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Wish you could hire a wedding planner so that you and your family members could entirely focus on having fun? Well, every modern couple wants to take this road, but damn, budget constraints! The system of wedding planning in India is furthermore so complex and stressful that it can dread even the most audacious couple. But now that you are planning your own wedding, remember, you can pull it off easily, provided you follow the below-mentioned tips!

Don’t let the wedding planning stress hover over your joy of getting married. Consider the following tips, make the wedding planning easier and enjoy the most exciting time of your life!

Tips to make wedding planning easier

Take the cue of checklists

You are most likely to be clueless about what to plan and how to plan! Hence, take cues from the ultimate wedding checklist to get a know-how of what all needs to be done and when!

Create a timeline

Whether your wedding is merely 3 months away or you have the time of an entire year, create a planning timeline as soon as you get engaged. Create a column for every month leading up to the wedding and slot each month with tasks based on what needs to happen when. Maintaining this timeline-cum-checklist will ensure that your wedding planning is flowing smoothly.

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Go digital to stay organized

Indian wedding planning is witnessing a dynamic shift and unsurprisingly, people are switching to digital wedding planning tools. So, bid bye to the random paper checklists and switch to Google docs and sheets. You can even create a special email Id dedicated to your wedding and keep everyone in the loop. Going digital will not only help you stay organized but also ensure easy access to everyone who is involved in your wedding planning. After all, it is important for others to have the important vendor numbers and access to your plan details since you can’t be running around on your wedding day.

You can even use any mobile app that offers wedding planning assistance.

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Plan your wedding hassle free with ShaadiSaga

Let's just accept that the entire process of Indian wedding planning is a little flawed and way more hectic than it should be. Well, it is time to change that (and that’s why ShaadiSaga exists—To ease the wedding planning process in India). We help plan your wedding like a loved one, in the most hassle-free way. Hiring wedding vendors (photographers, decorators, makeup artists, mehndi artists, etc) is one of the most prominent tasks while planning a wedding. But believe it or not, it's our pleasure to shoulder all your stress and be your ultimate guide through the entire process of wedding planning, from the day of your wedding date fixing to help you choose the best honeymoon destination, we've trunked it all. All you have to do is choose from the best of the vendors under your defined budget and take immense inspiration from our blogs to keep yourself updated with all the latest trends and happenings in the world of weddings.

Delegate the duties

It is important to delegate duties to your responsible friends and family when you are not hiring a wedding planner. Assign each of them with a different set of duties to ensure that there are no last minute panics. And oh, document it all on your digital planning lists too.

Set a fixed budget and prioritize

Almost every Indian wedding is planned on a fixed budget, but only a few of them are successfully executed in that predicted budget. Most of them witness an exceeded splurge of around 20%, but it is important for you to realize that the process of wedding planning gets way easier when you abide by the budget. So, prioritize and divide the expenses wisely. Focus on the things that matter to you the most. For instance, if you don’t want to compromise on the decor, rent your wedding lehenga and jewellery to stick to the budget. Also, jot down all the possible expenses (including favors, giveaways, venues, catering, jewellery, gifts, etc.) and set a prospect budget for each of them.

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Set a mood board

Mindlessly scroll Pinterest and Instagram feeds, and finalize a mood board which will majorly showcase the color scheme that you want for your wedding. Set this mood board before heading out for shopping sprees. Doing so will narrow down the options and make your wedding shopping easier.

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