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Who thought that 2020 will be a year for intimate weddings. With the regular Band Baaja Baraat weddings getting cancelled and the increasing emphasis on staying indoors, people are forced to maintain social distancing. But this has given way for couples deciding to have intimate weddings which have become the next big thing. 

The intimate backyard wedding of Priyamvada Singh and Rajat Mahendru was one such event. The couple got seriously creative and ditched the old-school way of wedding decor by going vintage. The beautiful wedding was conceptualized and designed by Aaquib Wani who kept the decor fun and edgy with the vintage-inspired theme, yet it was so classy. We saw some of the quirkiest ideas being put into action at their wonderful wedding. Check out all of their vintage decor ideas right here for some massive off-beat wedding decor ideas for your intimate wedding. 

Fun & Quirky Vintage Decor Ideas At This Intimate Delhi Wedding

The Colourful & Vibrant Mehendi Ceremony

The wedding festivities started with the mehndi ceremony for which the decor was kept extremely colourful. The decor was quite eye-grabbing with Fuschia pink colour matched perfectly with a bright yellow to give that pop of colour. The vibrant tassels in multi-coloured, hanging right above the main area were fantastic. "A small setup like this on your terrace is perfect if you are planning to do your mehndi decoration at home! All you need is some colourful drapes colourful hanging parrot strings and some strings of Genda Phool, and you are all set to have a photogenic mehendi decor without spending a bomb," said Amor Paradise Events. 

While we were crushing over the vivid colour scheme, we couldn’t help but notice the timeless marigold flowers forming that detailed zig-zag pattern that took the mehendi decor a notch higher. Flowers are a must for a wedding and when it is your mehendi function, no one can get away without using a bunch of these fine florets. 

Amor Paradise Events revealed to us that "Honestly, we can never get bored with hanging marigold floral strings. Be it like petals, hanging strings or crisscrossed decor marigold is a true inspiration when it comes to the floral photo booth. The bright yellow and the pop of orange looks fab when attached & covering half the space and that too very cheap. Also, brides! Make sure to play with colours like this photo booth has a chevron effect to it, which looks very simple & classy at the same time."

The Quirky Vintage-Theme Wedding Decor 

We are a big-time sucker for all things vintage. And this couple, well, they decided to go all vintage. The couple hosted a day wedding where they could showcase their vintage decor in style. The theme of the wedding revolved around that what’s old is new again. The wedding captured the glamour of the 20s, combined with the rock and roll energy of the 50s and finishing off in style with the free-spirited vibe of the 70s. 

What more do you need in a wedding to make it one of the best days of your life when it is laden with such exciting ideas. 

Have a look at their vintage-themed wedding decor that is inspiration-worthy. We are sure you are going to end up saving lots of ideas for your wedding ;)

1. The age-old typewriters in bright hues

Typewriters were 100 years old and using them as centerpieces in your vintage theme decor is probably the best idea. The different popping colours make them stand out. But what grabs the attention is the floral arrangement on top of them. It’s such a unique idea to add flowers to your table arrangement that we have never seen before. 

2. A stack of books for a quirky look

Placing a stack of books in wedding decor is something very unique. Adding to the vintage theme, these old books are quite fascinating. It is both sophisticated and quirky. For all the book lovers out there, bookmark this idea which is a must-have for your wedding. 

3. Striking turquoise tent frame to add a pop of colour

It doesn’t have to be a dull stage when you can add all the fun that you want. The turquoise tent frame is exquisite and exactly what was needed to balance out the vintage tabletops. It attracts the attention of the guests to the stage and the seating for the bride and groom was nothing but gorgeous with those cute pillows. 

4. Chipped vases make for a fascinating decor

We never thought something like a chipped vase can make its way to someone’s wedding decor. But we are in awe how intelligently they were used to amp up the whole vintage look. These vases look earthy and fit the frame perfectly. 

5. Rusted pages under the jar is a classic choice

Who even thought that weddings can have such cool decor!! The roll of rusted book pages stuffed inside a bell jar is an interesting choice for a vintage style decor. And the jute ropes add style to the rolled-up pages. It's the little details that matter and they have nailed it with these bell jars. 

6. The rustic seating arrangement makes for an antique look

The seating arrangement in white brings together the entire tabletop arrangement of vintage things. It just compliments it so beautifully that you’ll be left admiring it. Not only that, but the white tables also go well with the turquoise tent frame. It looks extremely elegant and antique at the same time. 

7. Customise Harry Potter stamps for the wizarding love

When the bride is such a big Potterhead, there needs to be a touch of Harry Potter to her wedding. Instead of going overboard, a subtle hint of those customised HP stamps on a stack of her favourite novel did the trick and made us go all gaga over it. It’s a must save a genius idea for all the Potterheads out there getting married. 

Amor Paradise Events said, "Our Bride is a huge potterphile (as so many of you are!). Now, this doesn’t mean you have to plan an entire Harry Potter themed wedding (but you can if that’s your thing); instead, you can tie in just one or a few of your favorite HP touches to pay homage to your favorite book series. For instance, we created custom Harry Potter stamps along with her favourite series of Harry Potter Novels. It doesn’t have to scream wizard; a subtle touch is all you need to make your handcrafted wedding completely your own." 

8. Paper flowers to keep the vintage theme going

Maintaining the vintage vibe, the tabletops were added with delicate paper flowers that looked so pretty. The dainty doily papers underneath give a very refined look to the whole setting. "Lots of couples take their wedding day Inspiration from the best eras from the past. And So our couple who wanted a vintage style wedding. From a glam art vintage wedding to a bright, fun-filled 50s wedding. We Bring this theme to life with vintage props Like old classic typewriters which is 100 years old, old novels and Paper flowers made from a vintage 1962 novel, and many more," revealed Amor Paradise Events. 

Final Words!

We are in awe of how the bride and the groom are not letting this pandemic situation get in the way of celebrating their happiness. Instead of sulking, they have come together (while keeping a safe social distance) to surprise one another on their special occasion. People are getting more and more creative and using this opportunity to its full strength.

While Aaquib Wani conceptualised and designed the whole wedding beautifully, it was Amor Paradise Events that made their ideas come to reality. They produced and executed the wedding so well, eyeing each little detail to make it the best day of Priyamvada and Rajat’s life. Dhanika Choksi Photography made sure to capture the essence of the wedding and keep it alive in frames through her photography where this wedding was crafted to perfection.


Wedding Photographer: Dhanika Choksi Photography | Wedding Venue: BSF Officers Mess Nizamuddin | Conceptualized & Designed By: Aaquib Wani | Produced & Executed By: Amor Paradise Events


Now that's what we call a vintage decor intimate wedding! What did you like the most about this wedding? Comment down below! 👇🏻

Fun & Quirky Vintage Decor Ideas We Spotted At This Intimate Day Wedding!

by Vidhi Gupta

Fun & Quirky Vintage Decor Ideas We Spotted At This Intimate Day Wedding!