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Ta-da! So, you have finally found the love of your life and your relationship is official. The families have met and everything is rosy. Now all you need is to select your wedding dates in 2024. That's exactly where we step in to help. Today, we bring to you, the most auspicious marriage dates of 2024 according to the Panchaang, which is an ancient Hindu calendar. 

Sit back, relax and scroll down to select your wedding dates in 2024 and start planning already! Even though you have ample time, it is always a good idea to plan, especially when it comes to your wedding.

So, scroll down and fix your auspicious wedding dates 2024!  

Auspicious Marriage Dates in 2024

Auspicious Marriage Dates in January 2024 

Getting married in January 2024 is a great idea if you want to start the year on a special note! So, it is cold enough in January which is perfect for those who have been wanting a winter wedding. On that note, don't forget to check out a winter wedding shopping guide for all the to-be brides and Get.Set.Planning! 

The following are all the January 2024 auspicious marriage dates and days that they fall on: 

  • January 16 (Tuesday)
  • January 17 (Wednesday)
  • January 20 (Saturday)
  • January 21 (Sunday)
  • January 22 (Monday)
  • January 27 (Saturday)
  • January 28 (Sunday)
  • January 30 (Tuesday)
  • January 31 (Wednesday)

2024 Calendar Marriage Dates in February 

2024 February, the first month of the Spring brings many auspicious Hindu wedding dates for you, as a gift. It is also the month of love with Valentine's week falling right in the middle which is only a bonus. We bet that February 2024 marriage dates are sure to have the sweetest romantic vibes. 

The following are all the February 2024 auspicious marriage dates and days that they fall on: 

  • February 4 (Sunday)
  • February 6 (Tuesday)
  • February 7 (Wednesday)
  • February 8 (Thursday)
  • February 12 (Monday)
  • February 13 (Tuesday)
  • February 17 (Saturday)
  • February 24 (Saturday)
  • February 25 (Sunday)
  • February 26 (Monday)
  • February 29 (Thursday)

Auspicious Marriage Dates in March 2024 

The weather in India finally starts to warm up during March. So, all the brides-to-be, you can easily plan a pleasant and fun wedding this March 2024! And, if you are looking for wedding outfit inspiration? Then, check out utterly glam, lightweight & easy-breezy outfit ideas for summer brides. 

The following are all the March 2024 auspicious wedding dates and days that they fall on: 

  • March 1 (Friday)
  • March 2 (Saturday)
  • March 3 (Sunday)
  • March 4 (Monday)
  • March 5 (Tuesday)
  • March 6 (Wednesday)
  • March 7 (Thursday)
  • March 10 (Sunday)
  • March 11 (Monday)
  • March 12 (Tuesday)

Auspicious Marriage Dates in April 2024 

Ah! Finally, April brings the first few breezes of an exciting summer. It is the perfect time for you to get married in April 2024 and with WeddingBazaar you will be able to grab some great deals from your wedding vendors!  

The following are all the April 2024 auspicious Hindu dates and days that they fall on: 

  • April 18 (Thursday)
  • April 19 (Friday)
  • April 20 (Saturday)
  • April 21 (Sunday)
  • April 22 (Monday)

Auspicious Marriage Dates in May & June 2024 

There are no Hindu marriage dates 2024 in May and June. You can still utilise these months to plan your wedding in the best way possible. Ensure to talk to various wedding vendors and book them quickly so that they don't get booked quickly for the wedding season. Dedicate yourself to self-care sessions and check out these 10 skincare rules to swear by 6 months before the wedding day! 

Auspicious Marriage Dates in July 2024 

After a two-month hiatus, July 2024 brings in not only the first showers of the year but also some auspicious marriage dates! Get married in July if you want a cool monsoon wedding! Don't forget to go through monsoon wedding ideas to make your D-day foolproof & super special!

The following are all the July auspicious marriage dates in 2024 that they fall on: 

  • July 9 (Tuesday)
  • July 11 (Thursday)
  • July 12 (Friday)
  • July 13 (Saturday)
  • July 14 (Sunday)
  • July 15 (Monday)

Auspicious Marriage Dates from August to October 2024 

Psst... The months of August, September and October 2024 have no wedding dates at all. Like we said earlier, use this time to prep for the upcoming wedding season. From buying your dream wedding lehenga to having your first makeup trial. Make sure you are utilising your time efficiently. Also, don't forget to spend a lot of quality time with your loved ones. So, gear up this time and checkout the best wedding dates 2024 astrology ahead.    

Auspicious Marriage Dates in November 2024 

2024 November offers many auspicious marriage dates after three months. And, this month is not too cold and not too hot. It is just lovely, right? Prepare yourself for the prettiest autumn wedding season in November! If you are planning a cute intimate wedding, here are all the must-have tools for your makeup, hair & skincare!

Source: Element PhotographyTempus Studios

The following are all the November auspicious marriage dates 2024 that they fall on:  

  • November 12 (Tuesday)
  • November 13 (Wednesday)
  • November 16 (Saturday)
  • November 17 (Sunday)
  • November 18 (Monday)
  • November 22 (Friday)
  • November 23 (Saturday)
  • November 25 (Monday)
  • November 26 (Tuesday)
  • November 28 (Thursday)
  • November 29 (Friday)

Auspicious Marriage Dates in December 2024 

December, the last month of the year, is a wonderful time to get married. It is cold and breathtakingly beautiful this time of the year which ensures a stunning and enjoyable wedding for those who love winters! As a bonus, check out these stunning jacket-style lehenga ideas for a winter wedding.  

The following are all the December marriage dates in 2024 Hindu Panchang that they fall on: 

  • December 4 (Wednesday) 
  • December 5 (Thursday)
  • December 9 (Monday)
  • December 10 (Tuesday)
  • December 14 (Saturday)

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Auspicious Marriage Dates of 2024

by Pratiksha Pandey

Auspicious Marriage Dates of 2024