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Well, for starters, half of your stress should be out of the window cuz one of the new wedding norms implemented by the government is that you cannot have more than 50 guests at your wedding (That’s 80-90% of your guests off the guest list!).

However, if you still wanna cut down on the number of guests and only want a quaint wedding then we’ve got some cool ideas about how you can manage to keep it small and simple without being the bad cop and having your extended family and friends raise their eyebrows! 

Managing Your Guest List For Your Intimate Wedding

Founder of Styl.Inc, Meha Bhargava said, "We suggest, for intimate wedding give attention to details after you choose the right venue and re-work on the guest list it is important to have an eye for details in terms of décor style, food menu, for instance, you can plan DIY stations, or plan family-style dining with plated courses, etc. Make every little detail as per you and your close guest's likings and wishes. Utilize this time to get vendors on board and get everything personalized according to your need and choice. To make it more memorable for your guest, leave personal notes for each guest at their allotted seats, or with the wedding gifts, these are also good additions to small weddings."

So, brides check out these ideas on how to manage your guest list for your intimate wedding: 

Strike Off The One's Living In Different Countries 

It’s obvious that you absolutely cannot afford to have those friends and family members who are residing in a different country than yours. It’s practically impossible for them to travel and somehow, even if they do manage to travel, they will have to quarantine. So rather than making them go through this much trouble, you should ask these loved ones to join your wedding ceremony virtually. 

Let Go Of The Ones in the Different States 

Even though the central government has allowed inter-state travelling, the final decision still lies with the local governments so it’s best to have a conversation with those extended friends and families to sit tight and give their blessings to you and your other half only when the situation gets completely normal. We know it can be super hard but this is the starting point to cutting your list and ensuring everybody’s safety. 

Try Not Informing Many People 

Girls, we know this may sound rude but you can always omit to inform a lot of people about your intimate wedding. Had it been normal circumstances, we wouldn’t have even given this suggestion but considering the given circumstances, you can easily get away with saying that it happened suddenly and that you had a super intimate wedding with only the first set of family and friends. People will get around to understanding and you will be able to maintain your guest list. 

Avoid Old Family Members As Well As The Babies For Their Safety

This pandemic has proven to be the worst for old people and babies because their immunity tends to be weaker than the rest of the crowd. For the sake of their health, try not to have the old family members as well as the babies at your wedding. We know it can be heart crushing but remember guys, you have to get married safely without putting anybody’s health in danger. 

Bye Bye Neighbours 

One of the best ways to manage your guest list might live right next door to you or probably in the same locality as yours but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to include them in your small-scale wedding. Oh, and considering the pandemic we all are facing? I guess, even they’ll be okay with you not inviting them. 

Forget About Having Those On The List Cuz Otherwise You Would Feel Guilty 

Brides, I can’t put enough pressure on you that you don’t need to have those people at your wedding whom you have to invite-only cuz otherwise you’d feel guilty. It’s gonna be one of the most special days of your life and you don’t need that kind of stress right now. Ditch these people too without feeling an ounce of guilt. Trust me, you’d feel so much better when you see only your nearest and dearest at your wedding.

Work Friends Only For Office

Guys unless your work friends have become your best friends and are not just your work buddies, you cannot have them at your intimate wedding. To begin with, there will be that work awkwardness which you don’t require on your wedding day. You can always throw a separate party exclusively for these friends later on!

Your Family Members’ Friends or Relatives

You can let go of your mother, father, sister, or brother’s friends from your wedding guest list. There’s nothing wrong with being straight upfront to your family and letting them know that you only want yours and your other half’s nearest and dearest. Period. 


Guys, we know how tough it can be to strike-off people from your wedding guest list and you might even come across as rude so try to be sweet and charming while you’re at it. Also, shove that guilt outta the window cuz you’re doing nothing wrong cos intimate wedding is all about your loved ones! 

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So, what are you waiting for? Go & start planning your guest list for your intimate wedding!

Ideas On How to Manage Your Guest List For Your Intimate Wedding

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Ideas On How to Manage Your Guest List For Your Intimate Wedding