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Shining bright on your hands, Mehndi does not fail to add glam to your ethnic look every time you don it. Mehndi Design on fingers is given special attention by Mehndi artists and women over the globe alike. Finger Mehndi Designs vary from the most minimalist to the elaborate ones. Over the years, Mehndi artists have come up with numerous designs in which this symbol of elegance can adore your fingers and enhance your charm. While many ladies in the present day like to opt for minimal and simple Mehndi Designs some like to go traditional with their Mehndi Designs. After going through thousands of designs we got the best finger Mehndi Designs for you to rock your next ethnic look.

Latest and Stylish Finger Mehendi Designs

Geometric Finger Mehndi Designs

The first one to catch our eye was this beautiful traditional yet modern design. Crafted with geometric shapes over your fingers, this one’s going to leave you with tons of compliments.

Floral Bands Finger Mehndi Designs

Looking for a festive mehndi look? This minimal Mehndi Design is worth a try. The flowers embedded in-band drawn beautifully on your fingers are going to draw some attention to your hands.

Source nurahshenna

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Bridesmaid Finger Mehndi Designs

As the name suggests, this one is a must-try for all you bridesmaids out there. This symmetrical mehndi design on your fingers is apt for the chic look you wish to don at your best friend’s wedding.

Heavy Finger Mehndi Designs

We all know this one girl who likes to go a step extra to make sure that she’s the one standing out in the crowd. Here’s your hack to be that girl. This heavy mehndi design will make sure that your fingers match that irresistible appeal of yours.

Leafy-Affair Finger Mehndi Designs

A touch of henna on your fingers is enough to bring the best of your fingers to the front. Apply this one as in the picture for a simple look or club this other beautiful Mehndi Designs for Hands for a heavier look.

Source Pinterest

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One Finger Mehndi Designs

Get curves like this one crafted only on a finger at the back of your hand for an elegant mehndi look. The leaf motif along with the curvy pattern on the finger has made this look quite a desirable one among ladies.

Haath Phool Finger Mehndi Designs

“I don’t like haath phool”, said no woman ever. The pretty accessory has a charm of its own. What can be better than getting a haath phool drawn on your hands with Henna? Embellish this haath phool on your hand with beads and patterns like the one we found for you.

Source Pinterest

Easy Floral Finger Mehndi Designs

This very minimal and simple finger mehndi design has a mix of flowers and leaves set beautifully with each other for you to flaunt your pretty hand on the night on which you decide to don this look.

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Netted Mess Finger Mehndi Designs

This net spread across your fingers is quite not messy as its name says. Designed based on the very old mesh look of mehndi, modification in this mehndi look took our hearts when we were on the lookout to find the best finger mehndi designs for you.

Source Pinterest

Lines & Dots Finger Mehndi Designs

One of the easiest mehndi designs to make, however, one of the most beautiful ones. This mehndi design is made only of dots and lines. Dots and lines are placed in a pattern that appeals to the eye in the prettiest way possible.

Source Pinterest

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Traditional Bridal Finger Mehndi Designs

Attention, Brides-to-be! This one’s for you. This neatly done design on the fingers of this bride is the inspiration that you were looking for in your bridal mehndi. The perfect cuts done beautifully by the mehndi artist is making the look even more desirable.

Arabic Front Finger Mehndi Designs

After crushing over the back design, we stumbled upon this front Arabic Design and we are in love! The Arabic mehndi designs have been a go-to one for evening parties, festivals and even for the bridesmaid look. This clean pattern of flowers and leaves crafted together with curves has us crushing over it.

Source Pinterest

Finger Mehndi Designs with Bands

Get the uber-cool mehndi look like the one in the picture by asking your mehndi artist for these bands on your fingers the next time you put on Mehendi. We must mention that this is one of the most trending finger mehndi designs we found.

Source nurahshenna

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Bells and Lotus Finger Mehndi Designs

Add a little more traditional touch to your mehndi design by letting your mehndi artist draw pious symbols like the lotus and the bell on your fingers. Take inspiration from the picture & customise according to your wants.

Floral Mesh Finger Mehndi Designs

Floral & Mesh are the two most popular patterns people opt for on their mehndi. This artist fused the two into one to make us go ‘wow’ on the design that she/he has to present.

Source Pinterest

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Leaf Shaped Finger Mehndi Designs

Get a beautiful leaf-shaped pattern like this one that adores your fingers. Accessorise the pattern with florals, mesh & even more leaves to create a look that matches the charm on your face.

Peacock Finger Mehendi Designs

A peacock feather had been adding a cultural touch to Indian fashion for ages now. Be it the outfits, jewellery or rangoli designs, a peacock feather in the design not only give it a dose of culture but also make the design a bit more pleasing to the eye.

Source Pinterest

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Zig-Zag Finger Mehndi Designs

This is a modern one! The zig-zag design on your fingers crafted in Henna will have people praising your choice in no time. Decorate this zig-zag on your fingers with several Mehndi patterns & get ready to fetch those compliments

Jewellery Finger Mehndi Designs

Our jewellery, undoubtedly, is our best friend. What can be better than getting this jewellery stamped on your hands in beautiful Mehndi colour? Let beads and curves connect this beautiful jewellery on your fingers.

Source Pinterest

Intricate Floral Finger Mehndi Designs

Floral designs have been the traditional mehndi favourite for a very long time. The neatly made flowers in this heavy mehndi are done perfectly by the artist.

Source Pinterest

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Flower Detailed Finger Mehndi Designs

Too many flowers! Is that even a thing? This finger mehndi design heavily embellished with these pretty flowers is winning our hearts over and over again. Worth a try, ladies!

Source Pinterest

Mughal Front Finger Mehndi Designs

The Mughal culture is definitely a treat for the eye which is quite evident in the way Mughals designed their mehndi. Taking inspiration from this oh-so-beautiful culture, this artist has managed to design a gem.

Source Pinterest

Triangular Finger Mehndi Designs

A beautiful arrangement of a number of triangles constitutes these easy finger mehndi designs. The one in the picture is one of the simplest designs on the list and will suit you on your minimal-mood days.

Source Pinterest

Symmetrical Finger Mehndi Designs

There’s something so attractive about symmetry that we can’t pinpoint. The identical mehndi design on the fingers of both your hands is the perfect symmetrical effect that you were looking for in your mehndi photoshoot.

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Minimalist Finger Mehndi Designs

Putting on these detailed mehndi designs can be a little too much effort for some of your girlies out there. Bookmark this one now!. This minimum work on your fingers will fetch you the maximum compliments.

Source Pinterest

Ring Finger Mehndi Designs

Talking of the minimalist design, we can’t let go of this one. This pretty yet minimal design is best suited for occasions in which you don’t get to go extra. Add this one to your list of the latest Finger Mehndi designs today!

Source Pinterest

Mesh in Bands Finger Mehndi Designs

A little more than the ring designs that we talked about are these finger bands filled with mesh on your finger. Opt for this design alone for a simple look or blend this up with other designs for a more elaborate look.

Source Pinterest

Finger Mehndi Designs for Brides!

Brides, this day, like to opt for elegance over anything. This elegant design is the one you are looking for if you happen to be one of those brides. Simple mesh & curves crafted in one of the most desirable patterns is a good choice for the bridesmaid as well.

Decorated Diamonds Finger Mehndi Designs

Diamonds can never go wrong! Can they? This mehndi artist chose to decorate a set of every girl’s best friend diamonds with beads to create this simple mehndi design and we are impressed!

Source hennackg

Mesh Finger Mehndi Designs

A simple mesh filled with dots covering the fingers has left us in awe. This one hasn't left our minds from the moment we landed our eyes on this.

Curvy Finger Mehndi Designs

We, officially, declare that mehndi artists are magicians! Which normal human being has the power to play with certain curves and create magic like this one.

Source Pinterest

Arabic Back Finger Mehndi Designs

Women for years have not stopped going gaga over this gift from Arabs. The Arabic Mehndi design has us crushing over it for its perfectly drawn curves, flowers and patterns.

Source Pinterest

Moroccan Finger Mehndi Designs

Can we take a moment to appreciate the creativity of the Moroccans? They are talented! The Moroccan Mehndi finger design has more geometric figures aesthetically to make your fingers look even more beautiful.

Source Pinterest

Roses Embedded Finger Mehendi Designs

Receiving a rose from your beloved has to be the most romantic gesture that ever existed. Bring this romance to your fingers ( Quite literally :P). These expertly made roses on the fingers are speaking volumes.

Source girly.henna

Lines-to-Work Finger Mehndi Designs

This beautiful mehndi design as the name suggests has nothing but lines drawn on your fingers. Apt for the ones who believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Source Pinterest

Simple Finger Mehndi Designs

Mehndi can’t go simpler than this one. Inspired by the idea that less is more, this mehndi artist chose to design this Mehndi look for you to rock even on casual days.

Source Pinterest

Jaali Finger Mehndi Designs

The idea of this Mehndi Design is to cover fingers in a Henna made Jaali. The designer has creatively embellished this Jaali with different patterns making us add this design to this list.

Source rabbyy

Floral Ring Finger Mehndi Designs

Personally, I am obsessed with rings. The multiple rings that look trending in the past few months have been my favourite and most go to one. Turning these multiple rings into a Mehndi Design and garnishing it with flowers is one well thought idea.

Source nurahshenna

Marwadi Finger Mehndi Designs

India, a land of the richest cultures, has a huge number of mehndi designs within itself. Marwadis like to go grand with everything from celebrations to their outfits. Keep their tradition intact, this Marwadi Mehndi Design is quite detailed and carefully made.

Source Pinterest

Simple Front Finger Mehndi Designs

If keeping is minimal is your style, this is one idea that you must definitely try this bunch of roses on your fingers.

Beautiful Bridal Finger Mehndi Designs

Another one for brides out there, the designer has given special attention to the details of this finger mehndi design. We are sure the precisely done curves in the design must have taken a lot of effort by the designer.

Source Pinterest

Boho Finger Mehndi Designs

This easy-breezy Boho Mehendi design is a unique one. Women who like to do something different and stand out in the crowd can definitely opt for this one.

Source rabbyy

Chessboard Finger Mehndi Designs

This design creates an effect of a chessboard in beautiful henna colour for you to keep your mehndi game on point!

Source Pinterest

Criss-Cross Finger Mehndi Designs

The criss-cross pattern is literally going places, it's everywhere from your clothes to sandals. Mehndi Designs, too, haven’t been left untouched. This beautiful criss-cross on fingers is already on our must-try list.

Intricate Finger Mehndi Designs

The perfectly done minute detailing on the fingers of this bride compelled us to put this one on the list. Topping it up with a beautiful nail colour will do wonders!

Simple Ring Finger Mehndi Designs

Another one creating an illusion of a ring on your finger is this easy mehndi design. Opt for this one when you are in the mood to put on some henna on a casual day.

Source Pinterest

Gorgeous Finger Mehndi Designs

We call this one gorgeous for it, without a doubt, deserves to be called that. The pretty patterns on the fingers have added this one to the list of the trending finger mehndi designs.

Source Pinterest

Combination Finger Mehndi Designs

Mehndi artists in the country are constantly looking out for new ideas to make your mehndi stand out among others. Saying that we are impressed with this idea of combining two halves of different mehndi would be an understatement.

Source Pinterest

Floral Finger Mehndi Designs

Floral has been mehndi artists favourite for years. When it’s about adding a touch of traditional to your mehndi without going overboard these floral fingers are the ideal ones.

Semi-Circular Loops Finger Mehndi Designs

The idea is to set a number of semicircles to paint a pattern on your fingers. And what we saw as the result left us awestruck!

Bands + Floral Finger Mehndi Designs

We love how the mehndi artist has managed to draw bands and flowers very neatly on the fingers without merging the two. The design is an elegant one!

Source nurahshenna

Embellished Finger Mehndi Designs

We have embellished outfits, footwear and even nails then why not a mehndi design? This design with embellishment effect is the inspiration you were looking for.

Source Pinterest

Mughal Back Finger Mehndi Designs

A Mughal culture brought fashion that is going to last forever with itself, be it the Anarkalis or this Mughal inspired mehndi design crafted beautifully by the artist.

Source umamah_b

Simple One Finger Mehndi Designs

The trend of putting mehndi on one finger is going viral and we see why. This minimal mehndi design on a finger looks so sophisticated. Fangirling!

Source Pinterest

Contemporary Finger Mehndi Designs

This is as the name says include the most popular mehndi designs. This perfectly made, not so extra & beautiful mehndi design talks about contemporary women.

Source Pinterest

The Fall Finger Mehndi Designs

The mehndi design gives an impression of a fall and hence the name. The descending mehndi design is accessorised with dots and curves all over.

Source Pinterest

Minutely-Detailed Finger Mehndi Designs

Carefully made by the artist, this design flaunts the work that has been done over it. Choose this one to go a little extra with the detailing.

Source Pinterest

Latest Finger Mehndi Designs

The newest addition to our list of best finger mehndi designs for you have us crushing majorly over it. We can’t stop gazing!

Source nurahshenna

Heavy Mesh Finger Mehndi Designs

A more detailed mesh with the garnishing of leaves has us praising the design all that we can. The design is a must for the bridesmaid.

Source Pinterest

Detailed Finger Mehndi Designs

Classy! That’s how we would describe the design. A merge of several designs made neatly only on a finger has our hearts.

Blend Finger Mehndi Designs

We saved our favourite one for the last! This pretty finger mehndi design is a blend of almost all designs that we talked about. We are opting for this one for sure!

Source Pinterest

Minimal Bridal Finger Mehndi Design

Intimate weddings need minimalistic ideas! So, if you're seeking a simple yet attractive Mehndi design, look no further. For a stunning look, pair it with nude nail polish and floral jewellery.

A Mandala Inspired Finger Mehndi Design

Mandalas are quite traditional, but they have a very elegant aspect to them. They're perfect for anyone who doesn't want a full-fledged bharwa but yet wants their hands to seem thoroughly laden with henna.

Source hennaby_mk

Final Words

That’s all, ladies! The most popular mehndi finger design with images. With the trending Finger Mehndi Designs known to you, hope we helped you out in finding inspiration for your next mehndi look. Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. Also, let us know the ones we missed.


We hope that you found some finger mehndi designs inspirations that you were looking for. Do tell us your favourite ones in the comment section below!

Top 61+ Finger Mehndi Designs

by Apoorva Saxena

Top 61+ Finger Mehndi Designs