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Marriage, in legal terms, is a “contract” between two individuals to stay together in sickness and in health no matter what. But, in today’s time, the term “wedding contract” has taken such a fun and unique twist that now we’ve started seeing the brides and even the groom’s side makes the other person sign a funny contract stating cute and hilarious facts.

Scroll below to read more about this wedding trend that is taking the internet by storm these days!

Everything You Need to Know About the Wedding Contract Trend

What Exactly is a Wedding Contract? 

First and foremost, this “wedding contract” is a fun activity by either the bride or the groom’s side that consists of certain terms and conditions that hold a lot of value for the other party. These can be anything from an inside joke to cute-cute small things one expects from their other half after tying the knot. Check out this viral video of the wedding contract that the bride's side got signed by the groom. 

1. Wedding Contract from the Bride's Side

A fun way to implement this wedding contract on the wedding day from the bride's side can be before the dreamy bridal entry. So, make sure you ask your cousins and bridesmaids to bring out a cardboard contract with the top terms and conditions for the love of your life! 

2. Wedding Contract from the Grooms Side

And, for the groom’s side, one can bring out the contract before the thali is done by the bride’s side or after the bridal entry!

Tips To Remember For The Wedding Contract

#WBTips #1

If you are planning on making this fun wedding contract and presenting it to your other half on your wedding day, we recommend that you give a heads-up to the wedding photographer and the wedding videographer to stay alert and capture these candid shots that they’ll get during this time.

We promise you’re gonna see the photos and laugh your hearts out later on!

#WBTips #2

Guys, remember another pro tip we can offer to you for a “wedding contract” is to keep it as hilarious (short and crisp pointers) as you can. I mean it just has to crack your other half (and all of your guests too!).

#WBTips #3

The next tip of the wedding contract is that you must make the overall contract card look pretty. Try including some pastel colours and floral patterns on the card. 

#WBTips #4

Once, you decide on the colour theme of the card and the pointers that you'll include in the wedding contract. You must proofread the content thoroughly so that no spelling mistakes or typos are in the wedding contract. 

#WBTips #5

Last but not the least, don't forget to carry a pen/marker for the signature of the bride or groom. Ensure that your bridesmaids, sister or cousin is given the duty to carry the card with a pen. 


So, what are you planning on including in your wedding contract? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

Wedding Contracts - Everything You Need to Know About This Trend!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Wedding Contracts - Everything You Need to Know About This Trend!