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Bid adieu to boring wedding hashtags like #aakashwedsnainika and say hello to unique ones your guests will be talking about months after your big day!

Why You Need To Make The Effort To Make Your Hashtag Unique

Simply putting the bride and groom names together and throwing in a 'Weds' or 'Loves' in the middle is not only boring, but it also makes the task of finding your wedding photos on social media that much harder. There might be other couples with the same names getting married, and you want only your wedding memories to show up when you click on your wedding hashtag.

How To Create A Unique Wedding Hashtag

Whether you put your names together creatively, or just add your wedding year, there are innumerous ways to come up with a unique hashtag that will belong solely to you and your future spouse.

Monkey themed cake at Bipasha Basu's wedding

Source Bipasha Basu

#1 Use Your Theme

When Bollywood actress, Bipasha Basu, tied the knot with Karan Singh Grover, they created a one of a kind wedding hashtag #MonkeyWedding to keep pictures in one place. The theme of the wedding 'Monkey' was spotted in a bunch of wedding essentials such as bridesmaids’ gifts and the wedding cake. Take away: Choose an interesting theme and hashtag it

#2 Two States

Another technique to make a unique hashtag is to merge cultures or states of both bride and groom and come up with an extraordinary mishmash. Just a while ago, we spotted #BalleBong where a Sikh gentleman got married to his Bengali bride. Take away: Combine the characteristics of two different cultures

#3 Make It Meaningful

#ChiragKiJyoti sounds like just the right sanskaari hashtag and we love going old-school. As Indians, we all  have a meaning to our names. Try and see if the meaning of your names can come together to form a special hashtag, like Chirag and Jyoti did with their complimenting names. Take away: If your names have a meaning that can be combined together in some way, go for it!

The quirky hashtag #VanGoneKre at Kresha Bajaj and Vanraj Zaveri's wedding

Source Kresha Bajaj

#4 Fun With Puns

When we featured Kresha Bajaj’s wedding on our blog last week, we noted her quirky hashtag #VanGoneKre. It’s evident that “Van” is short for Vanraj (the groom) whereas “Kre” is for Kresha (the bride) but you might be wondering why 'Gone'? Essentially, 'Kre' sounds like cray which is slang for crazy! Take away: Shorten the names of both bride and groom and separate them with a pun-ny middle word (no love or wed, please!)

#5 Add A Desi Touch

If you are one of those couples who got nicknamed in school or college, it’s time to embrace that mushiness. Recently, we saw a couple who needed a unique hashtag to stand out on social media and opted for #SushiKaByaah. “Su” comes from the guy’s name, Suyash, and “Shi” is short for the bride's name, Shifa. Another way to have a distinctive hashtag could be using #SushiKiShaadi. Take away: Use nicknames or the combination of both bride and groom's name and add "Ki Shaadi" or "Ka Byaah"

#6 Make A Memorable Phrase

Last year, we came across 2 couples with wedding hashtags that brought together their names in an unforgettable way! The hashtag #ShonDesh, which also refers to a Bengali sweet was created using "Shon" from the bride’s first name Shonan and "Desh" from the groom’s first name, Aadesh. Another couple came up with #DhaJam as they joined half and half of the last names of both bride and groom, "Dha" came from the girl’s last name, Dhawan, and "Jam" from the groom’s last name, Jambotkar, to refer to their wedding as the coolest place to 'jam'. Take away: Try to put together parts of the names of both bride and groom to form a memorable phrase.

Simply add the year of the wedding to the shortened names of bride and groom

Shot by Arjuns Tryst with the Camera, Gurgaon

#7 Add That Year

If you have tried all the possible combinations of making a hashtag unique, then you could add either date of the wedding or the wedding year. We suggest not adding up everything please, password thodi banana hai? We found #JoDas2016 where “Jo” is short for the groom’s first name,Jonathan while “Das” is the Bengali bride's surname. Take away: A part of the bride’s name along with the groom’s name plus your year of marriage.

Any unique and memorable wedding hashtags you've come across? Share with me in the comments below!

7 Ways To Create A Unique Wedding Hashtag Guests Will Remember

by Sanchita Kalra

7 Ways To Create A Unique Wedding Hashtag Guests Will Remember