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It can be super crazy to plan a wedding and when it comes to your own wedding, the craziness can go to just another level. There is so much to take care of like your bridal outfits, wedding decor, florists and what not. You can always ask your dearest family or chuddy buddies to help you out but what will help you get things done without any scope for mistakes is your wedding stationery. Yes, we are asking you to put your faith in a diary, to-do lists and scrapbooks to help you have the dreamy wedding that you always wanted!

You are going to swear by the wedding stationery that we have picked out for you and are even going to make your friends buy it when they are going to get hitched!

Must-Have Wedding Stationery for every Bride-to-be

A Wedding Journal/Planner

This hardbound notebook will help you list down all the important contacts, addresses and phone numbers. From a section for the guest list to the section for bachelorette necessities, this notebook has everything for every small to big function. Oh, and we’ve only picked out the best and the most adorable ones for you.

[1] Source The Papier Project [2] Source Etsy

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To-Do Lists

This is the most important wedding stationery, you guys. Even if you have a very pretty looking bridal planner, do not forget to invest in the to-do lists. These come pretty handy and would always, always make sure that you don’t forget anything. Also, now you can even get to-do list stick-ons. And yeah, don't forget to slip them in your handbags when out for bridal shopping.

Source Marry Grams

Stickers & Stamps

Why make wedding planning seem like a job or boring? There is nobody who doesn’t like stickers, so you can add some fun and color to your planner by purchasing some wedding related stickers. Nowadays, you can even have customized notebooks by getting stamps to put.

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A Polaroid Camera

What is better than having a record of all your entire wedding planning journey? You may not have thought of this but we have. Buy a Polaroid camera and have pictures from day one to the day you get married. And after you are married, you can look at those cute polaroids and remember the days and all that went into making it special. This is sure to give you on an overwhelming flashback of the most important part of your life.

Source Instax

A Scrapbook

It is of utmost importance for all the vendors, designers, and shops to get a taste of your vision for the wedding. After all, it is your big day. Invest your bucks in a scrapbook where you can draw the lehenga you have always lusted on or a specific decor which caught your eye. This will not only make things super easy for you but also for the ten thousand people who are organizing your wedding.

[1] Source PropShop24 [2] Source Etsy

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Have you stacked up your personal wedding stationery yet?

5 Wedding Planning Stationeries every Bride-to-be Must Invest In!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

5 Wedding Planning Stationeries every Bride-to-be Must Invest In!