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Until very recently, the concept of seating charts was vague for Indian weddings. From a large guest list to huge family gatherings, most Indian weddings have been about catching up or socialising with as many people as possible. However, now with Coronavirus outbreak in India intimate weddings have become the new cool where Indian weddings have discovered the benefit of wedding seating arrangement to manage your guests and give them a perfect seat that they will enjoy while being careful of how many people they come in contact with.

If done properly, wedding seat chart ideas can ensure that intimate weddings become a lot safer and better for the couple and as well as for the guests. Here are some beautiful ideas that we picked up from weddings in the west that we think are absolutely amazing. So if you haven’t considered wedding seat chart idea for your intimate wedding yet, do that now and scroll through for some quirky inspiration. 

Latest Wedding Seating Chart Ideas For Intimate Weddings

Vintage Wedding Seating Chart Ideas For Intimate Weddings

First up is this vintage and trendy wedding seating chart idea that has some old doors, which adds elegance to the decoration at the wedding. 

Beautiful vintage doors used for wedding seating chart arrangements = LOVE.

An alluring vintage decor mirror with golden frame turned into a wedding seat chart idea with the gorgeous florals adding to the perfection.

A golden frame with fancy borders used as the perfect wedding seating chart.

A vintage mirror with rusty gold borders looks beautiful as the wedding seat chart as well.

A beautiful vintage looking glass frame with a backdrop of trees is a perfect table plan design for an open-air venue. 

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Artistic Wedding Seating Chart Ideas For Small Gatherings 

If you have someone good at artistic things, then it's the best way to personalise wedding seat chart ideas for your guests. Just like this seat chart installation done with different shapes and sizes of chopping boards hung to a wooden plank with leaves as decoration. 

Here’s another pretty inspiration for a rustic and chic seating chart that is sure to add some drama to your wedding decor.

A watercolour map seating all your guests based on where they’re arriving from. Well, this is a great idea for Indian weddings as most of our weddings have guests coming from the entire country and even across the globe. 

Another popular wedding seating chart idea from travel themed wedding for inspiration to the creative minds. 

Some mismatched white photo frames to show your guests their seating arrangements seems like a great low cost but effective idea.

A wooden plank decorated with flowers and leaves as a table seating plan for the guests at your wedding.

A unique and gorgeous plant leaf turned into a table plan design is for the creative minds that like an artistic idea. 

A glass slab painted and put on a stand at the entrance makes or a pretty table plan design especially with some flowers as decoration on it. 

A one-off design if you’re into horse racing with hockey silk colours illustrated digitally making the wedding seat chart interesting with a brilliant theme.

DIY Wedding Seating Ideas With Bottles & Jars

A  table plan made out of glass bottles and decorated with flowers looks nothing short of perfection. So start drinking beer or wine before the big day and collect as many as possible.

Translucent wine bottles with white flowers on top make for pretty wedding seat arrangements. 

You can also collect beautiful vases and turn them into table seating charts that match your decor. 

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Personalise The Wedding Seating With Guest Names & Photographs 

A beautiful champagne seating chart with the name of each guest and a glass of champagne that begin the celebration.

Empty glasses with each guest’s name as a seating chart for them to know which table has a bottle of champagne waiting for them. 

Make each of your guests feel special by putting their photos on the wedding seat chart and make them do a little work and find their photo to know their table.

Source Elisevents

Another ‘find the table’ pictorial wedding seat chart arrangement with polaroid pictures makes for an exclusive idea for your wedding.

Another personalised wedding seating arrangement where you take a shot from the glass kept by your name and take your seat.

A unique way of doing your seating plan, these calligraphy names on agate look extra stunning as a coaster for the drinks and also a gift for your guests to keep.

Last but not the least, these lovely personalised place cards on the table make for the simplest wedding seating idea. 


If you LOVE these creative wedding seat chart ideas, then pick an idea for your D-day & help your guests maintain the social distancing norms for intimate weddings! 

Creative Wedding Seating Chart Ideas in Times of Social Distancing

by Chinar Ghorawat

Creative Wedding Seating Chart Ideas in Times of Social Distancing