole design auspicious. 

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Feet Mehndi Design With Lotus & Bell Patterns 

Want to keep it minimal? Then get yourself a sweet and minimal lotus motif mehendi design on your feet with light bell patterns to accompany it!

Coordinated Lotus Motif Hands 

From the intricately designed flowers, to the peacock shaped edges and even the tiniest of details, this gorgeous coordinated lotus motif mehendi design for hands is just an eye-pleasing combination of all the elements put together perfectly!

Checkered Boxes With Lotus Designs 

Wanna see another aesthetic mehendi design for brides to rock at karva chauth? Check out this gorgeous piece which is the perfect mix of heavily filled corners and fairly empty boxes lined with beautiful leaf patterns.

Lotus Flower Mehndi On Feet For Karwa Chauth 

If you wish to explore mehendi designs for your feet then these gorgeous yet minimal lotus motif mehendi designs are ideal for you to pin down for karva chauth!

Small To Big Floral Designs

There are too many flowers- said no one ever! This purely floral design is in true sense OTT, but definitely a combination of embroidered elements and floral patterns that are eye-pleasing when put together. 

Source Mehandigrm

Floral Mehndi Designs 

This half hand floral mehendi design is a mix of aesthetic patterns that should surely be bookmarked by you for your upcoming karva chauth celebrations!

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13. Drool-worthy Mandala Mehndi Designs For Karva Chauth 

Looking for a traditional mehendi design? Mandala mehndi design is one of the best traditional henna designs for brides-to-be. Representing the universe this design means 'circle' which means that everything is connected in this universe. So, if you are not a big fan of heavy mehendi designs and want something minimal yet classy, then these mandala mehndi designs are for you. 

Trending Mandala Mehndi of Neha Kakkar 

Neha Kakkar's splendid bridal mehendi has our hearts! And it's a design that so intricately made that it can be recreated as a karva chauth mehendi design!

Half-Mandala Mehndi With Swirls, Checkered & Leaf Motifs 

It's half a hand but consists of swirling circles with zentangle patterns. This fetching design with a cute camera picture in the centre is a minimal personalised mehendi design that can be ideal for the upcoming festive season!

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Mandala Mehndi With Spaces 

If you're looking for a fairly simple madala design with evenly spaced out outer vines, then these are some pretty ones to look over!

Full Hand & Feet Mandala Design With Intricate Patterns 

Want to cover your entire hands and feet in mandala patterns? Well, check this one out  which consists of intricately designed mandalas and leafy vines along with specs of flowers here and there!

Floral Mandala With Leafy Motifs 

Okay, it's time to take your entire mandala mehendi design up a notch with mixing in geometric leaf patterns that are unique and beautiful!

Traditional Back Hand Mandala Mehndi Designs 

Traditional mehendi designs are always a win-win option to go in for. After all, it's your first karva chauth, so if you wish to dip in henna designs then why not?

Source: Instagram; Henna By Maziah

14. Minimal Mehndi Designs For Karva Chauth 

Ladies, first of all, it is absolutely normal if you are not a mehendi lover. Meanwhile, many of you literally hate the smell of henna, some can't sit for long hours. So, if you are one of those who can't deal with heavy mehendi designs, then worry not cuz we have these minimal mehndi ideas that scream 'Less Is More'! 

Beautiful Floral Bel Design Cos 'Less Is More'! 

Floral bel designs are always the simplest yet the prettiest way to beautify your hands for the festive season. And if you're someone who wants to keep the henna on a minimum then this bel mehendi design is ideal!

Mehndi On Sides

For your feet, this mehendi design seems almost perfect as it can look like your feet are being adorned by floral jewellery.

Trending Minimal Feet Mehndi Designs

Looking to recreate a trend or create trend for yourself? Take inspo from these pretty minimal feet mehendi design. 

Half Toe Mehendi 

This jali design for the feet can be ideal for a minimal bride or bride-to-be for karva chauth!

Minimal Spaced Out Mehndi

Mixing a small floral pattern with leafy bels and jaalis in a minimal way is one of the best ways to recreate a minimal and ornamental design!

Final Thoughts By ShaadiSaga

Now, that's what we call gazillion mehndi designs for karva chauth 2020. Whether you're a bridesmaid, a bride-to-be or a newly-married woman - mehndi is one such thing that is loved by almost everyone. So, since you'll be stepping out of your home ensure to take these precautions afore and screenshot oodles of mehndi designs for your karva chauth. Oh! And, book your mehndi artist well in advance from ShaadiSaga. 


So, which mehndi design(s) is your favourite for karva chauth? Tell us in the comments section below! 

Top 70 Karva Chauth Mehndi Designs - Latest and Trending

by Chandni Kumar

Top 70 Karva Chauth Mehndi Designs - Latest and Trending