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With colourful outfits and exciting decor, a wedding in the country is all about having fun and making beautiful memories that will last forever. To cherish these memories most people opt for getting clicked at their wedding as much as possible. You simply cannot miss getting clicked on your wedding ceremony and without a doubt, it brings a smile to your face post-wedding. Knowing the importance of getting clicked and creating memories we thought to enlighten you today with the right poses for your wedding ceremonies. So, no need to struggle while getting clicked cos we are here to help!

At ShaadiSaga, we promise you to assist with all your wedding planning needs and we stand by it. To help you with some wedding photography poses, we curated some of the best ones from around the globe for you. Listed below are some poses that you can choose for your wedding and pre-wedding photoshoots. Go through them and don’t forget to bookmark your favourite ones!

11 Best Wedding Photography Poses For Your Wedding Ceremony

We know that your wedding is the biggest day of your life and you have dreamed about this day forever we leave no stone unturned to make your wedding the happiest day. With the right planning, you can turn your dream wedding into a reality that will make your memories last forever. Find the most appealing, happy and unique wedding photography poses for all your wedding functions & don’t forget to Hire the Best Wedding Photographer to execute these ideas perfectly.

To Stay in Each Other's Arms Forever

A romantic setting, gorgeous outfits and an abundance of love, the one is what we call a perfect shot. We are in love, already with this couple! 

Quirky Wedding Photography Pose to Add Some Fun!

This 'Dilwala' swept away his 'Dhulaniyaa' on a RICKSHAW! Tip: You can choose to add some quirky elements that are close to your heart to make this one more personalised.

'She is Mine!' Wedding Photography Pose

He wasted no time picking up his bride and taking her away with him as soon as they took the last 'Phera'. This cheerful shot captured by Photographer Navdeep Soni at the very right moment has won our hearts! 

Colourful Smoke Bombs Work Wonders!

Happy colours of your wedding must be shown to all. Use these vibrant-coloured colour bombs in your wedding photography for some oh-so-gorgeous shots!

Pyaar Hua Ikraar Hua!

The one is classic! Who doesn't remember Raj Kapoor & Nagirs under an umbrella singing their love to each other? Recreate the moment into your wedding photoshoot to feed the Bollywood junkie in you.

Source Pinterest

'The Role Reversal' Wedding Photography Pose

As important as it is for your man to pamper you to make you feel special, he deserves some attention too. Go on your knees and ask him to be yours forever!

The Couple Who 'Drinks together, Stays Together' 

We are sure that your wedding ceremony is full of fun and this fun must be depicted in your wedding pictures. This couple decided to do 'cheers' in their wedding picture.

Pampering His Wife-To-Be!

This groom knows how to treat his lady right! He, helping her wear Payal has made us in love with this couple's chemistry. 

Add Flavours of your Craziness to your Wedding Pictures

This couple did not shy away from showing off their crazy side in their wedding pictures. 

The Proposal All Over Again

Grooms! Make her feel out of the world by going down on your knees and asking her to be yours all over again. Oh! Do not miss #gettingclicked to remember this moment forever.

Indian Wedding Photography Pose For Your Mehndi Function

This bubbly bride showing off her mehndi in this adorable wedding photography pose has our hearts.

10 Trendy Wedding Photography Poses for your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Weddings in India are no less than a celebration and this big celebration requires a crazy amount of planning. With all the hustle-bustle about the wedding madness around you, you must not miss a gorgeous pre-wedding photoshoot with your partner. Pre-wedding photoshoots are usually theme-based and are shot at outdoor locations like beaches, woods, waterfalls, etc. Indoor pre-wedding photoshoots are trending these days and we would suggest you check out these best pre-wedding photoshoot ideas that will be the most memorable affair of your life.

Latest Wedding Photography Pose For The ‘Bike Rider Couple’

If you and your partner happen to be one of those who are passionate about bikes, this one is for you. A photoshoot on a bike is romantic, unique and tempting!

Colour Bomb at Work Again

This couple has won us over with their pre-wedding photoshoot infused with these colour bombs. Choosing a rustic pre-wedding photoshoot as a location has added to the charm!

Source mihaitrofin

Gift Your Bride the Moon Itself

Moon has been a symbol of love for years and this one is a perfectly-timed shot. Bonus: The ocean in the background is adding to the beauty of the picture.

One with Perfectly-Coordinated Outfits 

Add some fun to your wedding photos by playing with the elements like this one. This crazy wedding picture has us gushing about it since the time we saw this one.

The Beach Wedding Photography Pose

Forehead kisses are important! This one with the groom-to-be kissing his lady with the background of a beach is making us go gaga over this picture.

When You Both Love Colours A Little Too Much

Do you both LOVE colours like us? Then, play a little Holi with your partner and get clicked to create the most colourful memories for your lifetime! 

This Couple is Raising The 'Hotness' Metre To The Next Level! 

This photo shoot is the hottest one on the list. The couple all drenched in water is damn tempting!

Love in Boat - Wedding Photography Pose

We cannot stop talking about how pure this picture looks. The vibrant colour tone and floral decor have helped the photographer to capture this perfect shot!

Source Pinterest

Yes! Red is The Colour of LOVE!

Coordinated outfits, a snowman, and a snow fight, can this get cuter? This adorable couple playing with snow has won our hearts.

Forehead Kisses Are Important!

Forehead kisses are important. There's nothing more beautiful than your man kissing your forehead to claim you in front of the world. This couple being drenched in water is fun and romantic at the same time. 

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5+ Traditional Wedding Photography Poses For Solo Bridal Shots

To all the ladies out there planning their wedding forever, we can understand your excitement about your wedding. Those colourful outfits and gorgeous makeup that you select after going through the hectic process of choosing the best for yourself deserve to be saved in the lenses of the top wedding photographers of your wedding. Below are some popular wedding poses for the brides to show off their bridal shots like a boss.

A Long Shot To Capture The Outfit

All the efforts that you put in to find the perfect lehenga for yourself become a little more fruitful when you have a creatively-shot picture like this bride who used a door as her prop for the photoshoot.

Source nadiadphoto

Wedding Photography Pose On A Swing Aka Jhula 

This carefree bride swinging happily on her Jhula has given us the most beautiful wedding photography pose. The green lush and her oh-so-gorgeous outfit have earned some bonus points!

Latest #WeddingPhotography Pose To Flaunt Your Long Veil

Remember the buzz around the long veil of Priyanka Chopra? Long veils were and always will be entrancing. Don’t miss out on this one while creating your wedding album.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

We love our makeup a little too much and how can we not get this makeup captured on the day of the wedding? This bride was captured when she was putting on her bindi, which sets a perfect bridal shot.

Flaunt Your Colourful Long Trail

This bride's colourful and super-long trail has completely floored us. The colour hue that the photographer chose has added to the appeal of the picture.

Source Pinterest

Traditional Wedding Photography Pose

This traditional bridal photoshoot pose has been given a fresh touch by using wooden planks as the base. The aerial shot of this bride has us crushing over the picture.

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Top 5 Popular Wedding Photography Poses For The Groom

No doubt that the bride deserves all the attention on the day of her wedding but the groom deserves his share as well. Just like you, he deserves the best in the world and here are some solo groom shots that are a must in your wedding album. From royal and traditional shots to a trendy and modern photoshoots, wedding photography poses for grooms vary a lot. Check out these best wedding photography poses for the grooms-to-be to get themselves clicked on the biggest day of their lives.

The Royal Indian Wedding Photography Pose

The groom is no less than a king for his bride and he must get clicked as the royals do. This simple yet elegant pose cannot be missed!

Source ialamphoto

The 'Swagger' Groom!

The groom who is always 'Tashan mein' must get his swag captured like the one in this picture does. This picture is all about happy and fun vibes!

Source milighosh

When The Groom is The 'Dapper' One!

For the handsome and dapper groom who knows how to style for occasions must flaunt his dressing style in a unique wedding pose like this one! Also, do hire your city's Top Wedding photographer to get this one captured perfectly.

The Prince On A White Horse!

Groom entry on a white horse? Get a picture clicked like this one and look dapper for your wedding entry! 

Wedding Photography Pose That Shouts 'Ready, Get, Set & Go'  

It is a must to capture the groom while he gets ready for his 'Dhulaniya'. Also, we don't know what we love more his outfit or accessories!

Source ialamphoto

11+ Latest Wedding Photography Poses For Pictures With Friends & Family!

So, we talked about both of you up till now as this special day belongs to you both. However, who cannot be missed when we talk about your wedding are your loved ones, your family & your friends who put their 100% to make your wedding a successful one. Their happiness has no bounds as soon as you announce to them that you will be taking this next big step in your life. Check out the trendy wedding photography poses to make sure that your loved ones are included in your wedding pictures. 


They have been there for you through your ups and downs. Time to make them special! Oh! is it the other way around in this picture? 😛

Parents' Blessings Means So Much, Right? 

Your parents have waited for this day more eagerly than you and their happiness shines on their faces for your big day. Seek their blessings & don't forget to get this beautiful moment captured.

From 'Sonu' To Your 'Titu'

Your "Bhai' must know that your love for him will always be the same. 😜

Source Pinterest

Why Should Boys Have All the Fun?

After all, why should boys have all the fun? Well, don't miss including this fun with your buddies in your wedding pictures!

Your Boy Squad To Your Rescue!

How can the best men in your life not help you to get ready for the best day of your life? Actor Vivek Dahiya's friends gave us this perfect shot when the actor decided to get married to Divyanka Tripathi :D

To Include Your Entire Khandaan

How can you miss out on this traditional wedding photography pose that includes your entire family? After all, Fam-Jams are wedding ceremony essentials.

One With Your Furry Friend

How in the world we couldn't mention this one? Your cutest BFF deserves the best place in your wedding picture album. PS: Let's give a huge shoutout to this bride who got her doggos a coordinated outfit just like hers! 

Wedding Photography Pose To Capture Your Masti

Your friends are bound to have the best & the most-fun times at your wedding. Make sure that this fun is captured perfectly because these memories are the ones that will bring a smile to your face years later.

Sweeping The Bride off Her Feet, Literally!

Remember this fun photoshoot of #Notwithoutmymohans where Neeti Mohan & her sisters looked gorgeous wearing Kalki Fashion! Get a similar wedding photography pose like this one with your #sistersbeforemisters!  

One With Your Brother! 

Ah! I am sure that you'll miss those cute fights with your brother! But, brides let's admit that you love him immensely and will miss him for sure. He might be happy for getting your room all for himself but he's the one who's going to miss you the most and ensure to capture a cute moment like this one.

Popular Wedding Photography Pose For Your Entire Gang

Some friendships are forever! Save friendships like this in your wedding album by getting clicked as this gang did.

The Cutest Wedding Announcement That is Paw-Adorable! 

Let your furry BFF announce your wedding most adorably. Oh, we are so in love with this one!

Last Words!

There you have the best wedding photography poses to get inspired and clicked this wedding season! Hoping that the wedding photography poses checklist is all ticked, now! 


Tadaa! We hope that you found the inspiration that you were looking for :) Hire the Top Wedding Photographers in your city & get captured beautifully!

Top 41+ Wedding Photography Poses (With Images)

by Apoorva Saxena

Top 41+ Wedding Photography Poses (With Images)