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In the times when people are taking the paperless route, it is no biggie to go paperless when it comes to your wedding invites. This won’t only make your wedding planning a whole lot easier but will also make your wedding invites more memorable than others’ mundane printed invites.

E-invites are all rage and time in 2019 and we wouldn’t want our lovely readers to not keep up with the latest wedding trends. Since we know how important it is for wedding invites to reach both the guests’ houses and their hearts, we’ve made this immaculate list of wedding e-invites dos and don'ts. These are the only things to take care of while getting your e-invites made. And if you’re still a fan of physical invites then we also have our favorite options of artistic and innovative physical invites in our kitty. 

The Ultimate Dos and Don'ts of Online Wedding Invites

The Dos

A Stupendous Introduction

Start your wedding invite with a two-liner poem or with an adorable message for your guests. Make them fall in love with your e-invite at the first glance. The introduction should be so spot on that your guests end up calling or telling you in person about how great the invite is.

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Matchy Matchy

Here’s a fun idea- have the e-invite color match the color of your wedding decor. Not only will it be a continuity to the entire affair but it will also give a sneak peek of your wedding to the guests.

Online RSVPs

Yes, now you can get the guests’ RSVPs with a simple click. You can ask the guests to head to your wedding website to RSVP or simply ask the designer to add that feature to the invite. This will help you get a confirmation and plan things in minutes, you guys!

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No Place For Errors

Since you’re already being super experimental with the e-invites and all, do not forget to add the correct courtesy titles to the invites. Also, it is very important to write in third person way so make sure that you’ve made no mistakes. If you have too much on your hands, ask a friend or family member to proofread it for you once.

Ace Your Social Media Game

Do add your wedding hashtag and all the social media handles’ names in your e-invite. All the guests will be posting numerous pictures from your wedding so it will be really easy for you to locate shots of you having a gala time on your special day.

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Let the Invite Speak for Itself

Many people are nowadays sending video e-invites. Videos are super catchy and your guests won’t be able to miss out on the dates or timings because the video e-invite will help them remember better.

Follow-Ups Are a Must

Since e-invites don’t need a lot of time to put in, people tend to follow up after sending their invites. Do follow up with the guests on the phone or through another e-invite. It can be possible that since a physical invite is not around the house to stumble upon, the guests can forget about your e-invite altogether. So, follow up a few days before the wedding.

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The Don'ts

Goodbye Format

You do not have to necessarily follow the format. Add what you want to add from your heart. After all, they are all your loved ones so they would know what you’re like and would totally get it if your card is not that traditional.

Less is More

Do not add more than two fonts to your e-invite. Have continuity in the invite. The more fonts you add, the more it will confuse the guests. Do not add too many logos or designs too. In fact, prefer keeping it simple and not too crowded.

Dress Code

Do not mention the dress code on the card unless you have a black tie dress code for your cocktail. Wedding guests are super intelligent these days by attending so many weddings. They know what dress code is for what function.


Have you noted these important dos & dont's of online wedding invites, already?

Wedding E-Invitation Dos & Don'ts You Must Take Care Of!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Wedding E-Invitation Dos & Don'ts You Must Take Care Of!