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With personalizations taking the wedding scenario by a storm, there's only limited or no area left in your wedding where you can't add a hint of personal touch. Whether it is bride & groom outfits, bridal footwear, wedding invites or even your wedding vows for that matter, we see personalization anywhere and everywhere. And just how your wedding essentials and attire must scream 'YOU', so should your wedding decor. Which is why we've got you one such element that can add just the right amount of personalization to your decor i.e. the fun and quirky monograms.

Monograms have of late become a fad at Indian weddings and are being extensively used in decorations. While some are going all minimal and only including the bride and groom's first initials in their monograms, others are using their wedding hashtag as a monogram (modern trend alert!). Moreover, decorators are making it even fancier by inducing a plethora of florals, lights, candles and other fancy elements to it. So if you too want to give this super voguish element a try, we're here to tell you how to incorporate your personalized monogram in your wedding decor. Dive in straight and note down all the ideas!

Fun & Innovative ways to Incorporate Monograms in your Wedding Decor

1. Have them by your poolside

If you're planning to throw a fun pool party for your guests or have some functions to be hosted by the poolside, make sure you are not missing out on getting some quirky pool decorations done. And what better way to amp up the pool area than with a pretty personalized monogram of your initials or wedding hashtag. A lot of couples are swearing by this trend and taking their pool party decor a notch above. So, wait no more and take some cues from these couples who infused personalized monograms by the poolside so beautifully. 

2. Set them up at the bar

The bar area is yet another focal point at your wedding. So make the most of it by displaying your personalized monograms around it. You can either get it placed at the bar table or hang it against the bar backdrop. Just make sure the size of the monogram is big enough to be easily read by the guests.

3. Infuse their charm at the mandap or stage

When searching for hep ways to incorporate personalized monograms in your decor why leave behind your mandap and stage? Most of the action and rituals take place at the stage or the mandap. Keeping that in mind, try and include your personalized monograms at your stage and mandap as well. If you don't want to go overboard, you can always ask your decorator to keep the size of the monograms small and get them etched somewhere it's easily visible. Moreover, you can even have them etched at your stage backdrops and pose around it with your guests.

4. Get them etched at your mehndi seating backdrop

Mehndi seatings with couples' personalized monograms is yet another quirky trend that is at its peak. We have been spotting more and more couples opting to add a hint of edge to their mehndi ceremony seatings with glimmering personalized monogrmas of their intitals and names. Our favorite is this uber cute mehndi seating with a monogram that has the couple's initials along with an infinity sign in the centre.

5. Beautify your photobooths or backdrops with it

What is even a photobooth without some fun & personalized monograms? They've become the new quintessentials for your photobooths and backdrops. Whether you're picking just the initials of your names or adding your wedding hashtag as a monogram in your photobooth or backdrops, either of the trick works like crazy.

6. Include them into your entrance

Give your entrance area a makeover by including your personalized monograms to it. Just finalise with the deocrator how and where do you want it to be incorporated-by the entry walkway, hanging from the ceilings or simply put up at the entrance of the venue. Also, make sure there's enough space around the hashtag so it is not just used as a decorative element but also as a photo oppurtunity by the guests.

7. Use them as decorative installations

Huge and lit monograms make for great installations. They instantly prettify the environs of your wedding venue, adding oodles of elegance to it. In case, you're not planning to have a separate photobooth at your venue, you can even use these alluring installations as an alternative to get amazing photos at your wedding.

Source Tanvi & Co.


How are you planning to add the charm of monograms into your wedding decor? Let us know in the comments.

7 Most Creative Ways to Use Personalised Monograms in your Wedding Decor

by Anupriya Khanna

7 Most Creative Ways to Use Personalised Monograms in your Wedding Decor