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We see so many elaborate and creative entries by brides on Instagram. Whether she is accompanied by her bridesmaids or her family, every bride wants to make a spectacular entrance. So then, why should grooms be left behind? Indeed, we have found amazingly innovative and fun ways in which grooms have arrived at the wedding venue. There is music, there are fireworks, and most importantly - there is pizazz! Truly, these grooms arriving in splendour and glamour is #groomgoals

Let's take a look at some of the best groom entries we have seen!

10 Creative Ways for Grooms to Make an Entrance!

1. Copying the Bride!

This groom took a page out of the bride's book and has his groomsmaids escort him with a phoolon ki chaddar! Love the twist 🥰

2. Flair it Up!

A trend that we have spotted quite often and are in love with, is the use of colour flares when the groom makes his entrance. It's joyous and colourful and we are here for it!

3. Baby You Can Drive My Car

Much can be said about men and their cars! Thus, it should be of no surprise that many grooms choose to make a spectacular entrance on their cars! Whether it is a vintage car or a sleek futuristic model, you cannot go wrong with this entry!

4. Tractor Feels

Why settle for a car when you can make a grand entrance on a tractor! Loving this idea for its boldness!

5. Tuk-Tuk Madness

The humble auto-rickshaw, lovingly known as the tuk-tuk is a popular choice for both brides and grooms to make an entry! And the ride is guaranteed, by meter too!

6. Jungle Fever

While horses are traditional in many cultures across the country, some have decided to give in to their wild side and make a bigger entrance! After all, it is the Big Fat Indian Wedding!

7. Dance Troupe

Baarat is for dancing but some grooms want a grander entrance with professional dancers announcing their entry! What style!

8. Themed Song

Why not include elements from your favourite show for an entrance that's hatke!

9. Jazzy Entry

Some grooms decide to jazz up their arrival with cold fireworks! Totally safe and so mesmerizing! We are hooked.

10. Yeh Dosti

A fantastic way to enter is with your buds on your rides! Whether you all ride on bikes or truly re-create the Sholay magic - it is a fanstic way to enter your wedding!

Final Words

We certainly hope you have had some creative ideas for your groom's entry! After all, it is your day to shine! Which one is your favourite?


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10 Creative Ways for Grooms to Make an Entrance!

by Maggie S.

10 Creative Ways for Grooms to Make an Entrance!