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For a brief period of time last year, couples were able to have a good number of guests at their weddings when the cases had gone down and the situation was much better. But, we are back to the times when it is still unsafe to have a grand wedding and the only possible way of getting hitched is to have an #intimatewedding ceremony. Now, we know how saddening it can be to ditch your Bollywood-like wedding. However, we know that when you check out the couple wedding photoshoot ideas that we’ve shortlisted for you to take inspiration from, for your wedding pictures with your loved one, your spirits are going to go up. Scroll below and check out these dreamy and trending couple photoshoot ideas that you have to bookmark for your upcoming intimate wedding! 

Best Couple Photoshoot Ideas For Your Intimate Wedding

1. Some Must-Have COVID-19 Related Pictures

There’s absolutely no doubt that this time will go down in history and the coming generations will hear about it for centuries to come. Why not get some basic but must-have COVID-19 related images for memories? These couple photo shoot ideas for your intimate wedding are just going to help you show your future kids or help your future self remember that even though times were tough, your love was much stronger and your happily ever after could take place!

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2. We Can't Wait For Those Cheesy Pictures

With less than 50 guests, your wedding is going to be a super intimate one. It's only going to have your nearest and dearest ones which in layman's terms means that you can get as many cheesy pictures you want with your soulmate. Had it been a big fat Indian wedding, it would have been awkward and time-consuming to get your dreamy shots without having someone disturb you guys. Check out these couple photo shoot ideas for your intimate wedding pictures that are super cheesy and you’d understand what we mean! 

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3. One For The Memories

The most beautiful thing about getting married to someone you love is the fact that you both have that special gesture, that special look or a special way of holding each other which can now be captured thanks to the intimate wedding. These couple photo shoot ideas for your intimate wedding images don’t have to necessarily be in your wedding album but it's just a little something for your memories!

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4. Show Us Some Goofy Love

This is definitely the category that can very easily be achieved if you’re having an intimate wedding ceremony. Goofy love does exist among all couples and we’d absolutely love to see your goofy love in the pictures. This is the perfect opportunity to let out the love inside you which is so deep for your soulmate. Check out these absolutely adorable goofy couple images that are a perfect example of couple photo shoot ideas for your intimate wedding. We promise they’re full of love and affection!

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5. Hello Candid Pictures

We’d say that candid pictures are one of the best things about a wedding. They capture the most vulnerable, beautiful and memorable moments of the most special day of your life. If you’re soon going to tie the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony, we say that you should make the most of this opportunity and get as many candid shots as you can with your loved one. After all, your intimate wedding won’t have too many guests so we’re sure that you would be able to get one or two breathtaking candid shots for sure just like these real couples did!

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So which is your favourite couple photoshoot idea from the ones listed above? Head to our Instagram page and tell us! 

32 Fun & Dreamy Couple Photoshoot Ideas For Your #IntimateWedding!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

32 Fun & Dreamy Couple Photoshoot Ideas For Your #IntimateWedding!