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Today, I am not going to give you 'gyaan' on what to wear & which jewelry to match with your bridal lehenga but something more unique & different that you haven't seen before. Remember those good old school days where you used to have fights with your BFF, shared your lunch boxes with your gang & waiting for your love outside the lunch break or just eagerly awaiting to say 'good morning' at the assembly ground to your beloved! Sounds, cheesy, right? While, I am sure you're already feeling nostalgic about your school days we came across this super cute comic-book wedding invite of our Tech Head that depicts how Math got these two school friends cum childhood lovers to reunite and now getting married! 

Cute Comic-Book Wedding Invitation of Rahul & Isha! 

Once upon a time in the City of Nawabs, 1998 on a jam-packed school bus a 9-year old boy named Rahul offered his seat to a 7-year old girl, Isha! Little did they know that this interaction would lead to a pure 'love' that will last forever. Growing together as children, teenagers, adults and as neighbors, their relationship from 2nd grade grew stronger just like their love for each other. But, unknowingly, then life happened...

They went on their separate ways as Rahul being relocated to Kota & Isha staying at Lucknow. As they lost all the hopes and never imagined to see each other but here, their destiny planned something else for them. Attacked by the MATH monster Isha decided to call Rahul for her rescue and being the perfect friend he ensured to taught her the 'probabilities' to fight the math monsters. Little, did she imagine, then Rahul asked her out & it was nothing less than a dream for the lady! 

Filled with many beautiful moments from their childhood to adulthood this 6-year long-distance relationship finally got reunited once again but this time for their Wedding Day! As, ShaadiSaga is decked up & ready to celebrate their 'Love in Lucknow' on 9th February 2020, check this cute comic-book wedding e-invite that was curated & made by our in-house design team & we couldn't resist to share it with your guys! 

Source ShaadiSaga

Speaking to our groom-to-be we asked him more about this cute 'save the date' invite idea & where he got the inspiration from? 

"Well, the wedding invitation card is an official announcement of the wedding wherein you welcome your guests to be part of your big day! For my quirky wedding invitation card I got inspired by Shaadisaga's blog - 35+ New & Quirky E-Invitation Card Designs You Must Check Out! The minute I looked at the quirky wedding invitations I knew that Isha & I wanted something similar that talks about us, our love story and our relationship from the 2nd grade of school. Looking for an invitation that narrates our story in a unique way & in a more subtle way we didn't wanted to make an invite just for the sake of it but focus on a card that speaks for itself," says Rahul Sachan. 

Going an extra mile the in-house design team of ShaadiSaga curated & created real caricatures of the couple & used boobib line stickers that had all the emotions to express and showed their love towards each other. Similarly through their wedding cards they wanted to take their guests through a journey that talks about their relationship. 

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Why did you use Digital/E-invites & not physical wedding invitation cards for your wedding day? 

  • Gone are the days when wedding couples used to get wedding invitation cards printed for their wedding day. But today there is a 360-degree turn to the concept of physical invites. Opting for digital or e-invites Rahul says, that "believing in that our community is such that guests want a physical invitation card than an e-invite, I was fortunate enough that my friends & family members loved my quirky invite and in fact, my friends liked it so much that they even shared it with their friends too". 
  • Also, the groom-to-be explained that "the major reason Isha & I picked an e-invitation card is only because we think that they are a good option to send your wedding invites to close friends & family members and not waste or throw your wedding invitation card post-wedding. In addition, 70% of my wedding invite would not get wasted rather than it will be consumed or saved in my loved one's phones or PC for the rest of their life". 

What is the benefit of using an e-invitation card for the wedding day? 

Rather than spending a bomb for the physical wedding invites, Rahul says, that "paperless or email wedding invitation cards are something that is #trending among the couples"! He also adds that: 

  • Firstly, the benefit of the digital invitation cards is that there is no hassle of getting invites printed or physically going to the market & spending your entire day on them only. 
  • Secondly, I am not a person who will spend a bomb on my wedding invites + extra cost of posting the invitation cards to the guests that'll eventually make the pocket heavy is definitely that I made sure won't happen for my D-day! 
  • Thirdly, we decided to go for a simple & more convenient way of sending the e-invites that were 'free of cost' and just with a click of a button one may save our 'wedding invite' forever! 
  • Lastly, our friends & family members appreciated & understood the essence of our paperless invitation card & we got a response from them saying that there is no need to send us a physical wedding invitation card as we have received your adorable e-invite for your wedding! 

ShaadiSaga Congratulates Rahul & Isha a very Happy Married life :)  

Message From Bride & Groom: Thanks to ShaadiSaga & the team for making such an adorable comic book invitation card for us & going the extra mile to make it special for our wedding day! 

Looks like we still can't get over this cute comic e-invite! Would you get a similar digital invitation card for your wedding day?

Cute Comic Book Wedding Invitation Card That is ADORABLE!

by Chandni Kumar

Cute Comic Book Wedding Invitation Card That is ADORABLE!