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Best Wedding Wear in Mumbai

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These are the Best Wedding Wear in Mumbai


Weddings are an unstoppable saga of beautiful memories and lots of fashionable outfits. Perfect wedding wear can make celebrations a little extra special for anyone. Adorning the best outfit and looking the best version of yourself just makes it e...Read more

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Latest Reviews of Wedding Wear on WeddingBazaar

Sejal jain 7 months, 2 days, 22 hours, and 24 minutes ago

β˜… 5.0
Review for -  Muskan Label

Fabulous work, super comfy material, loved the unique designs and the quality is excellent . I have one word WOW !!!! I loved all the clothes. I am totally and completely satisfied with this brand πŸ‘Œβ™₯️

...See More

Nayb Shaaik1 year, 1 week, 6 days, 6 hours, and 1 minute ago

β˜… 5.0
Review for -  Aarah by Siddhi Rai Soni

Siddhi was wondefull to work with.she was so help full and guided with proper design process. The outfit turned out of the was a great experience. Will recommend Aarah to my friends and family .

...See More

Pankaj Paswan 1 year, 1 week, 6 days, 6 hours, and 4 minutes ago

β˜… 5.0
Review for -  Aarah by Siddhi Rai Soni

What a great experience! Siddhi was so helpful. Very kind, patient and knowledgeable, she helped me find the perfect dress for me. The process was smooth and couldn't have gone better. Such a good help, Siddhi is the best.

...See More

Pranjali Chaudhari1 year, 1 week, 6 days, 6 hours, and 15 minutes ago

β˜… 5.0
Review for -  Aarah by Siddhi Rai Soni

Working with Siddhi was an absolute pleasure. She took the time to help me find the perfect style for my petite height. Love my dress! She picked out the most perfect dress for me. Without her, I would have not found it. Thank you Siddhi !

...See More

Latest Wedding Outfits Ideas

Types of wedding wear in Mumbai

The large wedding market of Mumbai offers a variety of wedding wear to explore. One can choose from a wide collection of fashionable trends, designs, and outfits to make a style statement when attending a special wedding function. Before deciding on a wedding outfit, one must be aware of the different trends and types available out there. Hence, we list down below some of the best & trending types of wedding wear in Mumbai:


  1. Anarkali Dresses: The most trendy talk in the wedding industry nowadays, Anarkali dresses are stealing hearts! A beautiful Anarkali dress makes you look stunning and tall for a wedding function. The flair, girth, and stonework on Anarkali impresses everyone and looks super stylish in any age group. Easy to handle, Anarkali looks beautiful and elegant when attending any function of a wedding. Paired with matching footwear and accessories, Anarkali can make a head-turning statement. Floor-length Anarkalis are loved by every woman and are one of the best selling pieces of wedding wear in Mumbai. You can choose right from a heavyweight designer Anarkali to a simple and light-weighted Anarkali, according to your comfort. 


2. Saree: The traditional and super chic wedding wear of all time. Sarees can make you glow in any wedding function and look super stylish as well. One of the best-selling weddings wear ones can easily choose when it comes to making an appreciated and fashionable presence in a wedding. Different styles of sarees and draping styles enhance the look of any saree and accessorizing increases the whole look. There’s a large variety of saree collections offered by Mumbai. Either borderless, low-waist or the famous Marathi style nauvari saree. Choose from a wide variety and adorn a trendy saree look for a wedding function.

3. Suit: The most evergreen Indian wedding wear to try for any special wedding function. Punjabi suit, Patiala salwar suit, pyjama suit - there are a lot more types you can easily get in Mumbai city. If you want to go for comfortable wedding wear then a suit is the best option to consider. This elegant and sophisticated outfit looks beautiful when paired with matching footwear and other accessories. The availability of lightweight suit material with embroidered designs, stonework, zari work makes it the most lovable wedding wear for Mumbai people. You can choose from hundreds of color shades that come in suits. Patiala salwar with designer kameez is the trendiest wedding wear in Mumbai city.

4. Lehengas: A wedding function seems incomplete if you don’t adorn a lehenga for even a single ceremony. Lehengas are the heart of wedding fashion. Lehengas can be adorned with a dupatta and matching accessories to enhance the overall look. The girth, flair, and fantastic twirl - lehengas provide it with all in just one look. Mumbai fashion provides a variety of options in the lehenga category with different stonework, designs, and embroidered work. One can choose from a whole lot of amazing wedding wear lehengas. Usually, the size problems aren’t faced in lehengas because they are mostly of free sizes, still one can go for alterations and adjustments according to their preferences. 

5. Nehru Jackets: Most loved wedding wear for men is Nehru jackets adorned with a nice boutonniere. Nehru jackets on kurtas look stunning when paired with a pathani salwar. The buttoned and unique neck of these jackets looks super stylish for a wedding function. Perfect apparel to adorn for a wedding function and look sophisticated. Nehru jackets are loved by age groups. Nowadays, even women are carrying them with a skirt and indulging in more of a king fluid fashion for weddings in Mumbai. Experimenting with apparel is a great idea and Nehru jackets are the right first choices for it.

6. Light Sherwanis: Wedding fashion is all about grand and chivalry style. Men are preferring light sherwanis embossed with a little embroidery work. Light-weighted sherwanis radiating calming shades of colors are loved by Mumbai people. One of the best-selling wedding wear in Mumbai, Sherwanis are a go-to wedding fashion picked mostly for its amazing looks and stunning appeal. Different neck designs and unique cut sherwanis are loved by men while picking an outfit for a special wedding function. Elegant and traditional wedding wear of India, Sherwanis are perfect to rock your appearance at a wedding.

 Fabrics used to make wedding wear in Mumbai

The fabric of apparel is the most important aspect while making a purchase. It tells a lot about the outfit’s uses in different seasons and its handle as well as maintenance. One must notice the fabric while purchasing wedding wear. Some of the fabrics used to make wedding wear in Mumbai are listed down below:  

1. Satin: Widely used to make gowns and long dresses for wedding wear in Mumbai. It's a super-stylish fabric that radiates a nice glossy finish through any outfit. An absolute perfect fabric that looks super stylish when adorned for a special wedding. Satin shimmers and when paired with the right jewellery can make you look not less than an absolute diva! The excellent flowy texture of satin works perfect for draping purposes and hence, it is also used for sarees and dupattas.

Satin is a party fabric indeed! It gives a chic touch to any wedding wear outfit and is loved by Mumbai designers.  

2. Crepe Silk: Beautiful fabric used to make wedding wear in Mumbai. Heavy crepe silk is used to make designer churidar suits, Anarkalis and other designer wedding wear in Mumbai. Crepe silk not only looks beautiful but also provides decent volume to a designer wedding outfit. This looks significantly stylish and also provides a wedding-ready look to the person adorning it. Crepe silk never disappoints when it comes to designing wedding outfits and Mumbai provides a large variety of styles in this fabric. An absolute crowd-pleasing fabric for wedding wear in Mumbai.

3. Chiffon: The most delicate and soft fabric used to make wedding wear in Mumbai. Who hasn’t dreamt of a designer chiffon saree? Every girl out there must have imagined herself in a stylish and flowy chiffon saree at least once. What can be a better occasion than a wedding to adorn a chiffon saree look. It's a soft fabric widely used by sellers in Mumbai to make flowy and designer wedding wear. For making gowns. Lehengas and sarees - Polyester chiffon is preferred a lot by the vendors and sellers of Mumbai city. The light and flowy texture of chiffon provides wavy and soft appeal to a wedding outfit.  

4. Rayon: A suitable fabric used in place of silk that provides an almost similar look and feels to the wedding wear just like the silk fabric does. Rayon is also a widely used fabric to make wedding wear outfits in Mumbai. The soft texture, glossy appeal, and budget-friendly price of rayon make it one of the favourite choices of vendors and sellers in Mumbai. Best suitable for outfits that require draping like lehengas, sarees, dupattas, etc. Rayon is a promising fabric for making wedding wear and is loved by the people of Mumbai.

5. Velvet: Thick and glossy fabric used to make designer over-jackets for wedding wear like sherwanis, kurtas, achkans, etc. Velvet is a stylish fabric used to make wedding outfits and is loved by the vendors and sellers of Mumbai city. The smooth finish and soft texture make it one of the tops used fabrics for creating designer wedding wear outfits. If you’re in a doubt and still want to choose something that makes you look stylish and wedding-ready then you can go for a velvet outfit as your choice for wedding wear.

5 things to consider before purchasing wedding wear in Mumbai

Weddings are full of making arrangements for one service or the other. Getting everything done correctly is a task in itself. Shopping for wedding wear is also an important task that demands time for selection. Hence, you would not want to miss out on anything important when it comes to selecting the ideal wedding wear. Here, we list the top 5 essential things to consider before purchasing wedding wear in Mumbai.

1. Planning a budget: Give yourself a planned budget for expenditure on wedding wear. Making a budget plan is a must to do before exploring the different wedding wear in Mumbai. This will help you select something that looks good on you and also doesn't put a lot of burden on your pocket. Expense planning and estimated budget range must be the first thing on your checklist. Sticking to a pre-planned budget will help you explore more efficiently and you'll end up making a wise choice for your wedding wear. Expenses are one such area that needs to be taken care of when wedding arrangements are going on. You can make a beneficial deal when you are side by side monitoring your expenses.

2. Know your requirement: Explore the trends in wedding wear and know your requirements before you step out to make a choice. Plan which category of wedding wear you want to explore more. If you want to experiment with your look then you must define your requirements in a precise manner to the vendor so that you are provided with the correct outfit that fits your idea of the whole look. If you explain your likes and dislikes more vividly then it will help you choose the best wedding wear in Mumbai. Clear cut descriptions and required material for wedding wear are a must to do. Prepare a list so that you don’t miss out on any. 

3. Opinion helps: If you are in constant confusion and struggle with selecting the ideal wedding wear for yourself then an opinion coming from some of your trusted people can help. Go shopping in Mumbai with your close ones who understand your style and will contribute their thoughts on different categories of wedding wear. Having an opinion from someone who you trust is an absolute boon when you're in a constant dilemma of what to choose for wedding wear. Take some people with you who are patient enough to devote their time to exploring and selecting the best wedding wear for you. 

4. Explore variety: Analysing the price ranges by exploring different varieties of wedding wear helps in choosing the perfect fit for your requirements. Trendy fashion and the newest designs are a must to explore. Even if you've already planned then also giving it a try is a must. You never know, what if you may find something extraordinary that goes with your personality. Hence, exploring different varieties in designs and styles of wedding wear in Mumbai is a great option.

5. Manage time: Keep a genuine amount of time with yourself for deciding and purchasing wedding wear. Sometimes in a hurry of all other wedding preparations, we tend to delay our purchase and end up getting in last-minute troubles. Hence, time management is necessary so that one can have a sufficient amount of time for shopping. Shop timely so that you have plenty of time for making alterations and fittings. Managing time will help you get things done more smoothly and efficiently. End minute panic attacks will be avoided and all the shopping will be done in a joyful manner without taking much tension. 


Wedding wear in Mumbai is a whole different market that is full of exquisite designers as well as elegant outfits. The shopping experience is now made much easier when you can access all the top vendors and sellers in Mumbai who are dealing in wedding wear at one destination only. Access our 'apparel' tab on the homepage and get connected to the best wedding wear sellers in Mumbai city.

Frequentlt asked Question about Wedding wear in Mumbai

Q - What is the average price range of wedding wear in Mumbai?

The average price of wedding wear in Mumbai ranges from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 5,00,000

Q - What are the best places to shop for wedding wear in Mumbai?

Mumbai city is a fashion hub of wedding wear in India. The best places to shop for wedding wear in Mumbai city include Lokhandwala market, Juhu Tara Road, Zaveri bazaar, Nallies Market etc.

Q - Which brand is famous for bridal wear in Mumbai?

Sabyasachi is a renowned brand in Mumbai for bridal wear, known for its exquisite designs and attention to detail in creating stunning wedding attire for brides and grooms.

Q - How much does a custom designer wedding dress cost in Mumbai?

The price of a personalized designer wedding gown in Mumbai can differ significantly based on various factors, including the designer, fabric choice, level of intricacy in the design, and more. On average, the cost can range from INR 50,000 to several lakhs.

Q - Who should buy the brides dress?

Traditionally, the bride purchases her own dress. However, it can vary depending on cultural customs and financial arrangements. Ultimately, the decision is up to the bride and her family.

Q - How do you make a simple wedding dress look expensive?

To make a simple wedding dress look expensive, focus on the details. Opt for high-quality fabrics, add intricate beading or lace, and tailor it perfectly to your body shape. Accessorize with elegant bridal jewellery and pair it with stylish footwear to complete the bridal ook.

Q - Which city, Delhi or Mumbai, is more favorable for wedding shopping?

Both Delhi and Mumbai offer excellent options for wedding shopping. Delhi is known for its traditional and intricate designs, while Mumbai offers a mix of traditional and contemporary styles. Ultimately, the choice depends on personal preferences and the specific requirements of the wedding.

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