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Honestly, what's not to love about a backyard wedding? It's intimate, convenient and pretty budget-friendly. With the ongoing pandemic, one thing we've learnt is that your backyard can be the perfect place to hold a close-knit wedding. And with the right kind of decor, your intimate backyard wedding can be a smash hit!

However, before you write off a backyard wedding as an overly casual affair that welcomes a rustic vibe only, know that there are endless backyard wedding decor ideas that can transform it into anything you want it to be. From the ceremony to the dance floor to the photo booth, here are some of our favourite backyard wedding decor ideas to help you throw an intimate party that can save you some serious cash as well.

Best Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas

1. Add A Unique Space For Photos

Photobooths have become a staple to weddings. And why should they not? Considering how everyone, be it the couple, their family of friends, loves taking pictures at weddings that can immortalise a perfect moment. So, adding a space for taking gorgeous pictures should definitely be a part of your backyard wedding

2. Don't Forget To Add A LIT Element!

Who doesn't love a brightly lit sign at a celebration? There are endless ways that you can add a quirky twist to your wedding decor with a light sign. Be it your wedding hashtag or just a word that symbolises your vibe, having light signs are always a fun element to amp up your wedding decor!

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3. Sign Boards Are Always A Fun Addition

Easy to make, creative and super fun, signboards are ideal to add some spark to your intimate wedding. From COVID-19 related signs to function names and quirky welcomes, here are a few we absolutely loved!

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4. Off-beat Arches To Welcome Your Guests

Having an entry point decor for your backyard wedding is a must! It looks beautiful and adds a nice touch to the event. Plus, we at ShaadiSaga are suckers for such pretty arches!

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5. Keep The Tab Open!

Weddings feel a little incomplete without a bar these days. That being said, even if you decide on a backyard wedding, if you have space, add a small bar to your event and style them according to your theme. It doesn't have to be something over the top, but if you choose to have a bar, we suggest decorating it in a fun way!

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6. Table Arrangements Ideal For Backyard Weddings

Having tables at your intimate wedding may be optional. However, if you do decide on them, then you have to be smart about it. You cannot cram a tonne of tables into your wedding venue, because backyards have limited space. Keeping that in mind, here are a few ways you can add some table arrangements to your wedding without cramming the space. 

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7. Cosy Corners For Guests

Whether it is your mehendi or your wedding day, having lovely and cozy corners for your guests to sit on is important. If you're skipping the tables and chairs, then opt for couches or other comfortable items that can serve as a seating area for you and your guests. 

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8. If Your Backyard Has A Tree...

Then make sure to utilise it. Add various kinds of decor elements to your backyard tree (or trees) and make a part of your celebration! You could use the branches to hang decorative items, or wrap your tree up in fairylights. Even better, you could utilise this flora and turn it into a tree mandap!

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9. Add Cute Vintage Elements

What's old can be new again. Though not new, vintage decor truly is a gorgeous element to add to your weddings. Tiny vintage elements can be eye grabbing and adds a whimsical essence to the event. 

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10. Backyard Mandaps

Of course, having a mandap is a must. But many people falter and wonder how mandap decor works at a backyard wedding. Keep in mind that your mandap shouldn't occupy too much space but should be enough to accomodate people inside it. 

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Final Words

So, these are some decor ideas that would fit with a backyard wedding quite perfectly according to us. However, we suggest you always keep your eyes open to new ideas and keep bookmarking any element that matches your mood board and fits your venue. Your wedding decor should be a combination of what you and your partner prefer. So make sure your mood boards are set before you begin planning!


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Check Out These Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas For Gorgeous Intimate Weddings

by Shivani Singh

Check Out These Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas For Gorgeous Intimate Weddings