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Mehndi Designs have been the talk of the town for the longest time. We have witnessed top fashion influencers gushing about the hand mehndi designs. However, what most of them miss talking about are the trending leg mehndi designs that you must bookmark today so that you are exploding with ideas for your mehndi artist to paint them on you. The Leg Mehndi Designs, that we chose to present to you vary from the most minimal ones to the most elaborate ones. Choose your favourite ones among these or maybe mix and match to create some magic of your own and keep your best foot forward on the fashion front, quite literally.

Stylish & Trending Leg Mehndi Designs

Mehndi for its traditional significance and the glam factor that it adds to your bridal look is an imperative and unskippable part of your bridal look. Flowy bels, leaves, blooming florals, roses, lotus or geometric designs, there’s no end when you start looking for inspirations for mehndi designs for the bride-to-be. Among these immense number of choices, we bring you the most popular leg mehndi designs curated after exploring the ideas from the top mehndi artists in the country. We chose these 51+ designs based on their ideas, popularity and our sheer love for leg mehndi designs. Brides! While going through these beautiful looking leg mehndi design images, do not forget to bookmark your favourite ones and thank us later!

Traditional Bridal Leg Mehndi Design That is So Intricate!

Nothing beats going traditional with your mehndi design and so this one had to be on our top of the list.  From lotus to elephants, the traditional motifs engraved in the mehndi of this bride are making us fall for it! PS: Don't forget to wear a dainty anklet that will accentuate your bridal mehendi to the next level! 

Jeweled or Crowned Leg Mehndi Design For The Minimalistic Brides! 

A queen should always be crowned, even if its about adorning the feet of the bride. This jewel or crown inspired mehndi design is what minimal at its best looks like. So simple yet so elegant!

Insta-Worthy Mehndi Design That Has Florals, Jaalis & Peacock Motifs! 

As the title suggests, this one is so beautiful that it deserve a place of your Instagram pages. We have been crushing over the perfectly placed florals, jaali and the peacocks in this mehndi design.

Jewellery Mehndi Design To Add Some Elegance 

Another one inspired by jewellery and this one has our hearts! The leg mehndi design accessorized with mehendi design beads all over is not only pretty but makes your bridal mehndi stand out among the rest.

Roses With Swirls & Spaced Out Mehendi For The Brides Who Loves 'Less is More'!

This one has nothing but simple flowers spread across this beautifully beaded mesh & swirls. But this simple design has worked wonders as the mehndi artist has managed to create magic with these simple elements.

Mandala Mehendi With Stunning Beads & Mesh Designs! 

We would like to call this leg mehndi design the most bridal design that can exist. This one is a combination of beads, mesh, mandala and other intricate mehndi designs making us want to don this one super-soon.

Elegant Leg Mehndi Design With A Complex Mandala! 

The Mandala Design in this leg mehndi design shining bright this mehndi design caught our eyes instantly. The mandala has been accessorised with beads and florals to add the extra charm that the design helps you flaunt.

Everyone's FAV Jaali Mehndi Design That Never Goes Wrong! 

Jaali is one of the most popular leg mehndi designs and mehndi artists over the globe are constantly playing around with this Jaali design to create unique designs for you. In this one, the artist has decorated multiple thick jaalis with geometrical shapes, beads and flowers that gives a unique touch to this bridal mehendi! 

A Curvy Leg Mehndi Design That is Oh-So-Gorgeous! 

Aren’t curves in your mehndi design oh-so-gorgeous? What can be better than combining several curves to create a beautiful design like this one? An enchanting one, we must mention!

The Half Done Henna Design With Embellished Swirls & Curves! 

While, some brides like to go all traditional and elaborate on the day of their wedding, some prefer to keep it minimal. If you happen to be one of those brides-to-be who prefer designs that are minimal yet beautiful, this half done foot mehndi design embellished with curves makes this one of the best leg mehndi design. 

Popular Symmetrical Leg Mehndi Design That Brides Are Opting For Their Wedding Day!

There is something so attractive about symmetrical design that we cannot pinpoint. The identical design on both your legs had us falling on this design instantly. 

Source Divya Patel

Shaded Lotus Motif Mehndi With Mandala & Swirls! 

Florals, especially lotus motifs has been a popular choice among brides for the longest time. Lotus apart from being pretty is considered auspicious. Infusing this divine element along with others like beads, jewellery mehendi designs & swirls that cannot go out of style.

'All in One' Leg Mehndi Design

The name of this design says it all. If you don't want to miss out on any element in your leg mehndi design, this design is the one for you. The design screams #BridalMehndiGoals all over!

Gorgeously Complicated Bridal Mehndi That Speaks For Itself! 

We cannot stop talking about this pretty mehndi design on the legs of this brides. The jewellery-like feel of this one made us title the design ‘Gorgeous’ and pushed it up in this list.

#Trending Mehndi Pattern That's Super Intricate! 

Can we just look at this one for a little longer? Each element of this design has trended over the globe for quite some time. Mixing these trending elements the mehendi artist has managed to create magic.

Source hennaforall

Decorated Jaali With Polka Dots For Bridal Mehendi! 

The carefully done leg mehndi design of the foot of this bride had us hooked in the very first sight! The pre-eminence of Jaali in the design that is decorated with flowers and dots are making this one stand out

Source Pinterest

Are You A Rajasthani Bride? Then, Pin This Elephant & Peacock Motif Mehndi NOW!

Rajasthani motifs has been a popular one. The traditional elephants and peacock-inspired motifs used by this mehndi artist is one of our favourite ones for the Indian weddings! 

Source Pinterest

#OTT Leg Mehndi Design That is STUNNING! 

OMG, So Gorgeous! This leg mehndi design is the most beautiful one on the list in our opinion. The design comes up to the knee and be it leaves, roses or lotus motifs this bridal mehendi is surely winning our hearts.

Gol Tikki Leg Mehndi Design With Circles & Semi-Circles! 

The Gol Tikki placed right in the centre of this leg mehndi design is the modernised version one of the tradition mehndi elements. The Gol Tikki is embellished with florals and the design is further decorated with circles and semicircles making this as charming as ever!

Source Pinterest

Pretty Leg Mehndi Design for Your Nuptial Bliss!

We know that your wedding has been your biggest dream and we leave no stone unturned to make sure that your wedding looks no short of a dream. To help you choose the perfect leg mehndi design, we chose this one. It has Nuptial Bliss written all over!

BOHO White Mehndi Design That is UNIQUE! 

BOHO is growing to be a popular fashion trend and bridal mehndi design have been untouched by this trend. The Boho Mehndi designs are usually white and we recommend you to check out this elegant-looking minimal white mehndi design for your wedding.

Elaborated Thick Mehndi Design With Intricate Motifs! 

This latest leg mehndi design is the most detailed one among them. All elements of this mehndi design are very carefully crafted by the mehndi artist to create this masterpiece.

Florals & Shading? This Leg Mehndi Design is So Neat For Your D-Day! 

We simply love florals and had to include this one in the list for that beautifully decorated floral pattern that it has and + it is a perfect one to don on your big day.

Attending Your 1st Karwa Chauth? This Heavy Mehndi Design is The One For You! (*Cute Hearts Included)

We believe nuptial bliss doesn't end with the end of your wedding ceremony, it lasts all your life much like the knot that you tied. To celebrate this togetherness of yours, don this one on the next Karwa Chauth!

Source Pinterest

Intricacy To The Next Level!

We define this intricate leg mehndi design by saying that this is how a beautifully crafted chaos looks like. With almost all possible elements of mehndi, this one is for the bride-to-be.

Source Divya Patel

Leg Mehndi Design with Dotted Checks? Get This Inked For Your Bridal Day! 

Checks in your mehndi! Don’t you just love that idea? This mehndi design is a unique one and must be opted by the brides who don’t shy away from experimenting with their bridal look.

Source Pinterest

The Best Leg Mehndi Design for the Modern Bride!

We know that modern brides want to ditch the old traditional intricate mehndi design and what to try something more exciting. Not too minimal, not too heavy, this mehndi design is just perfecto for your feet! 

Buttis With Simple Floral Designs To Add Some Charm! 

Florals alone can work wonders and there’s no doubt when blended with some of these cute minimal elements. This one to be our favourite one for the brides who doesn’t want to go over the top. PS: Add an intricate mandala mehendi design in the middle to create some drama to your bridal mehendi! 

Criss-Cross Pattern Design With Dainty Flower Motifs! 

The simple criss-cross pattern embellished with these flowers is sweeping us off our feet. The mehendi pattern is further engraved with flowers adding to the charm of this bridal mehndi design.

Shimmery Mehndi With Side Henna Design! 

The shimmer makes everything look a little extra pretty. This leg mehndi design with glitter all over shines bright and takes our heart away.

Feet Band Leg Mehndi Design Along With Florals! 

We are fans of bands, be it rings of infused in your mehndi design like in this one. The perfectly cut flowers in the design makes it even more pretty. Also, if you want to add more detaling in your bridal mehendi, then get some shading done to fill up the gaps that looks intricate and beautiful! 

Source Pinteres

Spaced-Out Detailed Elehpant Motif Leg Mehndi Design 

Pallavi, the famous mehndi artist ensured to spread her magic again through this artistic mehndi design she created recently. The leaves, beads, dots, buttis, elephant motifs and semicircles have bowled us over. 

Combination of Graceful Mehendi Patterns To Add Some Extra-Element!

This one, again, is for those who don’t wish to miss out on any of the pretty mehndi elements in their bridal mehndi. The mehndi artist has beautifully joined them all to give us this gorgeous looking leg mehndi design.

Source Pinterest

Vintage Roses For The Old-School Brides!

Roses are every woman’s best friend. Aren’t they? This talented mehndi artist came up with a mind-blowing idea of using vintage roses for the bride-to-be that are LOVE! 

'The Meshy Affair' Leg Mehndi Design Which is Super-Alluring! 

Mesh is super-attractive for some reason. This mesh pattern decorated with beaded florals have us in love! The peacock detailing gets the bonus point though!

Pretty Lotus Motif Patterns For Every Blushing Bride! 

In this latest leg mehndi design, the mehndi artist has simply played with the favourite Indian motif that is lotus to create this magical mehndi look.

Also, check out 35+ Lotus Inspired Mehndi Designs for your love of Lotus Motifs!

Elaborated Payal Design For The Brides Who Doesn't Want Heavy Mehendi! 

We love donning a bright pair of Payal now and then and we couldn’t be happier about the Payal inspired minimal mehndi design that this bride opted to carry on her wedding day.

Source amritahenna

Leg Mehndi Design for the Pataka Dulhaniya!

Exclusively for the Pataka Dhulaniyaa, this mehndi design is again an intricate one. The design fully covers your legs and it is so oh-so-beautifully. PS: Zoom-in to look at those details!

Personalised Love Story Mehndi Design For The Quirky Brides! 

Offbeat designs are what most brides want to opt for at the present. We love how this bride donned this monument inspired motifs in her leg mehndi design. 

For The Peacock Lovers!

This is one of the prettiest birds that exist on the planet and how could pretty bird not inspire the talented mehndi artist to design this ever-so-charming mehndi design for an Indian wedding. 

Source Pinterest

Top Leg Mehndi Design That is Super Neat & Elegant! 

In this appealing mehndi design, the artist has juggled a few elements to create a leg mehndi design that we cannot get over from. Clean and stunning, this one is a must-try.

Latest Ankle Leg Mehndi Design Who Loves To Keep It Simple & Sweet! 

The trending Leg Mehndi Designs are not just for the brides. If you happen to be one of those who enjoy carrying a pretty mehndi design on your leg occasionally, this simple one is a must-see for you.

Source hennamrin

Back Feet Mehendi 

And, how could we forget back feet mehendi that is going so #trendy these days? Bookmark them ladies & don't forget to thank us later :)  

Let Us Just 'Net' Again!

And it’s net again! We CANNOT get over this beautifully decorated netted mehendi on the leg of this bride-to-be. This one again won us over! 

Adorning Your Mehendi With Some Jewels!

Yes! You are a princess and the world should know and how about saying it loud with this gorgeous mehndi adoring your feet at the day of your wedding? Now, that's something! 

It's A Swirl Game-On Point! 

Most of us like a lot of mehndi crafted beautifully on your hands and legs on the day of our wedding. This one does perfect justice to our high expectations that we had while we were looking for leg mehndi inspirations for you & it has tons of heavy swirls and mehendi dots to inspire! 

Ferns and Petals in Your Leg Mehndi Design? Why Not! 

Flowers and leaves motifs, these two elements that cannot be missed when talking about creating mehndi designs is something that has inspired us for #bridalmehendi. We love how this mehndi artist decorated flowers and leaves & coordinated hands and feet that goes so well for an Indian bride! 

Heavy Thick Motifs To DIE For! 

Looking for a heavy bridal mehendi that has intricate patterns and designs on it? Then, include this one for your wedding that is to die for!  

Source Pinterest

Unique Arabic Back Feet Mehendi

Obsessed with back feet bridal mehendi? Get these unique & elegant back feet arabic designs that are perfect for a 'hatke' bride! 

Source Toko Mehndi

Source Toko Mehndi

The Most Popular Cut Motif Leg Mehndi Design

The very first thing that caught our attention in this leg mehndi design are those cute elephants at the top of the design, they are adorbs! The perfect cut motif in the design adds to the charm.

Source hennaforall

Simpli-est Leg Mehndi Design

Another one that is not just for the bride, this floral Gol Tikki or mandala mehendi and decorated toes is how we imagine our foot to look like on the occasions on which we want to opt to wear some mehndi on our legs.

Beaded or Dotted Mehendi Designs

We have already talked enough about how beads add to the beauty of each mehndi design that they are included in. Why not design a mehndi inspired by beads exclusively.

Source Minal

Magical Leg Mehndi Design That is RARE To Find! 

After a lot of thought, we concluded naming this design magical because we really cannot stop appreciating the magic that the mehndi artist has created. 

Just Flowers For The Brides Who Loves Bloom! 

We’d like to end this list with this extremely beautiful one. Roses in this leg mehndi design has been decorated with some leaves and jewels. *MAJOR CRUSHING*

Quick Guide As To How To Select The Best Leg Mehndi Designs For Your D-Day!

Now when you have a fair idea of how the top leg mehndi designs look like, the next step is to select a mehndi design that will suit you the best. While there’s no restriction while choosing the mehndi design for your wedding day but here are several guidelines that will help you get the best version of those mehndi designs: 

Step 1: Firstly make sure you hire the best mehendi artist in town as per your budget so that you get a gorgeous mehendi for your D-day! 

Step 2: Secondly, bookmark your favorite mehendi designs well in advance & make sure to discuss it with your mehendi artist. 

Step 3: Thirdly, book or hire your bridal mehendi artist beforehand as many 'good/famous' artists get booked earlier and you don't miss out on working with your favourite ones

Step 4: Don't forget to share your bridal mehendi with US :)  

*Last Thoughts*

Now that's a lot of designs to choose from, right? We hope you found the bridal mehendi inspiration that you were looking for. We would LOVE to know your favourites and share it with us in the comments section. Oh! And, Happy Wedding! 

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Which feet mehndi design would you prefer to get inked on your mehendi day? 

Top 51+ Leg Mehndi Designs (Latest and Trending)

by Apoorva Saxena

Top 51+ Leg Mehndi Designs (Latest and Trending)