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Want your wedding to be one hell of a memorable event not just for you but for your guests too? Then, all you've gotta do is add some personal touches to it. Believe us, it really works. Include every little and big element in your wedding—right from personalized decorations, fun activities to customized favors, that makes your guests gush a little extra and laugh a little harder. In fact, don't just do it for them but for yourself too. After all, you don't get to marry more than once and you sure don't want to miss on this opportunity to make it every bit special.

So, here we are to give you a brief guide on how you can personalize your wedding in the most distinctive manner. Whether it is your decor, your wedding invites, your bridal shoes or even your Mehendi for that matter, you can personalize it all. Down here, we've listed all the possible ways you can add that much-needed personalization to your wedding. Go, check them out and make sure your phone has got enough storage space coz you might just end up saving a lot of pictures.

Every possible way to personalize your wedding

1. In Wedding Decorations

Decorations can make a lot of difference to your wedding. And when they are personalized, it gets all the more beautiful. Wondering how you can infuse that personalized touch to your wedding decor? Well, here some easy-peasy ways:

~ Personalized Entrance Decor

The entrance decor of your wedding is the first thing that captivates your guests. So you gotta make sure it looks the best or something like this fascinating personalized storybook entrance of our real couple Mira and Ravine's Engagement ceremony. (So Fairytale-ish!)

~ Personalized Hashtags

Hashtag Decor has become the all new rage these days. Decorators are religiously swearing by this one decor element and incorporating it in wedding decorations in so many offbeat ways.

How about this larger-than-life hashtag installation for your destination wedding set up?

Or maybe this one for your vibrant Mehendi ceremony?

You can also get your hashtag installed by the poolside just like Shweta Tripathi got it done for her pool party.

We even loved this basic hashtag installation that was incorporated in the food area with some floral arrangements and knitted curtain.

~ Personalized Centerpieces

Personalized centerpieces are also a thing these days. See how cute is this clapperboard and stumps centerpiece!

~ Personalized Chair Decor

Nothing spells bespoke like custom chairs for the newlyweds. Which one would you like to pick for you and your partner from these options?

Our real couple Mansha & Gautam too added personalized touches to their wedding these 'Maverick' & 'Goose' labeled chairs at their voguish wedding in Delhi.

Blogger-bride Masoom Minawala had these bossy 'CEO' & 'CFO' tagged chairs and we're sure you want these for yourself too! (for obvious reasons :P )

Source Arjun Menon

These personalized chairs with bride and groom tags and some pretty floral wreath decorations are so goddamn pretty.

And lastly, our personal favorite with 'Mr' and 'Mrs' tags and lacy adornments.

~ Personalized Napkins

Don't miss out on any element, even if it is the least prominent one like a napkin and get it personalized with your wedding hashtag along with some relatable quote.

~ Personalized Catalogs

This pretty customized picture catalog can also be included in your table settings.

~ Personalized signages

Another way you can personalize your wedding decor is by being creative with your signages. Instead of opting for regular signages with too direct wordings, opt for the ones with personalized quotes or maybe caricatures of you and your beloved.

This vintage car adorned with a personalized signage accompanied with some floral arrangements and heart sticks is so fancy!

What better way to welcome your guests than with these super-cute personalized signages right at the entrance of your venue. They are sure to leave a bang on the first impression on your guests.

And quirky signages like this for your Mehendi ceremony!

You can even use these signages to tell your love story timeline to your friends and family members.

Source Pinterest

Hand-lettered signages are also quite a hep choice amongst couples.

~ Photo Wall

When it comes to customizing or personalizing your wedding decor, photographs play a very important role. They not only take you down the memory lane but also leave an ever-lasting impression. Which is why a lot of couples especially ask their decorators to create a personalized photo wall or photo gallery and stack all those memorable pictures in some cozy corner of their wedding venue.

Here's one that a couple got done over a cart to display their old pictures.

This vintage cabinet decked with cute picture frames of the couple was exclusively done to add some personalization touches to their wedding.

Looking at the picture, we can make out how the couple was given a surprise gift in the form of this photo wall on their reception by their loved ones.

You don't always need too many pictures for your personalized wedding decorations.


2. Personalized Bridal Lehenga 

What better way to personalize your bridal lehenga than with those cutesy love notes given by your significant other? Here's one designed by Kresha Bajaj.

If you'll zoom in for a closer look you'll notice something etched on this lehenga skirt. Well, those are poems from the groom to his wife embroidered on each kali, while roses intertwined with their names go up the lehenga into vines. The hem is finished off with a starry night skyline of their favorite city.

If you have a cute love story to tell, you can also personalize your bridal attire with your complete love story embroidered on it, just how this bride got hers done. 

For those who don't want to go OTT, but won't mind a wee bit of personalization, a customized blouse with the wedding date or the initials of the couple can do the trick.

These beautiful brides personalized their bridal lehengas with latkans that had their wedding date and initials written over them.


3. Personalized Groom Outfit

Leave aside brides, even grooms are infusing that much-needed personal touch to their wedding outfits. While some are getting their initials embroidered on their wedding outfits, others are personalizing their outfits by wearing some quirky cufflinks along.

Source Tanvi Puri


4. Personalized Accessories

Apart from your wedding outfits and decor, you can also make some custom additions to your wedding by picking some unique and personalized accessories like these:

~ Personalized shoes for grooms

What better than monogrammed footwear to pair with your bandhgala or sherwani?

~ Personalized shoes for brides

Brides, it's time you ditch those basic footwear options for your wedding and get yourself these personalized ones.

This personalized bridal jutti from Fizzy Goblet is just the right pick to pair with your wedding day outfit.

Some brides are even announcing their stories and wedding date by getting them etched on their footwear. 

[1] Source Jennifer Jobst [2] Source Sophia Webster

We're also in love with this monogrammed slip-ons worn by a bride just before slipping into her bridal shoes.

~ Personalized Mangalsutra

Sonam Kapoor's personalized Mangalsutra is extraordinarily unique. It has symbols of both, Sonam and Anand's star signs in it. On the left, it is Sonam's star sign-Gemini while on the right it is Anand's star sign-Leo, complimented by a single solitaire in the center.

~ Personalized Phone Cover

Like all the other things, you can also get your phone covers customized as per your taste and preferences. Look at these brides who got captured while flaunting their 'bride' and 'dulhaniya' tagged phone covers by their photographers.

~ Personalized Hangers

Yes, you can now hang your bridal attire in your very own personalized hangers! Do you like this one?

~ Personalized Jaimalas

Ditch floral Jaimalas and opt for these personalized Jaimalas. They look so flashy and edgy. Also, these light-weight Jaimalas won't weigh you down on your big day.

~ Personalized Bridal Robe

Want to look photo ready for your 'getting ready shots'? Don't forget to buy one such personalized bridal robe for yourself!


5. Personalized Cake

A wedding cake is yet another essential that you can't compromise on. After all, who doesn't want their new beginnings to be sweet and scrumptious? And when it comes with cute personalizations it is even better.

Here are a few personalized wedding cakes we spotted on the internet. While some have got the couples' initials or names frosted over them, others have got edible caricatures placed over them. You and your partner can also get one personalized around your proposal story or with your favorite elements in it.


6. Personalized Favours

Wedding favor options are no more limited to those boring mithai ke dabbe. The new-age brides and grooms are being experimental and are bombarding their guests with some uber cool personalized favors.

~ Personalized cookies and candies

Give away cute and toothsome macarons as wedding favors to your guests. And don't forget to get them personalized with your names as you see in this picture.

For your Mehendi favors, you can even pick these colorful Mehendi-themed cookies. 

If not that, these customized cookies with elephants designed over them will surely make your guests go 'Aww'!

~ Personalized brooches and badges

How about getting some funky badges or brooches personalized for your squads- one for the groom's squad and one for the bride's squad. Here are some options you can see to seek inspiration from. 

~ Personalized favors for groomsmen

Grooms, you can't let your 'Veeres' go home empty-handed from your wedding when you've got gobs of options available. Right from survival kit jars to custom made ties and personalized hip flasks, you can give them anything and everything.

Source Pink Palki

~ Personalized favors for bridesmaids

From helping you decide your bridal outfit to taking charge of all your bookings and appointments, she does it all for you. Hence, it is your sole responsibility to pamper your bridesmaid with some cutesy stuff too. A personalized bridesmaid phone cover, a mini monogrammed makeup kit or personalized hats, see what you'd like to gift to your beauties!

Source Pinterest


7. Personalized Fun activities

Yet another way how brides and grooms are personalizing their weddings and are also engaging their guests is by conducting fun activities like these where they ask them to pen down their wishes. Isn't it a great idea? 

Woah! This bride asked her friends and family members to pen down their wedding wishes on Jenga blocks. So unique!


8. Personalized Bar Menu

After personalized bar decorations, couples are now personalizing their bar menus too. 

Our favorite decorator, Tanvi Puri personalized her own bar menu for her Roka. She added a twist to her bar menu by naming the cocktails with her as well as her partner's initials.

Source Tanvi & Co.

And here are some more that you need to check out!

Source Pinterest


9. Personalized Mehendi

We're all familiar with those Arabic and Moroccan bridal mehndi designs that are creating all the rage these days. But if you want to make yours even more special, add some personal element to it. Here are a few ways you can personalize yours:

Include your Mehendi hashtag in your Mehendi design. There's no better and simpler way than this to personalize your Mehendi.

Narrate your love story in your Mehendi just like our fav. Bollywood actress Shweta Tripathi who got her palms etched with her cutesy love story on her Mehendi. She included some quirky elements like a football, champagne glasses, birds, rollercoaster ride, birds and a lot more in her Mehendi design.

Another way you can personalize your Mehendi is by getting your fav caricatures or portraits of the two of you included in it.

Source Divya Patel


10. Personalized Wedding Invites

Even though more and more people are now opting for e-invites, but there are still some who are hardcore lovers of traditional cards. Especially when there are such varied personalized options available. 

This not-so-common cut-out invite with elephant and lotus motifs on it is an epitome of newness.

We can't stop gushing over this personalized CD style invite with each of the ceremonies quotes as 'Episodes' and their dates quoted as 'Premieres'. 


What all elements have you saved for your wedding? Let us know in the comments!

Uber Cool Ideas to Add Your Personal Touch to Every Wedding Element

by Anupriya Khanna

Uber Cool Ideas to Add Your Personal Touch to Every Wedding Element